Skate Videos

Did you know Volcom had a full-length skate video in the works? Neither did we, but judging by Holy Stokes! first trailer—featuring everyone from vets like Dustin Dollin to new jacks like Daan van der Linden—it's going to be a titan of skateboarding and cinematography. Commence drooling in three, two, one...

In this episode of How To Film Skateboarding on NKA Project, Nigel K. Alexander gives you tips on how to secure the best skaters possible for your next edit. Networking and social media is key, and after watching this video you'll be filming top-notch skaters in your area in no time.

Ill Conceived is the second full-length skate video from Minnesota-based skater/filmer Paul Jensen. Featuring the skate scene of the Twin Cities, Ill Conceived features parts from skaters Matt Boeltl, Fabian Gonzalez, Nick Jumping Eagle, Jake Hintzman, Graham Wessberg, and Jensen himself.

Jensen passed us along some of the parts, and we'll be featuring them in the coming weeks. So check out Matt Boeltl's part full of wallrides here and then go grab a copy of the Ill Conceived DVD here.

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Any skate clip that gets you excited to go skate has accomplished its job. Which is exactly what Sean Slobodan's Local does here. Based in Utah, Slobodan based the short film on Weston Colton's photography. It's well-worth a watch and presents one of those unique perspectives on skating.

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