The Nitro Snowboards crew of Elias Elhardt, Markus Keller, Nils Arvidsson, and Knut Eliassen headed north to explore Norway’s Lofoten Islands and didn't leave a piece of powder, pavement, and ocean un-shredded. Camping, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, surfing, and skating their way through the stunning landscape near the Arctic Circle is most certainly the trip of a lifetime.

Female downhill longboard skater Ishtar Backlund is not one who likes to follow rules that others set for her in life. She wants to explore the world and form her own ideas. She recently took an epic trip through the mountains of Norway by skating and camping along the way. Follow her journey with fellow skaters Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg, and Sander Hasselberg as they explore everything the world has to offer. Now get out their on your own epic journey!

"It's like ordering three desserts instead of a main course..."

That quote sums up the Project Detour trailer pretty well. Project Detour is a surf, skate, snowboard, camping, motorcycle trip with a group of snowboarders throughout Greece, the Alps, and the state of California. Follow the likes of Shayne Pospisil, Nicolas Müller, Eric Messier, Austin Smith, and friends as they take the ultimate dream trip with their buddies. Stay tuned, as the short film series drops this fall.

Listen, we all know Chris Farley wasn't a huge van of living in a van down by the river, but we think that nomadic lifestyle sounds pretty rad...provided you have the know-how to pull it off, of course. Before you even begin to consider packing up and leaving it all behind, however, one thing you will definitely need to know is how to convert your trusty van into a bonafied camper, and this quick DIY walkthrough will certainly help. From loft installation to cooking tips, this one packs a lot into a little, so sit up, shut up, and pay attention.

Whether you're just going for a quick day hike, car camping with the crew, or going on a serious backpacking venture, one of the most important tasks you'll have to undertake before you even set out is packing.

Now, there are certain ways to maximize space so you can pack the most efficient way possible. So for this Summer Camp piece we partnered up with the experts at REI to help bring you some essential tips for packing the best you can for your next camping adventure. Now get out all packed and get on that next adventure!

Backpacks are one of the major necessities for all types of travels in life. There's minimal ones and there's ones built for serious excursions.

So in our continuing Summer Camp series, we break down a perfect backpack for every type of travel you could (and should) be doing this summer. So get out there and explore.