The first-ever BASE Jump from Mount Kilimanjaro is absolutely insane

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest peak in Africa and the only mountain in the world to contain five different climate zones) is a serious and dangerous undertaking for the even the most experienced mountaineers. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro only to BASE jump from the peak, however? Well, that's downright insane. Just ask Valery Rozov, who recently completed the first ever leap from "The Roof of Africa", ascending to 17,913 feet above sea level before beginning his one minute free-fall back to camp. If you're a fan of human accomplishment, this one is for you.

Downhill mountain biking in the wilds of Africa is pretty gnarly

Goanikontes in the Naukluft desert in Namibia, Africa has drawn comparisons to the infamous Utah desert for mountain bike riding. So rider Kyle Jameson and Moment Pictures decided to explore the terrain. At times it looks like they're on a moon planet, and at others it looks like they're speeding down a Utah mountain. Hard to believe they're in Africa.

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New wave discovered in Angola may be the world's best

A few years back, the surf spot Skeleton Bay in Namibia was discovered via Surfing Magazine's "Google Earth Challenge." Well, now brothers Davey and Benji Brand have found something even better down the coast from Namibia in the West African country of Angola. The left-hander is flawless and ridiculously long. There's barrels; there's air sections; there's speed sections. This wave has it all. But don't expect to find this new wave anytime soon. It's still nameless and very, very off the beaten path in a war torn country with some of the lowest life expectancy and infant mortality rates in the entire world.

Surfing in Angola is really really difficult

Remember back in September when surfing brothers Davey and Benji Brand discovered a new wave in Angola on the Western African coast? Well, they recently headed back to Africa for another surf trip, and to say it was difficult to get there is putting it mildly. When the surfers who discovered the new spot have their vehicle break down multiple times, get stuck in the desert, and don't necessarily score it as good as the first time, well that's an indication that the rest of us probably aren't going to be getting this wave anytime soon.


If you've ever wondered what skateboarding in Ethiopia is like, watch this

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One of the greatest things about skateboarding is that it is universal. The joy of pushing or learning a new trick is the same in America as it is in Australia as it is in Africa. This video shows a group of skaters in Ethiopia, but they could just as easily be anywhere else in the world. And while there skateboards and other gear may be thrashed, their excitement about skating can't be matched.

What do you think of skating in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Skate
Marko Grilc travels to Morocco to surf, snowboard, and ride donkeys

Only a guy like Marko Grilc would travel to Africa to go snowboarding. On the new episode of Grilosodes, Grilc ventured to Morocco in search of snow and much more. He scored some of that famous Moroccan surf before meeting up with Belgian snowboarder Seppe Smits for a trip to the mountains. They traveled via donkey—yes, donkey—to a snow-covered private village where Grilc and Smits set up jumps. This was probably the first time anyone has ever snowboarded in this part of Morocco before, which is a pretty nice feather in Grilc's cap.

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Who wants to see a Corvette Stingray rally car in action?

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Apparently any car can be a rally car. People are taking their hot rods on hot laps around the dirt. Now we see one of the most iconic American cars of all time, the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray getting its rally on. This replica of a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport competed in the East-African Safari Rally last year. The video is from their final testing session before the rally. The car reached a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour. Sure, it's a small fraction of what a Corvette can do on the street, but there are no dirt jumps to contend with on the street.

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The first barrel in this video from Skeleton Bay is the best POV barrel ever

Sorry Mikala Jones, but Koa Smith just took your title for best POV barrel video ever. Koa, his brother Alex, and their friend Dylan Goodale finally made a venture to Africa's Skeleton Bay and it paid HUGE dividends. The boys start things off right in this video with the greatest POV barrel ever. Put in slow motion and rightly set to Pink Floyd's "Breathe."

The barrel starts off around the 1:32-mark and lasts all the way to 3:25 in the video! Slowed down, that's a shitload of barrel time for the younger Smith brother. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes the remaining 12-or-so-minutes is also worth your viewing. Well done Last Name First.

See a GIF of the first wave and the full video below.

The Tetrapods wave in Morocco will scare the crap out of you

Jerome Sayhoun is the antithesis of professional surfing. Tom Curren has praised Sayhoun's surfing abilities, but his name is far from a household one. Sayhoun marches to the beat of his own drum and needs no paycheck from surfing to travel around the world. He has discovered many waves, but this one in Morocco has to be one of the craziest. Not to mention, the rarest. Called Tetrapods, it's a freak of a wave created by a man-made jetty located on the edge of a military-controlled harbor. It required a massive Atlantic swell to even break and the backwash that it creates is tough to fathom. Sayhoun and Antoine Delpero were the first to surf Tetrapods. And since the Moroccan military extended the breakwater shortly afterward causing waves to no longer break there, they are also the only surfers to session the spot.

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