Ryan Tuerck and a bunch of supercars? What could possibly go wrong? Find out on new episode of Tuerck'd, as Ryan heads to Vancouver to meet up Daily Driven Exotics and their stable of Italian stallions.

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Zwingfilms latest Vlog is near and dear to our hearts, as he heads north of the border for an inside look at the making of the latest episode of Tuerck'd. If you've ever wondered what goes into producing an episode of these things, consider this the VERY glamorous crash course.

Talk about living the dream. In his latest Vlog, Zwingfilms namesake, Zach Wingfield, gets behind the wheel of Daily Driven Exotic's insane Gold Rush Rally-ready Ferrari 458, kicks it at the skateshop, and then tops it all off with some sushi. If you find yourself asking what you're doing with your life after this one, don't worry, you're not alone.

If you're lucky enough to own a Ferrari, you probably shouldn't f*ck with it. If you just can't leave well enough alone, however, then you'd do well to turn the reigns over to Ferrari tuning maestros, Novitec Rosso, who just unveiled their latest creation: The 222-mph F12 N-Largo S. Boasting 50 extra ponies and a badass body kit, this thing is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn, so check it out and commence drooling.

Carwow​'s new superhero-themed concept cars got us thinking: If superheroes drove supercars, what powers would they put to the pavement? From Wonder Woman to Wolverine, we take a closer look.

You had us at Ferrari F40 GT! Watch as this twin turbo beast hits the farm in this Gymkhana spoof that is certainly much less dangerous...

Want to see something totally frivolous and privileged? Perfect, here's a video of some guy (presumably with an English accent) blasting sporting clays from a Ferrari convertible with a $20,000 (again, presumably) shotgun. Needless to say, don't try this at home.

Some garages just house more luxurious cars than others. And Chris Forsberg has found a gem of a garage on this week's Garage Tours.

In this episode Forsberg visits Redline Restorations in Black Rock, Connecticut, which is a high-end restoration shop focused on the European classics including Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, and Bugatti.

Owned by Colton Amster, this bright brick shop prides itself on its concours-quality restorations. Our tour includes a ’37 Bugatti Type 57S, a ’39 Delage D6 race car, a ’61 Ferrari GTO and an unexpected 1970 Chrysler Hemi 'Cuda with an incredible backstory. After a behind the scenes tour of the garage, Forsberg gets behind the wheel of a Ferrari 250T (!), and then enjoys a few burnouts in a classic rear-wheel drive Fiat 500.

Check out the official Redline Restorations website.

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