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There needs to be more winter surf edits set to Action Bronson (like this one)

Canadian surfer Pete DeVries is no stranger to cold water surfing. As a modern day surf explorer in the Canadian waters, DeVries is not afraid to mix it up in other ways either. Case in point, this edit by filmer Ben Gulliver of DeVries and setting it to Action Bronson's "Shiraz" track. We can't say we've seen surfing set to Action Bronson before, but we can certainly say we want to see some more of it.

Ben Gulliver
Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper buddy up for new collab track

Well, it finally happened. The twinlking comet trails of Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper—two of raps most promising young MCs—finally crossed paths and the result, as fans of the duo can probably guess, is pretty damn sick. Forged in the fires of the hip hop hype machine, "Baby Blue" comes out strutting with Bronson's trademarked boom-bap muscle before Chance stops by, emptying his considerable word-play pockets in the process ("I hope you never get off Fridays/And that you work at a Fridays that's always busy on Fridays"). There's a running Coming to America parody bubbling beneath all the throwback rap goodness, but trust us, even if you haven't seen the Eddie Murphy's 1988 classic, this one is still a must-watch.

Action Bronson
Action Bronson dunks on Godzilla in crazy new music video

We already told you about Action Bronson's major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, which is set to drop on March 24th via Atlantic, but if you haven't checked out the first video from the record, then you are definitely slacking. A greenscreened masterpiece full of stoned-out fantasy, NYC braggadocio, and, uhh, cereal, "Actin' Crazy" is pure Bronson from start to finish, so press play and step into his world.

Action Bronson
Action Bronson reenacts studio scene from Boogie Nights

In the lead up of his new album, Mr. Wonderful (set to drop March 24th), Action Bronson has been a busy dude, voicing a cartoon, freestyling on FunkMaster Flex's radio show, and, now, reenacting the iconic studio scene from Paul Thomas Anderson's porn biopic, Boogie Nights. If you're into the Queens MC, film, or all of the above, then make sure to check out how this one stacks up against the original below.

Action Bronson gets cartoon treatment in new FXX show

Action Bronson has been everywhere lately: In the kitchen, freestyling with FunkMaster Flex, and now on FXX's new animated series, Lucas Bros. Moving Co., where he plays Uncle Taco, a cheap-eats kingpin with an eye for neighborhood domination and shotgun-wielding bikini bodyguards. We really don't know what's going on here, but, as Uncle Taco says, keep slangin' them good burgers, Action!

Action Bronson freestyle shocks FunkMaster Flex

In New York City, Hot 97 is beginning and end of hip hop radio. They play everything, their hosts have been there and done it, and the property has even attracted the attention of Jay-Z's star-studded portfolio group. Before Hov pulls out the pocketbook, however, somebody better let him know that, following this borderline nuclear freestyle from Queens-bred chef-turned-rapper, Action Bronson, during a recent episode of FunkMaster Flex's show, the station has been reduced to nothing more than a giant, smoking crater filled with the remains of lesser MCs. Grab your radiation suit and check it out.

HOT 97
Check out this 42-minute rap epic featuring Killer Mike, Raekwon, and more

Rap collabs are as old Public Enemy, but they don't come any more massive than "The Rap Monument", a 42-minute marathon of thumping beats and filthy rhymes from some hip hop's hottest names. Co-produced by Hudson Mohawke, Nick Hook, and S-Type, this end-of-the-year throw down was recorded in LA, Atlanta, and New York, and is sure to keep you pouring over each and every verse well into 2015.

Check out the full list of rappers below (in order of appearance):

Pusha T

Bryant Dope

Go Dreamer


Nipsey Hussle


Danny Brown

Mayhem Lauren

Raekwon da Chef


​Kilo Kish

Flatbush Zombies

Renegade El Rey

Rockie Fresh


Bodega Bamz

Remy Banks

Killer Mike

Del Harris


CyHi da Prince

Young Thug

Aston Matthews


SL Jones

Nigel Nasty

Bobby Creekwater

Action Bronson


Mike G

Yak Ballz

Zebra Katz


Alexander Spit



Action Bronson shows you how to do late night eating in New York City

When it comes to food and New York City, nobody fucks with Action Bronson. From weed-garnished pizza to homemade ice cream with fried Oreos inside, Action doesn't pull any stops when he eats late at night in NYC. This is easily one of the best "Fuck, That's Delicious" episodes yet.

Action Bronson and Killer Mike have a rap battle while running on treadmills

Action Bronson is one of our favorites. And Killer Mike (also of Run The Jewels) is another favorite. So pit the two of them together in a rap battle and you've got our attention. But it wouldn't be The Eric Andre Show without making it weird, so he puts them on treadmills and puts donuts in front of them. Genius.

What do you think of this rap battle? Tell us in the Comments.

Adult Swim
This video and 2 GIFs are just a few of the reasons why we love Action Bronson

There are actually lots of reasons we love Action Bronson. For 1, his rap. It's good. He loves Guy Fieri, which is hilarious. He does bellyflops onto beer trucks. And his music video for his song "Easy Rider" was the greatest merging of rap and psychedelic rock ever.

But this video of him responding to comments about said music video is also another reason we love him. We made 2 GIFs to also sum it up, so just watch and be delighted by one of the greatest there is right now.

Action Bronson's "Easy Rider" music video is basically one long acid trip

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Action Bronson's newest album, Mr. Wonderful, is set to drop this fall. And the first single we've gotten visuals from the album is the song "Easy Rider." Clearly a tribute to the classic Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda film of the same name, the music video features Action as a Vietnam veteran taking acid and riding a motorcycle while being pursued by the cops—which is a loose summary of the generation-defining movie. One thing that's of note, Action's character looks eerily similar to Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski.

What do you think of this music video? Tell us in the Comments.

Action Bronson belly-flopping onto a beer truck mid-song will make you smile

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Action Bronson is a beloved character in the hip hop world. He throws guys off stage and for some reason he loves Guy Fieri. Last weekend at the seventh annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Action was dropping a solid rendition of "Strictly 4 My Jeeps." But Action's a showman, and he decided to climb up a beer truck that was parked next to the stage and jump on top of it. But he belly-floped onto it instead. Which is exactly why we love Action Bronson.

[h/t Rad Collector]

Rapper Action Bronson really loves Guy Fieri

Do you think this video is Nice? Rank it above.

When rapper Action Bronson isn't going toe-to-toe with security guards, he is a man with refined tastes. He enjoys antique furniture and luge and three-bar St. John's hats. He does not like eating shit (mussels) or buying someone else's garbage. But even Bronson has his guilty pleasures. In [Pitchfork's]4 new episode of "Overrated/Underrated," he reveals that he loves Guy Fieri for some reason, despite Fieri being one of the "most douchiest, scummiest dudes you could ever see in your life." We're willing to overlook Bronson's affinity for Fieri and his frosted tips because his opinion on Snapchat is so spot on.

What do you think of Action Bronson's Over/Under? Tell us in the Comments.

This is why you don't try to stop Action Bronson from smoking a blunt on stage

Rapper Action Bronson is a man of many talents. He is an amazing rapper and a good chef. Recently, he's also been showing that he knows how to scrap. Two nights ago, Action Bronson body-slammed a fan who came up on stage during his concert in Seattle. Then last night, at a concert in Portland, Bronson got into a fight with a security guard. After he lit up a blunt in front of the crowd, the security guard tried to shuffle Bronson offstage by putting him in a headlock. Bad idea. Bronson responded to by pushing dude away with the quickness and putting up his fists. Rather than swinging, Bronson was satisfied to just shove the guard again before leaving the stage.

It was an impressive showing. Bronson moves pretty quick for a big guy (sort of like Jared Lorenzen).

What do you think of Action Bronson fighting a security guard? Tell us in the Comments.

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