David Gonzalez

Did you know Volcom had a full-length skate video in the works? Neither did we, but judging by Holy Stokes! first trailer—featuring everyone from vets like Dustin Dollin to new jacks like Daan van der Linden—it's going to be a titan of skateboarding and cinematography. Commence drooling in three, two, one...

Skate slams are the easy part. It's the indoor fireworks and smashed lightbulbs that you need to watch out for.
The Skate Rock tour made its way through Illinois with stops in Chicago and Carbondale before moving on to St. Louis, Missouri. With Riley Hawk added to the roster and Andy Roy up to Andy Roy antics, things get out of control in a hurry.

Grant Taylor, Ben Raybourn and David Gonzalez get it done in the D.
Skate Rock is the kind of weird invention that could only come from the mind of Thrasher editor Jake Phelps: A seven-city tour featuring four bands, four Thrasher Skaters of the Year and lots of mayhem. Skate Rock kicked off in Detroit and the city proved to be an awesome location for Ben Raybourn and David Gonzalez to drop hammers and rock out.