Eric Koston went streaking in the new Nike SB commercial

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Nike SB is determined to make us understand that "Skateboarding Is Not A Game". In the latest video, the Swoosh imagines what it would be like if there was a halftime during skate sessions. In the hilarious scenario, Paul Rodriguez and Stefan Janoski have their session interrupted by cheerleaders and a marching band led by Theotis Beasley. Then Eric Koston got buck naked and we don't really know what to say after that.

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Drift Garage: Chris Forsberg finds the clunker he's going to fix up from Tony Angelo

Welcome to the world of Drift Garage hosted by Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck. Forsberg (who does an awesome British accent, by the way) and Tuerck are going to show you how to build a drifting missile car for $5,000. For those that may be unfamiliar, a missile car is a drift car that's built to take some abuse. They may not be pretty, but they can get sideways in a hurry, which is the point after all.

To find the perfect car for his project Forsberg heads to Philadelphia to pick up a beat up Nissan 240SX chassis from fellow Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo. After settling some debts with Angelo (what the hell happened in Vegas?), Forsberg ends up getting the 240 for $100. The next step is to find a motor, so Forsberg visits Nick D'Alessio at Elite JDM to score a used KA24DE motor. After getting the car and engine back to Maryland, Forsberg strips it down and sends the old motor off to motor heaven.

The next episode of Drift Garage drops Tuesday, January 28. Forsberg and Tuerck will install the motor and add some much-needed power with a turbo kit. Leave your questions about building your own missile car below in the comments below or tweet them with #DriftGarageDIY and Chris will answer your questions in an upcoming response video.

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Skate Sketch: Paul-Luc Ronchetti drops in on the trippiest ramp ever

Pro skater Bob Burnquist put out his Dreamland video part out a couple of weeks ago. Well, in the latest episode of Skate Sketch, vert shredder Paul-Luc Ronchetti takes dreamy, trippy skating to the next level with the help of artist Andy Davis and animator Randall Christopher. The crazy ramps and obstacles that Ronchetti skates will make you want to go take a nap just so that you can dream about ripping like this.

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Now we know what a Range Rover looks like driving in a skatepark

If you thought scooter kids were tough to maneuver around at the skatepark, imagine having to deal with a Range Rover Evoque dropping in on you. The Land Rover Experience team in China took one of the SUVs through a concrete park to show off its agility on varied terrain. The Evoque spent plenty of time on three wheels contorted in weird positions, but it did negotiate the weird fullpipe/tunnel/sewer thing successfully. So if having a car that can drive around a skatepark is important to you, the Range Rover Evoque may be for you.

What else would you want to see a Range Rover ride? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Awsm

Land Rover
Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck is back for Game of DRIFT II with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

This one is for all the watermelon-smashing Gallagher fans out there.
The second season of Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck's show Tuerck'd kicks off with a bang. After losing in a Game of DRIFT to Chris Forsberg last year, Tuerck takes on another Formula Drift star, Vaughn Gittin Jr. This year's Game of DRIFT features some of the best challenges from last year plus some new ones sent in from viewers. Get ready for some blindfolded drifting.

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This is the most cinematic downhill longboard skate video ever made

James Kelly just dropped this banger on all of us. We're still processing it and watching it over and over because it's just so damn beautiful. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the cinematic grace of James Kelly tackling some steep hills on his Arbor longboard.

What do you think of this downhill longboarding video? Tell us in the Comments.

The Right is the most crazy, mutant wave we've ever seen

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All waves are, and will forever be, judged against Pipeline. It's just how it goes because the jewel of the North Shore is the standard for perfection and greatness. But when it comes to insane, mutant waves that look like they are the spawn of Satan himself, then nothing compares to The Right. Located off the coast of Western Australia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, The Right is the scariest looking wave in the world. And big wave surfer Ryan Hipwood decided it was a good idea to head back there after nearly drowning at The Right in 2012.

Hipwood, Mark Mathews, Dean Morrison, and a few other hellmen tackled The Right on one recent swell. If you're scratching your head wondering why you haven't seen much footage of this wave before it's because no one surfs it, ever. It is just that ridiculous of a wave. But when footage like this does drop, well your jaw does, too.

Is The Right the craziest wave in the world? Tell us in the Comments.

Behold the awesomeness that is freestyle wheelbarrowing

There are a few events that occur in a lifetime that you will forever remember where you were when they happened. Man landing on the moon, President Obama being elected, and the invention of freestyle wheelbarrowing.

Behold Alexander Siegfried and his caterpillar 24-karat gold sport-barrow. It's a beaut, and Siegfried knows exactly how to take advantage of its every crevice and straight. If you're in doubt of the awesomeness that is the new sport of freestyle wheelbarrowing, just watch this and you'll be convinced that it'll be in the X Games by 2016.

What do you think of freestyle wheelbarrowing? Tell us in the Comments.

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Watch Robbie Maddison ride his bike through a luge run and off a giant ski jump

We just can't even fathom this. Robbie Maddison, you win. You're just a total beast. Who would even think of riding their bike at Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, through the luge track and hitting the ski jump?! Hitting it at 71mph and going a distance of 374feet, Maddison set a world record for the 185-foot vertical drop. And in case you were wondering, that about 18.5 stories.

What do you think of this world record jump? Tell us in the Comments.

Riding a bike with tires made of ice is pretty challenging

Last winter we got to witness the awesomeness of ice truck. What's ice truck you ask? Well, it was a truck made of 11,000 pounds of ice that drives. With winter now approaching, the ever-ingenious Colin Furze contemplated what a bike with tires for ice would be like. And as he is the ultimate DIY guy, he built one. It doesn't go all that great on pavement, but it kinda rules it on a glacier.

What do you think of ice bike? Tell us in the Comments.

We don't know what's worse: this skate slam or his buddy filming a selfie

Note to skaters: don't take selfies while your buddy is slamming behind you. BUT, we do like his reaction at the end.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t The Hundreds

Funny Videos
Crooked grind to back lip to touchdown is the best skate combo

Eddie Gonzalez is basically the Jerry Rice of skateboarding. He's been featured in football skateboarding videos before, and now he shows off a sick crooked grind to back lip to over the shoulder touchdown catch. Keep it up Gonzalez.

What do you think of this skateboarding x football hybrid? Tell us in the Comments.

This rocket bike goes 207mph and made a Ferrari F430 Scuderia its bitch

François Gissy is a hero. We'd call him an American hero, but he's French. He rode a rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher at a speed of 207mph while leaving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia in his dust. And he hit that top speed in 4.8-seconds. We're amazed he could even hold on.

What do you think of this rocket bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Chris Forsberg gave a ride to the most obnoxious drift fan ever

When someone asks you to make him throw-up, things are not going well.
HyperFest bills itself as an automotive amusement park. This year one of the "rides" included a chance to sit shotgun with Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg. One passenger got really excited. REALLY excited. He proceeded to tell Forsberg all about his own car and then pleaded with Forsberg to "show him something!" Forsberg deserves props for not ripping the passenger side door off of his M56 and flinging the passenger out the side.

People are twerking on New York City subway tracks now

What hath Miley wrought? While Miley Cyrus was definitely not the first to twerk, she has perhaps done more than anyone to bring twerking to the forefront of popular culture. Odds are your parents know what twerking is now and that's because of Miley. (Note: We do not advise asking your parents if they know about twerking because regardless of the answer, it will lead to one of the more awkward conversations you've ever had.) Now twerking has spread like a plague. Guinness World Records have been set for twerking. And in perhaps the best indication that twerking has jumped the shark, hosts on The View even shook their asses (though thankfully Barbara Walters did not participate). Now we have this: two women jumped on the New York City subway tracks to twerk. Why? Because, that's why.


Jarisa Fuentes
Australian man jumps on tiger shark because his friends dared him to

Well, it seems like we've found our newest idiot. Yes, this guy is dumber than the guy trying to surf on a dead whale. Though details remain scarce so far, this man was dared by his friends (as revealed in the video) to jump on a live tiger shark swimming near their boat. Listen guy, you are not Shaun Harrington using a birdcage as a shark cage. We're in disbelief over this one, and even more surprised that he didn't lose a limb.

What do you think of this dare? Tell us in the Comments.

Blinky Bill
Here's evidence that sea monsters do in fact exist

Those things that surfers are riding in this video, they're not waves. They're sea monsters. BIG. F—KING. SEA MONSTERS. And that big wave spot Nazare in Portugal has spawned some of them again recently.

Nazare, as you'll recall is like Jaws on steroids, is home to the biggest waves on Earth. Last fall, Carlos Burle saved Maya Gabeira's life there, and it continues to be the focus of the largest wave riding in the world.

So that whole nor'easter that the Northeast U.S. had went through last week went across the Atlantic and did this. Again, sea monsters (as in big mountains of water), not waves.

What do you think of this big wave session? Tell us in the Comments.

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Sit inside an armored Mercedes-Benz as it gets shot at by an AK-47

Trent Kimball is President and CEO of the Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC). And he and his company take product testing very seriously. So serious that he sits behind-the-wheel of an armored Mercedes-Benz as it gets shot at by an AK-47. This is borderline psychotic, but also kinda badass at the same time. Guess Kimball and TAC know how to armor a car properly...

h/t Jalopnik

What do you think of this crazy stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

Novak Djokovic beat a WWII M1 Abrams tank in tennis at the Australian Open

What's the one thing that was missing from tennis? Drawing a blank? EXPLOSIONS. Yes, explosions.

So Novak Djokovic squared-off against a WWII M1 Abrams tank at the Australian Open. But the Abrams was no match for Djokovic, who just reached his fifth Australian Open final. Seems like the tank is gonna have to do a little training to ever become competitive...

Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" is the most insane skate video ever

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Bob Burnquist is one of the most innovative and influential skateboarders of all time. He has pioneered new obstacles, like the full loop and the corkscrew jump, many of which he has built at his home in California. Burnquist also constructed a MegaRamp on the property, and in the new video for his "Dreamland" series, Burnquist puts the ramp to previously unthought-of uses. This is Burnquist's first full part since 2010 and it is so worth the wait. Burnquist built a massive hip on his MegaRamp that sends him across a 15-foot gap. Then there is a helicopter transfer that you have to see (over and over and over again) to believe.

Do you think this is the best skate video ever? Tell us in the Comments.

Like this? Watch another incredible video of a heated snowboard that melts snow!

This amazingly weird skate video part will make your day so much better

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When your nickname is Getrad, there is a certain standard that you have to live up to. Jackson "Getrad" Buhck doesn't disappoint. His video part in the recent Australian skate video Another Every Other is one of the greatest things to ever happen in skateboarding. Never before have so many incredible things happened on a skateboard in one video part. We're not talking about incredible in the Brandon Westgate sense. More in the dork tricks sense that all skaters—even Eric Koston—can relate to. This is what makes skateboarding fun.

What do you think of this skate video part? Tell us in the Comments.

Watch a snowmobile launch off a huge friggin' cliff

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We are no strangers to crazy stunts. We've seen BMX riders light themselves on fire and surfers cruise through the streets. But what snowmobiler Brett Turcotte did this winter is definitely up there. Turcotte was riding in the backcountry and hucked himself off a cliff that defies description. This thing is huge.

So many things could have gone wrong here. Turcotte could have gone over the handlebars or crushed up like an accordion. But he gives zero fucks and stomped the landing clean. Wow. Just wow.

Is this the craziest thing you've seen done on a snowmobile? Tell us in the Comments.

NYPD tries to stop longboard skaters during Broadway Bomb, fails miserably

The Broadway Bomb brings together more than 2,500 longboard skaters each year in New York City to push eight miles through Manhattan, from West 116th Street to the Charging Bull in the Financial District. Since it's inception in 2000, the NYPD has tried to hamper the event by hassling skaters, blocking roads, and even handing out tickets. This year the NYPD busted out the orange netting to try and corrall the skaters. They failed miserably. It was so bad that someone set the folly to the music from Benny Hill and it couldn't be more appropriate.

This guy made a hilariously awful tutorial for drifting a piece of shit car

On January 20, Network A will drop its new show Drift Garage where Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck teach you how to build a drift car for under $5,000. But that will only focus on getting the car ready, it won't teach how to actually drift. That's where this guy comes in. His tutorial has all the useful tips you'll need to get your front-wheel drive piece of shit car ready to slide sideways. So put onyour green and yellow gloves and get ready for chicks to start fawning over you.

4cyl of power
A wheelchair athlete rode Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp. It didn't go well

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham traveled to the Dreamland compound for a chance at glory.
Most people get scared just looking at a MegaRamp. Well, imagine dropping in on one without the use of your legs. That's what extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham did when he visited Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp. Wheelz just might have the biggest balls of any action sports athlete ever. He goes for a front flip first try. He underrotates and lands flat on his back on the knuckle before bouncing down to the flats. Undeterred, Wheelz makes two more attempts. He knocks his teeth out on one of them, forcing Burnquist to use his helicopter to fly him to a nearby dentist.

Bob Burnquist built a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe

Bob Burnquist is one of the most progressive skaters of all time. It's not just because of how he skates, but what he skates. Fullpipes, crazy Megaramps with hips, and, oh yeah, helicopters. Burnquist's latest invention is a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe. Visit California recruited Burnquist to take on the project as part of its "Dream Big" campaign. It wasn't easy. Master rampbuilder Jeff King and his team spent 300 man hours and used 1,250 screws to create the 7,300-pound ramp. But for Burnquist, who says, "All my dreams came true in California," this was yet another example of an "out there" idea turning into reality.

What do you think of this floating miniramp? Tell us in the Comments.

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An Australian surfer nearly had his leg bitten off by a tiger shark

Australians Shaun and Dean Harrington are both great surfers and avid watermen. Known as the Mad Hueys, the Harrington brothers are also two of the craziest people in the surf world. On a recent Gold Coast outing, Shaun and Dean decided to do their version of cage diving. It involved looking for sharks with a bird cage instead of the traditional shark diving cage that can, you know, actually protect you in the event of a shark attack. Shaun was trying to make his way back into the boat when one of the tiger sharks, which looks to be about 10 feet long, came in for a closer look. Luckily the shark only chomped the cage instead of Shaun's leg, but it is still way too close of a call for any mere mortal. But for some reason, Shaun takes it all in stride. Yeah, he is that crazy.

You won't believe how they changed the tires on this moving SUV

Is this video WTF? Rank it.

Who needs a pit stop when you can just have the pit crew climb out of the car and change the tires while you're still driving on two wheels? That's what one intrepid group did in Saudi Arabia. The driver of a Toyota FJ Cruiser swerved to get the car up on its right-side wheels only. Then five passengers climbed out and changed the front and rear tires on the left side of of the SUV. This is next level ridiculous, and the driver deserves a medal for balancing the car on its side for such a long stretch.

Seeing an Toyota FJ Cruiser driving on two wheels on a highway would be ridiculous enough in itself. But these guys from Saudi Arabia wanted next level ridiculous. Climbing out of the car while it's driving on two wheels, they proceed to change the front and rear tires on the passenger side. He's clearly much more skilled than this guy.

Is this the craziest tire change you've ever seen? Tell us in the Comments.

Al Drifter
These motorized drift tricycles look fun as all hell

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There has been an endless stream of less-than-awesome Kickstarter campaigns within the skateboarding and biking realms. Things like the one-wheeled skateboard, the cheesy stair-climbing skateboard, and the ridiculous Halfbike. But we finally have something that blends drifting and bikes on Kickstarter that we can all get behind: Tortuga Trikes.

What's a Tortuga Trike you ask? Well, it's a hand-built, gas-powered tricycle made specifically for drifting. The rear wheels are wrapped in PVC pipe so they can slide easily. It has a 6.5-horsepower engine that goes up to 30 miles per hour. And with a price tag of $1,799, it's cheaper than a missile car!

Tricycle drifting is an underrated pasttime, and we can only imagine what someone like Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg could do on these things. To help make these Tortuga Trikes a reality, go to their Kickstarter page.

What do you think of the Tortuga Trike? Tell us in the Comments.

Tortuga Trikes
Skater lights himself on fire, bombs down a hill

Is this video WTF? Rank it.

Skateboarder Brian Concannon isn't the type of guy who does things half-assed. So if he is going to bomb a hill, he's going to do it while he's set on fire. And if he's going to bomb a hill while ablaze, he's going to finish it off with a powerslide and a little shadowboxing before his friends put the flames out. Even with all those added levels of risk, Concannon's hill bomb still ended better than this one.

Is this the craziest hill bomb you've seen? Tell us in the Comments.

Watch Jeff Grosso watch his part in Santa Cruz's Speed Freaks

Grosso was freebasing cocaine days before this classic skate video was filmed.
When Jeff Grosso was working on Santa Cruz's 1989 skate video "Speed Freaks," he filmed all the footage over the course of a couple of days. And most of it came on one run at a vert ramp. Grosso rewatched the part and shared his memories for Vans' "Adventures with Chris" series. Grosso turned 21 days before the infamous eyebrow shaving incident. He spent his 21st birthday freebasing cocaine for two days straight so that goes a long way toward explaining his erratic behavior. Even though the "Speed Freaks" part is legendary, Grosso thinks it's horrible and regrets being so hungover that he couldn't skate better.

Vans Off The Wall