Dave England makes a skateboard out of a "No Skateboarding" sign, then skates it

Remember Dave England? If not, here's a refresher from his Jackass days. If you do remember Dave, you'll know that Steve-O wasn't the only Jackass member who could skate.

Dave has always been one to do unconventional things. So he took some notes from Leland Kuykendall (who did a backside disaster with a street sign) and made a skateboard from those annoying "No Skateboarding" signs. And he doesn't skate it bad.

What do you think of this DIY skateboard? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t 33 Mag

Is this woman's gym workout the greatest GoPro video ever made?

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Filming a workout at the gym via a GoPro head mount doesn't sound initially enticing. But if we told you it was a woman with a low cut tank top, then you'd probably say, "Yes, that might in fact be the best GoPro video ever shot." Well, take a look for yourself. Things get weird at the end, and almost NSFW, and we're not really sure why.

Is this the best GoPro video ever made? Tell us in the Comments.

Highest blob jump ever?

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The record for highest blob jump is 17 meters (55.77 feet). Filmer Devin Supertramp came close to that mark in his newest video. According to Mr. Supertramp, the jumpers reached heights of 55 feet. Record or no record, this looks pretty damn epic. It helps that they also busted out those water-powered hoverboards.

Do you think these were the highest blob jumps ever? Tell us in the Comments.

It's impossible to watch this mountain biking video and not scream "Oh sh*t!"

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Imagine this sceneario: You're out for a nice mountain bike ride through the woods, pedaling along at a nice clip when all of a sudden a black bear runs out into the path and scrambles ahead of you down the path. That's exactly what happened to YouTube user Finmmagin, and he captured it all on his GoPro. The only thing that could have made this scarier is if the bear pulled a gun.

What would you do if you encountered a bear on the trail? Tell us in the Comments.

Watch longboard skaters fly by cyclists on a mountain road

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Downhill skateboarding requires serious cojones in any situation. But when you're talking about booking down a mountain road in the Alps and weaving around the road cyclists that you're leaving in your dust, that's another matter entirely. Skaters Byron Essert and Alex Tongue reached some remarkable speeds while snaking their way down a steep slope. Wonder how those cyclists felt as they were getting blown by.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

Byron Essert and Alex Tongue going hard yet again.
The braking is done by "skidding" just like on a snow board! Very impressive. I think the weight of their huge balls helps to give them stability.

Eric Roigé Pastor brutal!!!

Umesh na na i rell good.

Cory Winter

꿀천재 Nahum Fitsum

Dexter Sjögren
Once in a blue moon, Nyjah Huston slams hard on rails

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We're not mean-spirited or anything, but there's something oddly reassuring about seeing Nyjah Huston slam. The guy lands so many ridiculously technical tricks, that seeing him eat it is welcome reminder that Nyjah is, in fact human. That said, this one is a brutal skate slam. We don't wish falling blindly backwards off a steep rail on anyone.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

Is Harry Main's "Harrymainia 2" the best BMX video part of the year so far?

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We're still trying to wrap our heads around what we just watched. BMX rider Harry Main recently released "Harrymainia 2," the follow-up to last year's orginal, which has been viewed 1.1 million times on YouTube. The sequel is full of even more jaw-dropping tricks. The fact that he pulls off that quarterpipe-to-quarterpipe transfer across an entire miniramp 45 seconds into the video says a lot. For most folks that would be an ender, but Main saves something very special for the last trick. Also, there's drifting. So stop reading this and watch this video as fast as you can.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

Ryan Sheckler tried freestyle skating with Kilian Martin

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Filming for the Plan B video "B True" is in full effect right now. To stack clips, Ryan Sheckler went to Barcelona with Torey Pudwill and Felipe Gustavo. On the new episode of "Sheckler Sessions," we get to see the fruits of the trip. Pudwill slept. A lot. And danced. A lot. The crew also linked up with operatic freestyle skater Kilian Martin, which gave Shecks a chance to work on his handstands.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

Now we know what a Range Rover looks like driving in a skatepark

If you thought scooter kids were tough to maneuver around at the skatepark, imagine having to deal with a Range Rover Evoque dropping in on you. The Land Rover Experience team in China took one of the SUVs through a concrete park to show off its agility on varied terrain. The Evoque spent plenty of time on three wheels contorted in weird positions, but it did negotiate the weird fullpipe/tunnel/sewer thing successfully. So if having a car that can drive around a skatepark is important to you, the Range Rover Evoque may be for you.

What else would you want to see a Range Rover ride? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Awsm

Land Rover
Longboard skater chick takes a gnarly slam and then cross-steps like a champ

Meet 17-year-old Brazilian longboard skater Ana Maria Suzano. She's quickly going to become your favorite female longboard skater. She pays her dues at the beginning of this one with a hard slam, but it doesn't phase her in the least. She proves this by cross-stepping and freestyling all over the streets. We need to see more of Suzano skating.

What do you think of this longboard skating? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t 33 Mag

Garage Tours: Inside Ryan Tuerck's many garages, and lots of driveway drifting

We know you've all been wondering, "Hey, why hasn't Chris Forsberg's buddy Ryan Tuerck been on Garage Tours yet?" Well, you've been patient and now you get a first-hand look at the inside of Ryan Tuerck's New Hampshire home/garage on this new episode of Garage Tours.

First impressions are that equal amounts of fun and work happen here (weighing heavily on the fun side though). Evidence of Tuerck and his two brothers's ten years of drifting are everywhere including sacrificed and resurrected missile cars littering the estate. Inside garage #1, Ryan shows off the upgrades he’s making on his finely tuned 1JZ, as seen in the Tuerck’d Off Seasons episodes. Meanwhile in the “missile garage” (everyone has one of those right?) Tuerck shows off the gradual missile car builds he and his brother Evan have in progress. In yet another garage (yes, another garage), Tuerck’s homie Dave is restoring a '53 Chevy Bel Air hot rod and shows off a killer custom shaved door handle hack.

But what would a Tuerck-at-home encounter be without some serious driveway drifting? A gas grill and a headlight get Tuerck’d during some hectic driveway hoonage, which devolves into a 50cc moto session, BMXing and… wait where’d the day go?

Connect with Valvoline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valvoline

Network A
Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" is the most insane skate video ever

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Bob Burnquist is one of the most innovative and influential skateboarders of all time. He has pioneered new obstacles, like the full loop and the corkscrew jump, many of which he has built at his home in California. Burnquist also constructed a MegaRamp on the property, and in the new video for his "Dreamland" series, Burnquist puts the ramp to previously unthought-of uses. This is Burnquist's first full part since 2010 and it is so worth the wait. Burnquist built a massive hip on his MegaRamp that sends him across a 15-foot gap. Then there is a helicopter transfer that you have to see (over and over and over again) to believe.

Do you think this is the best skate video ever? Tell us in the Comments.

Like this? Watch another incredible video of a heated snowboard that melts snow!

Chris Forsberg is so good he can drift while getting tasered

Yes, we know Chris Forsberg is a total beast when he gets behind the steering wheel, whether it's his Formula Drift car, a sprint car, or a vintage Porsche. But the star of Garage Tours just showed everyone that he might be superhuman.

Fellow Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo sat shotgun with Forsberg in that missile car he built on Drift Garage. On a closed course, Angelo tried to throw Forsberg off his game while he was drifting by tasering him. Yes, tasering him.

Forsberg takes the punishment like a champ because Forsberg is a drift god.

What do you think of Chris Forsberg getting tasered? Tell us in the Comments.

Travis Pastrana built the biggest bike ramp ever, and it still wasn't big enough

Yes, we already know that Travis Pastrana is a total madman. Maybe the maddest of them all. But it's still always shocking when he ends up outdoing himself once again. This time, it's in the form of a massive ramp.

At the infamous Pastranaland he built a 14-foot bike ramp. But it just wasn't big enough for what they needed to do. So they jacked it up to 17-feet. And that still wasn't big enough. So they scrapped it and started over, settling on a 20-foot ramp. And then they started doing double and triple backflips—Travis even does one on the dirtbike. As James Foster says, it's easily the biggest ramp ever hit by a bicycle.

What do you think of this crazy ramp? Tell us in the Comments.

Nitro Circus
This is the most cinematic downhill longboard skate video ever made

James Kelly just dropped this banger on all of us. We're still processing it and watching it over and over because it's just so damn beautiful. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the cinematic grace of James Kelly tackling some steep hills on his Arbor longboard.

What do you think of this downhill longboarding video? Tell us in the Comments.

The GoPro Hero 4 camera launch video is visually stunning

Are you ready for the brand new GoPro Hero 4 camera? If not, then this video will definitely get you psyched up for one. The new Hero 4 Black comes with a built-in touch display, shoots in 4K30 (4K video in 30 frames-per-second), double the processing power of the last generation, and built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth. Essentially, this camera is going to push RED for it's dominance in the 4K video game. Starting at $499.99, the Black edition drops on October 5. Head to GoPro for more information.

What do you think of the new GoPro Hero 4? Tell us in the Comments.

Ken Block and Bucky Lasek had a bro-ment and rode the Slingshot together

Ken Block and Bucky Lasek are just 2 buddies having a good time down in Daytona Beach, Florida. With their new GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras they decided to have a bro-ment (bro + moment = bro-ment) on the Slingshot ride, made infamous by DMX, and film it POV style. They definitely enjoy the ride more than DMX did...

What do you think of this bro-ment? Tell us in the Comments.

We have no clue how this guy on a drift trike didn't get hurt in this car crash

This guy must have had his lucky rabbit's foot in his pocket or something because he easily could've been crushed underneath that car. Thankfully he wasn't though and walked away from the situation. Trike drifting can get dangerous.

What do you think of this car crash? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Car Throttle

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg compete in a car with no foot pedals

Rob “Chairslayer” Parsons is an adaptive drift driver who’s engineered a drift car that operates using hand controls in place of clutch and gas pedals. One hand controls the gas, brake, clutch, and shifting—everything about this is genius, except for the fact that Parsons has agreed to let Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg test out his newly built system in an intense head-to-head drifting competition. Something definitely gets Tuerck’d and we hope it’s not Chairslayer’s new car. Let’s see who spins out and who styles this course—may the most coordinated driver win!

Got questions about Parsons’ incredible adaptive setup or Forsberg and Tuerck’s driving skills? Hit us with questions and comments below and Tuerck just might respond to you in next Tuesday’s Burnout Response video!

Network A
A 73-foot canyon gap backflip on a mountain bike is downright absurd

Downhill mountain bike rider Jeff Herbertson may have only finished in 7th place at this year's Red Bull Rampage, but he did land one of the biggest backflips of the event. Here's the POV footage of him backflipping a 73-foot canyon gap. It's absurd.

What do you think of this crazy backflip? Tell us in the Comments.

World's largest urban zipline requires that you BASE jump off of it

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If you want to make the world's largest urban zipline you need some really tall buildings. You also need some parachutes, because you'll be going so fast that you can't possibly let yourself go all the way to the end of the zipline. Check out the latest Devin Supertramp video.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

Is this the coolest way ever to cross a bridge?

The Stunt Freaks Team is back at it with this insane bridge crossing. Riding some sort of motor bike, instead of taking the normal route the rider decides to go over the trusses. Definitely not the safest way to cross a bridge, but quite possibly the most badass way. And it's pretty similar to BMX rider Mat Olson's bridge stunt, too.

What do you think of this stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

Guy BASE jumping from a skyscraper and landing in a rooftop pool wins at life

BASE jumping is crazy enough in itself. Yet, it seems there are always people piercing their parachutes to themselves or doing it off NYC's Freedom Tower to make things even crazier. John Van Horne may have one-upped everyone though and in the process became a legend.

Van Horne wanted to BASE jump from Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Tower, which stands at 1,381-feet at its highest point. But that would just be a normal old stunt. So he decided to land directly in a rooftop pool, making the greatest pool party entrance known to man. John Van Horne definitely earned serious legend status.

What do you think of this BASE jumping stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

John Van Horne
Shaun White & Ryan Sheckler make one helluva skate duo on Shaun's backyard ramp

What happens when you take two of the best in their respective board sports and put them together on a fresh backyard miniramp? And awesome skate edit happens. Join Shaun White christening his brand new backyard miniramp with a BBQ and skate session with Ryan Sheckler. And in case you forgot, Shaun can skate pretty damn well.

What do you think of this miniramp session? Tell us in the Comments.

Greyson Fletcher takes lines in a pool that only the devil himself would take

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We've known for quite some time that Greyson Fletcher skates like a man possessed by the devil. But this "Magnified" clip from Thrasher's July 2014 issue is an entirely different level of demonic. It gives some incredible insight into Fletcher's approach when he goes for this ridiculously gnarly things.

Off the bat he takes two slams that would put most in the hospital, but he merely grunts them out. On the third go he flawlessly owns that gap and proceeds to skate the shit out of the rest of the bowl. Greyson's skating is so satisfying to watch it's downright scary.

What do you think of Greyson Fletcher's skating? Tell us in the Comments below.

Formula 1 cars look absolutely crazy through an infrared camera

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You've never seen a Formula 1 car like this before. Flir is a company that produces infrared cameras and they used one of the devices to film the Red Bull Racing RB8 Formula 1 car. The cameras captured the car's tires heating up and throwing ridiculous flames. It would be amazing to watch an entire F1 race this way.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

FLIR Thermography
Skiing with LED lightsuits on looks pretty freakin' incredible

Last year the Every Third Thursday crew built an awesome LED snowboard. And we've seen the LED lightsuits before on snowboarders. Now we finally get a look at some LED skiing. Pro skiers Chris Benchetler, Pep Fujas, Eric Hjorleifson, and Daron Rahlves take on the Alaskan wilderness at night and light it up.

What do you think of this LED skiing? Tell us in the Comments.

Sweetgrass Productions
The Right is the most crazy, mutant wave we've ever seen

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All waves are, and will forever be, judged against Pipeline. It's just how it goes because the jewel of the North Shore is the standard for perfection and greatness. But when it comes to insane, mutant waves that look like they are the spawn of Satan himself, then nothing compares to The Right. Located off the coast of Western Australia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, The Right is the scariest looking wave in the world. And big wave surfer Ryan Hipwood decided it was a good idea to head back there after nearly drowning at The Right in 2012.

Hipwood, Mark Mathews, Dean Morrison, and a few other hellmen tackled The Right on one recent swell. If you're scratching your head wondering why you haven't seen much footage of this wave before it's because no one surfs it, ever. It is just that ridiculous of a wave. But when footage like this does drop, well your jaw does, too.

Is The Right the craziest wave in the world? Tell us in the Comments.

Skater Kilian Martin performed the opera "Carmen" on his board

Pro skateboarder Kilian Martin is a divisive figure in skateboarding. You either love him or hate him. But it's hard to deny that Martin does things on a skateboard others aren't doing. Sure, it could be because other skaters want nothing to do with the tricks that Martin does, but his blend of flatland freestyle tricks is uniquely his own. Martin's latest video for Ballantine's Scotch is another example of that. Martin performed skate tricks on stage to accompany music from the classic opera "Carmen." As Ron Burgandy would say, "Scotchy scotch scotch."


Did skater Kyle Leeper just do the world's longest nose bluntslide?

Kudos to Transworld Skateboarding for releasing their new skate movie Outliers last week. To celebrate, they did a collab with Skate Sauce wax and decided to make this hilarious video of Kyle Leeper "breaking" the world record for the longest nose bluntside.

What do you think of this funny video? Tell us in the Comments.

Fast & Furious's tribute video for Paul Walker will give you chills

Paul Walker died on Saturday when his Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a tree. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for the late actor from around the world. But the loss has hit the automotive community especially hard. Walker's most famous role was as Brian O'Connor in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. Walker and those movies went a long way to popularizing drifting and tuner culture in the United States and across the globe. So it's fitting that Walker's Fast & Furious family made this moving tribute to its star.

Walker's family has asked that in lieu of flowers or other gifts, that donations please be made to Paul's charity Reach Out Worldwide.


Fast & Furious
Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck shreds tires in his new street FRS at Camp Woodward

Professional driver Ryan Tuerck makes his living competing on the Formula Drift circuit, but he’ll always be a street drifter at heart. This summer he built a brand new street FRS, and after adding the final touch (a Mishimoto radiator), Tuerck took it to the #1 Cycle Center Harley Davidson private track in Pennsylvania with pro BMX rider Jeremiah Smith for a good old-fashioned shakedown session. The FRS passes with flying colors in this episode of Tuerck'd. Next stop is Camp Woodward for an epic BMX session and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to shred tires on the Woodward campus! Shout out to Camp Woodward!

Big thanks to:

Portland Speed Industries: http://www.tunedbypsi.com

Dominant Engineering: http://dominanteng.com

RT Tuning: http://rt2s2.com

Mishimoto: http://www.mishimoto.com

1 Cycle Center Harley Davidson: http://www.numberonecyclecenter.com

Got questions about Tuerck’s new FRS? Hit him with questions and comments below and Tuerck just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Network A
You won't believe how fast these trike drifters race down a giant hill

Minas Gerais in Brazil is home to some big, windy mountain roads. Which is perfect for pushing the limits of what's possible on a drift trike. And you know how we love our drift trikes.

This race is pretty intense, as the racers hit speeds of 56mph going down the giant hill. Thankfully, no one took a hit like that trike drifter who got taken out by a car.

What do you think of this trike drifting? Tell us in the Comments.

Racing drones is now a thing

Drones can do so many things: they can piss off hawks, catch erupting volcanoes in the act, and give an interesting angle of giant surf. Apparently you can also race them though. And when you do it looks exactly like the pod racing scene from Star Wars Phantom Menace. Keep your drones doing cool things like these.

What do you think of drone racing? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t SB Nation

47-year-old man Tony Hawk just dropped a ridiculous video part

"I can honestly say that I haven’t worked on a skate video this hard since The End. I never want to do some of these tricks again"—Tony Hawk

Well, well, well. It seems that the Birdman continues to defy age. Yes, Tony Hawk was once a dreamcrushing liar, but this ridiculous video part helps alleviate some of our heartbreak over that. At 47 years old, Tony Hawk is definitely in the olds category. But like his surfing counterpart Kelly Slater, he is still at the top of his game. Keep flying Birdman. And thanks for the trip down memory lane with some classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater songs for the soundtrack...

What do you think of Tony Hawk's new video part? Tell us in the Comments.

Thrasher called this, "one of the straight up sickest skate clips of all-time."

Yes, it's a bold claim that this hellish kickflip by David Gonzalez is "one of the sickest skate clips of all-time." But Thrasher stands by that, as do we. If you don't think so after watching the clip then you are just too damn jaded.

Where does this rank in skate clips of all-time? Tell us in the Comments.

Behold the awesomeness that is freestyle wheelbarrowing

There are a few events that occur in a lifetime that you will forever remember where you were when they happened. Man landing on the moon, President Obama being elected, and the invention of freestyle wheelbarrowing.

Behold Alexander Siegfried and his caterpillar 24-karat gold sport-barrow. It's a beaut, and Siegfried knows exactly how to take advantage of its every crevice and straight. If you're in doubt of the awesomeness that is the new sport of freestyle wheelbarrowing, just watch this and you'll be convinced that it'll be in the X Games by 2016.

What do you think of freestyle wheelbarrowing? Tell us in the Comments.

Hä Wie
The new "Fast & Furious" is called "Furious 7" and has a trailer announcement

Whether you're ready or not, Fast And Furious is going to be releasing installment number 7 on April 3, 2015. After series star Paul Walker passed away last fall, it wasn't quite certain whether the series would continue with the final movie. Now though, we get our first taste of Furious 7. This retrospective trailer looks back at what has led us to the seventh movie, teasing that the upcoming trailer is coming November 1 for the new film.

Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to share your thoughts (and rumors) below.

MOVIES Coming Soon
Tuerck'd: Ultimate drifting challenges at first-ever Ryan Tuerck Texas Shootout

Ryan Tuerck goes head-to-head against Formula Drift drivers Matt Field and Pat Goodin in a series of four challenges in the first-ever Tuerck Texas Shootout. Announcer Jarod DeAnda takes us through the events and the unconventional judging as Tuerck tries to win his own event—which he always has a problem with. Will he take it all or will he get Tuerck’d?

Got questions about these challenges, Tuerck’s performance, the judging—hit Ryan with your questions and comments below and he just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Network A
Arbor just dropped an incredible trailer for their downhill longboard skate movie

Back in September, Arbor Skateboards rider James Kelly dropped the most cinematic downhill longboard skate video ever. Now Arbor just released the trailer for their upcoming movie Grade. And it's just as amazing as Kelly's video earlier this fall. The full-length drops later this month, so stay tuned for its release.

What do you think of this longboard skateboard trailer? Tell us in the Comments.

Arbor Collective
Watch Robbie Maddison ride his bike through a luge run and off a giant ski jump

We just can't even fathom this. Robbie Maddison, you win. You're just a total beast. Who would even think of riding their bike at Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, through the luge track and hitting the ski jump?! Hitting it at 71mph and going a distance of 374feet, Maddison set a world record for the 185-foot vertical drop. And in case you were wondering, that about 18.5 stories.

What do you think of this world record jump? Tell us in the Comments.

Riding a bike with tires made of ice is pretty challenging

Last winter we got to witness the awesomeness of ice truck. What's ice truck you ask? Well, it was a truck made of 11,000 pounds of ice that drives. With winter now approaching, the ever-ingenious Colin Furze contemplated what a bike with tires for ice would be like. And as he is the ultimate DIY guy, he built one. It doesn't go all that great on pavement, but it kinda rules it on a glacier.

What do you think of ice bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Here's 10-minutes of the best snowskating you'll watch today

In anticipation of this winter, Ambition Snowskates dropped Ten, 10 years in 10 minutes video recap. Featuring riders Phil Smage, Alan Gerlach, Zack Alworden, Josh Seguin, Alex Crowcroft, Charlo Simard, Eric Fryc, and lots more, this is definitely the best 10-minutes of snowskating you'll watch today.

What do you think of this snowskating? Tell us in the Comments.

Ambition Snowskates
Watch this Toyota Supra hit 240mph in a 1/4-mile and set a world record

This souped-up 2JZ GT86 Toyota Supra just blew apart the track amidst the 2014/2015 Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit recently. Built by EkanooRacing, American driver Gary White drove the Supra to a 6.05-second the 1/4-mile time—which is a new world record for the fastest import 1/4-mile speed. We really can't comprehend just how f—king fast this Supra is.

What do you think of this new world record? Tell us in the Comments.

Father takes son drifting again 1 year later, kid still loves it

Last year Toxa Avdeyev took his 3-year-old son drifting and the kid couldn't stop laughing. Now his son is 4, and he still loves drifting in the front seat as much as he did last year. I mean, can you blame the kid for wanting to hoon?

What do you think of this drift video? Tell us in the Comments.

Toxa Avdeyev
Danny Davis's "Burton Presents" Peace Park part is the best thing you'll watch today

These Burton Presents parts just seem to be getting better and better. Next up are Danny Davis and Ben Ferguson tearing apart this year's Peace Park. How fun does that park look?! Enjoy this awesome edit, and tune into ABC on November 30 at 2pm for the full 44-minute Peace Park edit.

What do you think of this snowboard video? Tell us in the Comments.

Sit inside an armored Mercedes-Benz as it gets shot at by an AK-47

Trent Kimball is President and CEO of the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC). And he and his company take product testing very seriously. So serious that he sits behind-the-wheel of an armored Mercedes-Benz as it gets shot at by an AK-47. This is borderline psychotic, but also kinda badass at the same time. Guess Kimball and TAC know how to armor a car properly...

h/t Jalopnik

What do you think of this crazy stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

This rocket bike goes 207mph and made a Ferrari F430 Scuderia its bitch

François Gissy is a hero. We'd call him an American hero, but he's French. He rode a rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher at a speed of 207mph while leaving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia in his dust. And he hit that top speed in 4.8-seconds. We're amazed he could even hold on.

What do you think of this rocket bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Sorry Ken Block, but BJ Baldwin just made Gymkhana look like child's play

With this video, Recoil 2, BJ Baldwin just solidified himself as the champion of hoonage. All of Ken Block's Gymkhanas don't even come close to seeing a trophy truck ripping through the streets of Ensenada, Mexico, doing 360s inside a tunnel, and going completely offroad and back on road. And yes, Ken Block has done the Boobkhana, but Baldwin launches over a bunch of girls in bikinis and lands on the beach. Then he proceeds to tear it up in the sand and the ocean. So much sand thrownt. The defending two-time Baja 1000 champ followed up Recoil 1 in the best way possible.

What do you think of Recoil 2? Tell us in the Comments.

Skate legend Rune Glifberg designed a stunning skatepark with a dome

It's not everyday that skateboard legend Rune Glifberg designs a skatepark. And it's also not everyday that there's a skatepark with a dome that you can skate inside of.

Well, Glifberg designed the recently-opened Street Dome in Denmark and invited Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Arto Saari, Sam Beckett, and Alex Sorgente to be the first ones to skate it. This park looks awesome, and might even be better than Caples and Saari skating an airport.

What do you think of this skatepark? Tell us in the Comments.

Downhill mountain biking in the wilds of Africa is pretty gnarly

Goanikontes in the Naukluft desert in Namibia, Africa has drawn comparisons to the infamous Utah desert for mountain bike riding. So rider Kyle Jameson and Moment Pictures decided to explore the terrain. At times it looks like they're on a moon planet, and at others it looks like they're speeding down a Utah mountain. Hard to believe they're in Africa.

What do you think of this downhill mountain biking? Tell us in the Comments.

This twin turbo Ford GT nearly tears itself free from the dyno

Aggressive dyno pulls are always fun. Like this 1,894-horsepower dyno pull from a twin turbo Ford GT. Look at all the dust it kicks up nearly pulling itself from the straps! And to think, this GT was detuned a bit for this dyno pull...

What do you think of this dyno pull? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Car Throttle

Here's a dyno pull of the fastest car at the Texas Mile. Built by M2K Motorsports, the car ran 273mph a few days after this video.
This was not at full boost, the car is making over 2000hp when it's running at the Texas Mile.

M2K: https://www.facebook.com/pages/M2K-Motorsports/418618561583082

Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/HighTechCorvettefans

Twitter: http://twitter.com/HTCorvette

High Tech Corvette
Gymkhana 7 features Ken Block drifting in the streets of Los Angeles

Ken Block is back with the newest Gymkhana video! Gymkhana 7 features Block's 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn drifting the streets of Los Angeles. Hot dog carts, shopping carts, the LAPD, the Los Angeles riverbed, Randy's Donuts, and a low-rider are not safe from the Hoonicorn. And they even reenact the OJ Simpson chase on the highway. Ken Block, you've done it again.

What do you think of Gymkhana 7? Tell us in the Comments.

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour of Drifting ruins some cars in Europe

Europe had no idea what they were in for when they let Ryan Tuerck in for the new episode of Tuerck'd. Tuerck kicks off his European Tour at the 10th anniversary of the Reisbrennen JDM Festival. Tuerck gets behind the wheel of a 700-horsepower 2JZ, then a loaner 1.5J for some high-speed laps around the EuroSpeedway… and then we party Eurostyle!

Next stop: Edinburgh, Scotland with the Garage F—k House crew for the three day Driftland Bash at the Thunder Valley Raceway. Tuerck gets more loaner drift missiles, including a little blue beamer in pristine condition and, uh, gives them the Tuerck'd treatment. And uh, did Vaughn Gittin Jr. mean to leave his new Mustang RTR in Europe? Tuerck jacks Vaughn’s RTR and burns off a set of tires—Thanks Vaughn!

We lost track of the total #Tuerckd count at the end of this three day Driftland Bash, but Tuerck leaves a path of slain tires and Tuerck’d BMWs in his smoke. Stay tuned for part 2 of Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour of Drifting coming December 2.

Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s European tour, the cars… or would just like to report his driving? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

Network A
Watch a guy drive a Crazy Cart all over Paris and on the Metro

Florian Pons is a French hero. He took one of the original-sized Crazy Carts (not the new XLs) throughout the streets of Paris. Through traffic, getting pulled over by cops, and even taking it on the Metro, Pons tests the Cart's limits. And he wraps it all up with a new clean job in the car wash. Good on ya Pons!

What do you think of this Crazy Cart driving? Tell us in the Comments.

Every Third Thursday: Burying a snowboard made from a tree to hot-press it

Every Third Thursday has finally returned! And what better way to kick off season 5 than with a camping trip to Mt. Hood. But you know Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew wouldn't do it in normal fashion. They actually post up at a backwoods snowboarder’s camp with the goal of building a snowboard using foraged materials and a hand dug dirt press. This snowboard is the definition of local with the crew gathering materials from the surrounding forest to build the core of the snowboard. The real challenge comes when it’s time to press all these materials together to seal the layers. Will they be able to cure the board using hot coals and a shallow dirt mold? We’ll find out as the board is put to the test high above on the glaciated snowfield at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Resort.

Check out the Toyota 4Runner: https://www.facebook.com/toyota

Catch up on the full Every Third Thursday series here.

Network A
Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss give you the best street snowboarding you'll see today

Burton Presents drops their latest installment and it's a street banger. Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss are two of the best when it comes to go hard and fast in the streets, so sit back and enjoy these 8-and-a-half-minutes.

The "Furious 7" trailer has finally arrived, and it looks insane

After the trailer for the trailer for the new Fast And Furious, Furious 7, surfaced online last week we were already pretty excited. And now the actual trailer has finally dropped, and 7 looks like it's going to be as crazy as the last 6. Watch and amp yourself up for the April 3 release of the last movie in this storied franchise.

What do you think of this trailer? Tell us in the Comments.

Fast & Furious
Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour Of Drifting lives it up in Estonia

It's time for Part 2 of Ryan Tuerck's World Tour Of Drifting. On this new episode of Tuerck'd, Tuerck meets up with the Fail Crew at Laitse Rally Park in Estonia for the Drift Allstars GP. The Fail Crew hook Tuerck up with a loaner S13 for the competition which Tuerck finesses through the qualifying rounds all the way to an insane finals showdown against Harold Valdma! Wonder if Tuerck or Harold will take the victory...

We also get a look at an epic custom BMW 6 series with dual turbo and 600HP. Next stop is Latvia but not before a run in with the local law enforcement—as they say, “Hey! It is not a problem.” Tuerck makes the absolute most of the opportunity at Riga, laying down pristine first tracks, the Fail Crew joins in, and all ends well in this Eastern European saga that was Ryan Tuerck's World Tour Of Drifting!

Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s Drift Allstars experience? That S13? The BMW 6 series build? Those Estonian women? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

Network A
Watch the 2014 Peace Park video and you could win a massive Danny Davis giveaway! (GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED)


Did you catch the full 2014 Peace Park video this Sunday on ABC? Well in case you didn't (and even in case you did) we've got the full 44-minutes of park madness right here. As well as an exclusive Danny Davis x Mountain Dew giveaway worth over $1,200!

The 2014 version of Danny Davis's Peace Park is easily the biggest and baddest yet. Taking on the mountains of Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming, Snow Park Technologies, Mountain Dew, and Burton Snowboards outdid themselves with this version of Peace Park.

Watch the Peace Park video below, and fill out the entry form to be eligible for the giveaway. One entry per person, prize pack sizes are pre-determined and not available to be switched out for other sizes.

This British grandma is the most vicious GTA V player to ever live

This one is from last year, so it's before the first-player was available for Grand Theft Auto 5. But it's still golden how insane this British grandma really is when in the GTA world. Someone should put her in charge of a mob-type group.

h/t Devour

Trevor Phillips
Michael Jackson, Superman, Eminem, Obama, and more costumed skaters

Last year the Majer Crew got Miley Cyrus to skateboard for Halloween. This year they enlist the likes of Michael Jackson, Superman, Eminem, Barack Obama, and more for their Halloween 2014 costumed skate edit. So watch skater Jason Park do Jason Park kinda things and crew in this ode to costumes for Halloween.

What are you being for this Halloween? Tell us in the Comments.

This intense POV downhill mountain bike run might make you lose your lunch

Downhill mountain bike POV runs are almost always intense. This one from Dan Atherton at the Red Bull Hardline certainly fits that bill. Bumpy, rocky, steep, and teetering on out of control, this run will definitely get your stomach churning.

What do you think of this MTB run? Tell us in the Comments.

This 330-pound fat skater is our new favorite skater

YouTube user hebeb394 proved last year that you're never too big to skate. Watch as he drops treflips, some stair work, and even a few 50-50s at 330lbs. This guy is pretty amazing.

h/t 33 Mag

The Driftpocalypse is upon us: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3

This time it's not just motorcycles and cars. There's buggies and drones involved.
In the third installment of the popular Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle series, Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha are released from jail only to discover that they have unleashed total drift mayhem, a driftpocalypse if you will. It doesn't take the two long to get back to motorcycle drifting, atop 204-horsepower Triumph Daytona 675R turbo sportbikes. Officer Dan is still in hot pursuit and this time around he's joined by Officer Buck who is chasing Vigil and Brocha in a 850-horsepower X2R buggy.

Have you seen that Dodge Charger commercial with the epic slow-mo burnout?

We're not always ones for posting commercials, but when they involve the new 2015 Dodge Charger doing an epic slow-motion burnout then we tend to make a exception.

What do you think of this slow-motion burnout? Tell us in the Comments.

You can't get much more vertical and narrow than the "Best Ski Line" of 2014

Cody Townsend's chute line on the Tordrillos Mountain Range in Alaska from the ski film Days Of My Youth is one of the craziest ski lines we've ever witnessed. It's a complete vertical drop, which in itself is enough to make any normal person shit their ski pants. But the fact that it's a crevice in a rock face that's barely narrow enough for Townsend to fit through is brain-melting. He's going so f—king fast and has zero room for error. Well deserved for the Best Line Of 2014 award at the Powder Awards.

Is this the craziest ski line you've ever seen? Tell us in the Comments.

A moto trials rider rode through a giant igloo hotel in Finland

We've seen a ton of crazy moto stunts lately. Robbie Maddison rode through a giant luge and off that huge ski jump and Julien Dupont rode his trials motorcycle on a roller coaster. Fellow trials rider Dougie Lampkin did something a bit more chill: he rode through a giant igloo hotel in Northern Finland.

A. How come we've never heard of igloo hotels before? And B. How did Lampkin even think to do this? Regardless, we're glad he did.

What do you think of this moto stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

Here's Mark Gonzales doing a really long boardslide in NYC

Mark Gonzales has still got it. If you got any doubts of that just watch the 46-year-old tackle this long, curved rail in front of one of New York City's Bareburger restaurants.

Downhill Power Wheels racing is back with more insane crashes

Last December was the first time we were made aware of the awesomeness that is Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing. 2013's race was one of massive dirt-eating and epic crashes, and this year's race was certainly no different.

Held at Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, Alabama these boys know how to have a good day with some Power Wheels. Matt Myrick ended up taking the victory, making it three in-a-row and making him the winningest Extreme Barbie Jeep racer in the history of Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing. These need to happen more often.

What do you think of Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing? Tell us in the Comments.

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck puts his new FRS to the test on a Vermont mountain road

What's the best way to put a brand new street Scion FRS to the test? A windy, steep mountain road on a new episode of Tuerck'd of course.

Ryan Tuerck takes the new Scion FRS to a remote Vermont mountain road and sees just what the 600HP can do on 2,000 vertical feet. Fellow Formula Drift driver and BC Racing teammate Pat Goodin joins in for some sketchy tandem action in Tuerck’s black 1JZ S13 that’ll blow your mind. Remind you of the Oregon Trail drift at all?

Got questions or comments about drifting Burke Mountain or what’s under the hood of Tuerck’s new FRS? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

Burke Mountain - http://www.skiburke.com/
BC Racing - http://www.bcracing-na.com/

Network A
Here's evidence that sea monsters do in fact exist

Those things that surfers are riding in this video, they're not waves. They're sea monsters. BIG. F—KING. SEA MONSTERS. And that big wave spot Nazare in Portugal has spawned some of them again recently.

Nazare, as you'll recall is like Jaws on steroids, is home to the biggest waves on Earth. Last fall, Carlos Burle saved Maya Gabeira's life there, and it continues to be the focus of the largest wave riding in the world.

So that whole nor'easter that the Northeast U.S. had went through last week went across the Atlantic and did this. Again, sea monsters (as in big mountains of water), not waves.

What do you think of this big wave session? Tell us in the Comments.

Surftotal TV
Bob Burnquist built a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe

Bob Burnquist is one of the most progressive skaters of all time. It's not just because of how he skates, but what he skates. Fullpipes, crazy Megaramps with hips, and, oh yeah, helicopters. Burnquist's latest invention is a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Visit California recruited Burnquist to take on the project as part of its "Dream Big" campaign. It wasn't easy. Master rampbuilder Jeff King and his team spent 300 man hours and used 1,250 screws to create the 7,300-pound ramp. But for Burnquist, who says, "All my dreams came true in California," this was yet another example of an "out there" idea turning into reality.

What do you think of this floating miniramp? Tell us in the Comments.

Visit California
Crooked World BMX: Dan Setmeyer jumps off roofs and flies over fences

Dan Setmeyer hails from Chicago and rides his BMX bike in ways that most people only imagine. He likes to jump off roofs and fly over fences, as you can see in his full part here on this week's Crooked World BMX. And we're fairly certain that his awesome abilities on a BMX bike come from that wicked handlebar mustache he sports.


Network A
Red Bull Car Park Drift makes its way to Lebanon

Getting sideways in the Middle East.
Red Bull Car Park Drift got its start in the Middle East in Lebanon, so the country's drifters were eager to show off their OG status at this year's event. Fifteen Lebanese drifters turned up at the parking lot in Fouad Chehab Stadium, but only two—Jad Himo and Bassam Zahalan —had what it took to advance to the regional final in Dubai.

Brazilian girls playing Twister is the best Christmas present ever

We've never quite understood the things that go on during Latino game shows, but we're sure glad they happen sometimes. Take for instance, these two Brazilian women playing Twister together. And then what's the end all about, four girls are going to play together?! We wanna know how this ended. This was glorious, and one of the best Christmas presents ever. Thanks Brazil.

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck burns Down Under rubber at Australia Drift Matsuri

While the toilets may flush counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere, Ryan Tuerck is still comfortable spinning it every way imaginable. In the latest episode of Tuerck'd he hosts an off-the-rails Australian Matsuri event along with Drift Challenge Australia and Raleigh Raceway in New South Wales. Tuerck gets behind the wheel of an R31 Nissan Skyline Missile car, Tuercking it in record time before taking the wheel of some killer local cars–including a Corolla with a Beam's turbocharged ae86 and an Aussie-only 2010 Holden UTE VE SS. After hosting a hard-fought Table Game, Tuerck revives the Skyline for a final funeral lap, bringing a hoon-worthy weekend of down-under destruction to a fittingly insane end.

Got questions or comments about drifting Australia or what’s the cars in this episode of Tuerck’d? Hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

Network A
Did you know Minnesota is the frozen trampoline capital of the United States?

There's not much to do in Minnesota during the winter time. Single-digit temperatures, tons of snow, and very few mountains to shred means locals have to find their own means of frosty entertainment, such as freezing their trampolines into veritable bouncing hockey rinks. This guy spent the entire afternoon outside in negative two degree weather doing exactly that before shattering it all with a single leap. Check out his step-by-step video and then thank your lucky stars that you live somewhere (anywhere) else.

Is this the best BMX wallride ever?

If you haven't seen Luc Legrand and Erik Elstran's doubles curved wallride that went down on filming trip to Belgrade last summer, then sit down, shut up, and watch. There have been plenty of gnarly BMX wallrides over the years, but this rollercoaster doozy, which they both conquer solo and then hop on simultaneously, is easily one of (if not the) best we've ever seen. Check it out and let us know what you think.

DIG BMX Official
Every Third Thursday: An all-in-one MegaRamp snowboard/skateboard hybrid

Ever been riding the MegaRamp and think to yourself: "Man, I wish I could use just one board for this and hitting the mountain."? Well, if you haven't had that thought that's what the guys at Signal Snowboards are here for.

Dave Lee and the crew team up with Lithe (a small skateboard operation out of California that’s using composites in skateboards in a really unique and cool way) on this insane build for this new Every Third Thursday. The goal of this build is to adapt Lithe’s unique carbon fiber building process to create a snowboard that can double as a skateboard. The board needs to be bomber enough for X Games pro skater Mitchie Brusco to skate on Woodward West’s Megaramp, but still have enough flex so it can turn on snow. We test this dual board out on Camp Woodward’s Megaramp and on the snowy park jumps at Woodward at Copper and it got two Mega thumbs up!

What do you think of this do everything board? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the Toyota 4Runner: https://www.facebook.com/toyota

Network A
Zombie apocalypse survival tip 503: Learn Parkour

Well, we finally found a use for Parkour (beyond hilarious fail videos, of course): Outrunning brain-hungry zombies in some infected post-apocalyptic disaster scenario/fantasy. The twisted minds behind the upcoming survival horror video game, Dying Light, originally put together this scary, POV zombie escape as a unique marketing tool for the game, but ended up with one best applications of the Parkour discipline we've seen in awhile, featuring enough rooftop insanity to keep even the purists interested. The thematic twist and sharp editing gives everyone else reason to tune in, however, so make sure to check it out.

Kid tries to steal Fredric Aasbo's Formula Drift car, gets epic ride-along in L.A.

We have no idea what Formula Drift driver Fredric Aasbo was thinking parking his competition car down in some hidden Los Angeles waterway tunnel thing. I mean he's truly lucky that it was this little kid who discovered it and not a bum looking for a nice spot to make a mess all over.

Anywhooo, Aasbo was nice enough not to reprimand the kid for sitting in his car and pretending to drive it. Instead, he gives the kid the ride-along of a lifetime, going sideways all over the streets of L.A.

Check out some epic GIFs and the full video below.

Tuerck'd: Red Bull Drift Shifters gets Tuerck’d in New Zealand

After smashing UTEs Down Under in Australia, Ryan Tuerck hops over to New Zealand for a one-of-a-kind drift event: Red Bull Drift Shifters. This event showcases the precision and skill of these drivers as they drift through the pinball-like course in an effort to activate proximity sensors and get the highest score. Tuerck is among the 16 drivers competing alongside the best drivers from across the US, Japan, and New Zealand on this episode of Tuerck'd.

Before the event kicks off, Tuerck meets up with New Zealand drift driver and event organizer "Mad" Mike Whiddett to check out his epic shop packed with enviable cars including his FC RX7 “flash missile,” his RXA, and his super modified four rotor RX7. The Tuerck’d crew heads out to get a taste of New Zealand’s adrenaline opportunities including bungee jumping, downhill mountain biking, speedboating up rivers and around lakes, heli tours, shooting guns, throwing knives… basically anything that gets the blood pumping.

Adequately amped up, it’s time to stick it to the wall at the Red Bull Drift Shifters! Tuerck advances all the way into the semi-finals and then… watch the video to see how it turns out.

Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s trip to New Zealand, competing in the Red Bull Drift Shifters or anything else from this episode of Tuerck’d? Hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

Network A
Action Bronson freestyle shocks FunkMaster Flex

In New York City, Hot 97 is beginning and end of hip hop radio. They play everything, their hosts have been there and done it, and the property has even attracted the attention of Jay-Z's star-studded portfolio group. Before Hov pulls out the pocketbook, however, somebody better let him know that, following this borderline nuclear freestyle from Queens-bred chef-turned-rapper, Action Bronson, during a recent episode of FunkMaster Flex's show, the station has been reduced to nothing more than a giant, smoking crater filled with the remains of lesser MCs. Grab your radiation suit and check it out.

HOT 97
Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck's favorite moments from 2014

Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck takes a break from filming Tuerck’d to wish you a happy holiday season. Tuerck shares his favorite highlights, his biggest accomplishments, and the sketchiest moments from season 3 of Tuerck’d on Network A. Tuerck also shares his New Year’s resolutions going into 2015!

Happy Holidays from the whole crew at Tuerck’d and Network A! Share you favorite drifting moments from this season of Tuerck’d and your resolutions for 2015 below or tweet us at #Tuerckd!

Network A
Kevin Kowalski's new loop trick will fry your brain

Outside of the MegaRamp, there's been precious little transition innovation in skateboarding since the late 80s, but Lifeblood pro and XGames vet just debuted a new trick that has to be seen to be believed: The loop revert. Padless and on concrete. Watch it a few times, pick your jaw off the floor, and then go check out Lifeblood's full-length video, Service for the Sick, featuring Kowlaski and co. ripping crusty spots across the Pacific Northwest.

Skateboard TV
If you haven't seen Keep Drifting Fun's full-length film, drop everything

After two years of keeping drift heads waiting/pining/drooling, the Keep Drifting Fun crew have finally uploaded their tire-slaying 2012 film to Youtube. Culled together from a 2010 road trip, the 30-minute documentary chronicles the rise of grassroots drifting events around the nation and the talented drivers that help to make them so awesome, juxtaposing killer drift footage with interviews from some of the sport's biggest personalities. If you're into getting sideways and have yet to check it out, now you officially have no excuse.

Keep Drifting Fun
All other drone surfing footage pales in comparison to this drone footage

Follow surf photographer Stu Gibson's drone around the world as he captures footage of some of the best surfing spots with some of the best surfers. Big waves, perfect waves, and everything in between, Stu is getting some incredible imagery.

Yes that is a snow covered beach, and yes that is a surfer

Surfing in the winter in the northeast is not for the faint of heart (or those who get cold easily). New Jersey surfer Rob Kelly shows why by trudging through some snow just to get some ice cream headache barrels in the Garden State.

What do you think of this cold water surfing? Tell us in the Comments.

People reacting to a Tesla P85D accelerating in "Insane Mode" is priceless

Who other than Elon Musk would put an "Insane Mode" on a car? The Tesla P85D houses 691-horsepower and goes 0-60mph in 3.2-seconds, which creates a lateral acceleration of 1G. Dropping this rocket-like propulsion on unsuspecting people will certainly create some insane reactions. So that's exactly what DragTimes did, and the results are quite comical.

Owning a GoPro doesn't make you immune to slamming hard

Most people think that once you purchase a GoPro you'll be making sick edits like all your bros of all the gnarly shit you do. Which is the case sometimes. But as YouTube user Monkeynuts1069 found out last summer, you should probably let someone else be the hero.

Hours after buying a GoPro headstrap he was bombing a hill and dislocated/fractured his ankle. What it left him with was 1 plate and 9 screws. Hopefully he's back on his feet.

Behold, the wonderful past time of urban boogie sliding down a steep road

In December, Southern California was experiencing something astronomical that it rarely (if ever) does: weather. More specifically, weather in the form of pouring rain for days on end.

Chris Coté, former Editor-in-Chief of the now-deceased Transworld Surf, took full advantage though and relived a childhood past time: the urban boogie slide. So Coté geared up with a boogieboard, a GoPro, a pair of BMX gloves, some old jeans, and the dream to bring the sport of Urban Boogie Sliding back from obscurity! Good thing it worked out for him, unlike that kid who tried it down stairs.

What do you think of urban boogie sliding? Tell us in the Comments.

Chris Cote
Justin Bieber got shade thrown at him pretty hard at a skatepark recently

Bieber, Bieber, Bieber. Listen, we don't knock Justin Bieber for just trying to skateboard. And for a public figure like himself, it's gotta be pretty hard to just go and have a session because everyone is going to be all up in your stuff. But there's something about this "skateboarding" phase he's going through that reeks of a publicity stunt to make him seem cooler. Whatever though, that's all besides the point here.

While at the Venice Beach Skatepark, Bieber goes for a treflip off a ledge but doesn't quite get it. A kid behind him waiting throws some serious shade at Bieber, immediately landing a treflip off the same ledge and giving Biebs a smirk as he rolls by him. I mean, can you really blame the kid for taking advantage of that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Justin Bieber look like a fool? We'd have done the same thing, and we're sure most of you would have as well.

Ellis Edwards