I'll freely admit, one of the most terrifying moments of my life was getting caught in a Mt. Washington thunderstorm in the dead of July. The wind was whipping over 40 miles per hour, the temperature dropped 30 degrees in five minutes, and increasingly large chunks of hail began falling out what had been, the last time I checked, a bluebird sky. I've told this story a number of times over the years—reinforcing Mt. Washington's claim to the "world's worst weather"—but today is the last time, because today is the day I watched Tim Johnson climb the damn thing on a January. Kudos my friend, you are a f'ing beast.

We aren't sure how or why—probably some blip in the cosmic space-time continuum—but Jesper Tjäder's new Red Bull jib masterclass, Unrailistic, didn't smash the internet into a billion little pieces upon its release last week. Everyone deserves a second chance, though, so check it out and see what we mean when we say this is some of the craziest rail work (yep, that was a DOUBLE CORK out) we have ever seen.

Arctic exploration jacket company Canada Goose tapped award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to make a short film Out There about people who have survived extreme cold weather conditions wearing their jackets. People like Paddy Doyle who survived after a forced plane landing on ice, Lance Mackey who won the Iditarod and Yukon Quest races in the same year, and Marilyn Hofman who fell through the ice in Manitoba.

Out There is gorgeous, intense, and inspiring. Check it out and let us know about your own cold water explorations in the comments below!

We already brought you Ethan Deiss's killer part from *Burton Presents 2016, but we have to say: This 7-minute grip of uncut leftovers from *The Snowboarder Movie: SFD is maybe even better. Give it a watch and then start begging the Gods for some snow.

Looking for something to satisfy your jib hunger until the snow season kicks off in November? Great, grab a seat and get ready to devour Jye Kearney's new part, which finds the Burton ripper tackling a variety of crazy terrain throughout Montreal, Boston, and New York City. Filmed over the course of 2014/2015, this one is just now thawing out, so make sure to lend it three minutes of your time.