Arunas Gibieza gets gritty with sportbike stunt riding in an iron warehouse

Red Bull is always seeking out new, exotic locations to showcase their athletes, and this time they went over and above by jetting old iron smelthing warehouse in Lithuania? Ok, so maybe it's not the energy drink most lavish destination yet, but once you watch professional stuntrider Arunas Gibieza wheeling and drifting around the rusted-out factory, you'll understand just why they picked it. The perfect juxtaposition of glitz and grime, this one is a must watch.

Every Third Thursday: Building custom racks for a Harley snowboarding adventure

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What happens when you combine motorcycles and custom-built snowboards? Wheelies, burnouts, and boardslides, of course. On this new episode of Every Third Thursday, Signal Snowboards teams up with the Unknown Industries Harley stunt biking crew to collaborate on custom snowboard motorcycle racks and snowboards. The Unknown crew including Nick Leonetti, Buddy Suttle, and Kade Gates rally with ETT host Dave Lee to Bear Mountain to test out the new racks and shred the new boards.

What do you think of this episode of Every Third Thursday? Tell us in the Comments below.

Check out Unknown Industries:

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Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle looks (and sounds) awesome

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Harley-Davidson is going electric. For the first time ever Harley has built an electric motorcycle with Project LiveWire. It will not be available for purchase, but Harley is doing a tour with the bike this summer so the public can check it out. Motorcycle fans in New York City, Milwaukee, Boston, and Philadelphia are in for a treat. Just listen to that engine. It sounds like a freakin' jet!

What do you think of this electric Harley Davidson? Tell us in the Comments.

Biker kicks a car, gets served a dish of instant karma

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Ever seen someone act like a massive a-hole on the road and wish that a cop was around to catch him? Well, this motorcycle rider didn't need the police to get his instant karma. The biker kicked a car but lost his balance and ended up ditching his bike on the road. Luckily, he didn't get run over by any of the cars behind him.

To be fair, we're not sure what prompted the motorcycle rider to try and kick the car, but we're guessing whatever it was, probably didn't merit this response.

What do you think about this instant karma? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Car Throttle

Group of bikers forces a car to pull over, you won't believe what happens next

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Russian streets are a tough place to be a driver. This group of bikers had a run-in with a driver, so they forced him to pull over and things got a little heated. When the driver's girlfriend got out of the car around the 1:30-mark things took a decidedly different turn. Turns out the whole thing was part of an elaborate wedding proposal. Even though she was probably still scared out of her wits, the woman still said yes.

Is this the strangest marriage proposal you've ever seen? Tell us in the Comments.

Doing motorcyle burnouts in the kitchen is one way to test your smoke detector

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Sure, Chris Forsberg may have done an awesome burnout in his garage. But sometimes garage burnouts end in fire, and arrests. At least this motorcycle rider who did a burnout in his kitchen was close to a smoke detector. There are no details on why exactly this sportbike rider decided to lay down rubber in his kitchen. Perhaps he just wanted his food (and his whole house) to have that tire smoky flavor.

Is this the craziest burnout you've ever seen? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Guyism

Wanna see a motorcycle rider fly off a 40-foot cliff and walk away unharmed?

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This motorcycle rider was just out for a nice, leisurely ride in the English province countryside ride taking in the green, rolling hills. Little did he know he'd end up at the bottom of one of those hills. Well, more like a cliff.

Things go as planned until the 2:00-mark when he decides he needs to start passing his buddies. Going over double yellow lines and grinding heavy on the throttle, he eventually heads the pack. And that's when things went downhill (literally).

He comes around a sharp curve and for some reason he's in the wrong lane, and there is a car coming straight at him. Somehow he manages to steer himself into the shoulder, narrowly missing the car. But in the process he heads right into a barbed wire fence and then tumbles down a 40-foot cliff. His helmet cam catches the whole thing, and miraculously a few seconds after he reaches the bottom, he's standing up and grabbing the camera from the ground to start walking back up. This guy is one lucky bastard.

What do you think of this motorcycle crash? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Jalopnik

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Motorcycle rider crashes into car, pulls crazy Matrix move to avoid death

Is this real life? Do things like this actually truly happen? And why do they always seem to happen in Russia?

A Russian motorcycle rider tries to speed past a car on a highway, weaving dangerously through traffic at high speeds. He ended up crashing into the back of a car, but instead of falling to the asphalt, the motorcycle rider pulled some crazy front flip and landed on top of the roof of the car he had just crashed into.

We're still a little skeptical that this isn't some kind of video hoax, but if it is real then this guy is friggin' Spider-Man.

Watch a GIF of the crash and see the full video below.

The Driftpocalypse is upon us: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3

This time it's not just motorcycles and cars. There's buggies and drones involved.
In the third installment of the popular Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle series, Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha are released from jail only to discover that they have unleashed total drift mayhem, a driftpocalypse if you will. It doesn't take the two long to get back to motorcycle drifting, atop 204-horsepower Triumph Daytona 675R turbo sportbikes. Officer Dan is still in hot pursuit and this time around he's joined by Officer Buck who is chasing Vigil and Brocha in a 850-horsepower X2R buggy.

Motorcycle riders can make trick shot videos too

Trick shot videos are inherently awesome. But add in a BMX bike and they become awesomer (yes, that's a word). Add in a motorcycle, though, and what you get is awesomest.

The French motorsport duo of Julien Welsch and Guy Guy (he is French) drop some serious trick shots on some sportbikes. They include the riding-with-a-basketball-hoop-on-your-back-as-your-buddy-makes-a-shot, the endo-to-wheel-stomp-on-a-skateboard-to-a-basket, and the always popular fire starting.

Which one of these trick shots is your favorite? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Jalopnik

ICON Motosports
Motorcycle rider Aaron Colton did wheelies through insane traffic

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Sportbike freestyle rider Aaron Colton lives in Southern California, which is home to some of the craziest traffic in the United States. But it's nothing compared with the gridlock in the Philippines. That didn't stop Colton from showing off some of his insane motorcycle stunts in the capital city of Manila. The sportbike rider basically spent his entire time in the Philippines doing one long wheelie.

What do you think of Aaron Colton's sportbike riding? Tell us in the Comments below.