Check out the story behind AJ Stuntz, a young, up-and-coming stunt rider out of San Mateo, CA who is taking SoCal bike culture by storm. Obviously, to be this good, this young, you have to get started early, but there's so much more to AJ's story than just that, so make sure to give it a watch.

I'll do my best to spare you the whole "in my day" speech, but seriously, come on. A Nerf gun that shoots 100 feet-per-second, has a load-in clip, safety switch, and dimpled ammo for better accuracy is just insane...right? Growing up, we were lucky if the Nerf "guns" on the market shot 70 feet, let alone 70 mph, but as this behind-the-scenes look at Nerf's new Rival series makes abundantly clear, those days might as well be ancient history.

If you're insecure about your riding, it's probably best not to watch this one, but everyone else, come this way and pay attention: 11-year-old Kaden Stone's new Entranced video part is about to have your jaw swinging from its hinges.

h/t 33 Mag

Jett may only be 1-and-a-half, but he's already hitting hills pretty hard on a longboard. Granted, he does benefit from having a dad who is the head of R&D at Braden Boards...

Jared built this attachment to a board so he can bring Jett along with him, and Jett's been riding with his dad since he was only 6 months old. Wonder how good Jett will be by the old age of 5...

12-year-old Isamu Yamamoto is a beast. One of the top amateur freestyle skateboarders in the world, check out this crazy line he drops while practicing a routine for a contest.

You're probably asking yourself, "Come on, just how deadly could a 5-year-old be with nunchuks?" Well, if that 5-year-old is Bruce Ryu the answer is plenty deadly.

Ryu has some incredibly nasty nunchuck skills, which he shows off here (along with his acting skills) by replicating Bruce Lee's nunchuck scene from Game Of Death. Ryu is definitely a kid you don't want to mess with.