Garage Tours: Is this the ultimate DIY sprint car shop?

Chris Forsberg checks out the winged beasts

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Sprint car racing is one of the wildest motorsports on the planet. The cars have a very high power-to-weight ratio, helped in part by those huge wings that create a helluva lot of downforce. Chris Forsberg finds out what goes into these cars on this week's new episode of Garage Tours when he visits Sprint Car racer Brian Hosford's garage in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hosford builds and maintains his small fleet of cars to race in the USAC 360 division race series and these methanol-fueled bad boys put out 700-horsepower in a super-lightweight chassis. He also happens to be the brother of Formula Drift driver Corey Hosford. And spurred on by Corey's insistence, Forsberg squeezes into the an ASCS 360 winged Sprint car and gets way out of his comfort zone as he “wings it” around the dirt track.

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