Baku City Circuit. Felipe Massa. Team Williams. 1.92 seconds. Yep, even that basic information probably takes you longer to process than it took for this to happen. Don't blink.

For auto fans, there is one great by-product of E3: A first look at all the new racing games that will be devouring hours of your precious seat time in just a few months time. Leading the way this year is Gran Turismo Sport, the latest (and sport-car-centric) installment of the lauded racing rim, which premiered with brand new gameplay footage at the video game world's largest convention this weekend. Get ready to kiss that social life goodbye, people.

In to NASCAR but new to drifting? Just a need a refresher before the Formula Drift 2016 kicks off right here tomorrow? Check out our brand new "crash" course in drifting and you'll be getting sideways in no time.

Haas Racing—America's first F1​ program in 30 years—is blowing minds all around the world with their early season performances. Here's how they've done it.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of the drift, rally, and stunt driving worlds releasing a single, collectively held breath: Ken Block's long-awaited Gymkhana EIGHT is a go, made official by the announcement of his latest Franken-car earlier today. How this 650-hp, reflective paint-splattered Ford Fiesta Fiesta ST RX 43 stacks up to rest of Block's Gymkhana stable remains to be seen, but rest assured, Gymkhana EIGHT, which drops February 28th at 9pm PST (Midnight EST) on the Ford Performance YouTube, is sure to be a mind scrambler. Mark your calendars and start counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until take off.

JUST KIDDING, but that doesn't make these crazy, on-track fisticuffs between Weston Peick and Vince Friese—who had ridden Peick off the Anaheim 1 track once before administering this block pass—any less entertaining. Peick received a DQ, a one-race ban, and a $5,000 fine for his outburst, and we certainly agree that this chest-beating bullshit has no place on the track, but rest assured there a more than few people in the SX world who believe that Friese had this one coming.

Yesterday, Ken Block debuted his wild new Gymkhana 8 whip, which got us thinking: If we were to pit all seven of Block's Gymkhana rides against in each other in a battle of pure radness, which would emerge the victor? Thus commenced one of the least scientific (and most fun) examinations we have ever conducted. Check it out and see how your favorite stacks up.

***Revisit all of Block's previous Gymkhana edits here***

It's been awhile since we've had the opportunity to watch James Stewart in a competitive setting, but if his domination of Red Bull Straight Rhythm this weekend was what we were building to all along, then it was more than worth the wait. Point it straight and pin the throttle.

The Ford Pinto has a reputation as one the most poorly built American automobiles of all time, but that didn't stop Southern Rock Racing Series driver, Shawn Cross, from basing his wild, big-block Mean Bean on a 1980 version of the Blue Oval embarrassment. Check out this footage from the SRRS Championships, in which Cross absolutely destroys his lab experiement on the way to a wild second place finish, and we think you'll agree: This is one wild Pinto.

Whether you're a stock-car die hard or a total noob, we guarantee you've never seen NASCAR quite like this before. So join Jamie McMurray as he lights up the trippiest burnout ever for a FLIR thermal camera and then get hyped for Chase season.