Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour of Drifting ruins some cars in Europe

Driftland and Reisbrennen get the Tuerck treatment

Europe had no idea what they were in for when they let Ryan Tuerck in for the new episode of Tuerck'd. Tuerck kicks off his European Tour at the 10th anniversary of the Reisbrennen JDM Festival. Tuerck gets behind the wheel of a 700-horsepower 2JZ, then a loaner 1.5J for some high-speed laps around the EuroSpeedway… and then we party Eurostyle!

Next stop: Edinburgh, Scotland with the Garage F—k House crew for the three day Driftland Bash at the Thunder Valley Raceway. Tuerck gets more loaner drift missiles, including a little blue beamer in pristine condition and, uh, gives them the Tuerck'd treatment. And uh, did Vaughn Gittin Jr. mean to leave his new Mustang RTR in Europe? Tuerck jacks Vaughn’s RTR and burns off a set of tires—Thanks Vaughn!

We lost track of the total #Tuerckd count at the end of this three day Driftland Bash, but Tuerck leaves a path of slain tires and Tuerck’d BMWs in his smoke. Stay tuned for part 2 of Ryan Tuerck’s World Tour of Drifting coming December 2.

Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s European tour, the cars… or would just like to report his driving? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

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