Didga the skateboarding cat is back and badder than ever

In an animal action sports world dominated by dogs, you have to meet Didga, a skateboarding cat that has hippie jumps and rock to fakies on lock. I don't know about you, but my cat can barely go five steps from the front door without collapsing in fear (and if it's raining, just forget it), which, if anything, makes this flying feline all the more impressive.

Watch this Smart Car session at 5050 Skatepark

Here's a first for you: A Smart Car session at a skatepark. Needless to say the quarterpipes, hips, and pyramids at Staten Island's 5050 Skatepark never stood a chance. Which reminds me, after your done watching this one, go check out our latest episode of Dose, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at 5050, NYC's premier indoor skatepark.

NKA Project: What's up with Manny Santiago?

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Manny Santiago is one of the most well-liked skateboarders our right now, so naturally we wanted to see what he's been up to. Sporting a fresh buzzcut, Manny gives us the scoop on his newest sponsor, Ecko, and how he's preparing for X Games and Dew Tour as well as the video parts he's working on. Check it all out on the new NKA Project.

What do you think of this NKA Project? Tell us in the Comments.

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Skate Minute With Lamont Holt & Dashawn Jordan: NKA Project

Mandatory skate minute on the NKA Project! Lamont Holt and Dashawn Jordan steal the show this week. Lamont sessions a gap and Dashawn combos a flat down bar. What's your favorite trick in this clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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Mandatory Skate Minute With The Czech Republic's Tomas Vintr: NKA Project

Hailing from the Czech Republic, skateboarder Tomas Vintr has been a standout of the European skateboard scene for years. In this episode of the NKA Project Tomas unleashes his bag of tricks on a SoCal skatepark! Nothing but the goods in this one!

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NKA Project: Go camping with skaters James Fitz and Terrell Robinson

The two skateboarders have Woodward West dialed.
There's two kinds of camping. There's the kind where you sit around a campfire and desperately say, "White rabbit, white rabbit" to try and keep the smoke out of your eyes. Then there's the kind where you get to skate Woodward West's perfectly manicured skatepark packed with new obstacles everywhere you look. James Fitz and Terrell Robinson are fond of the second form of camping. In the latest edit from NKA Project, Fitz and Robinson show what they can do when they're unleashed at Woodward West.

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Fred Water filled Transworld's skatepark with all kinds of strange creatures

To help Transworld Skateboarding launch its new redesigned skatepark, Fred Water co-founder Ariel Broggi painted a massive mural.

Aside from being a co-found of the company, Broggi is also an artist, and he spoke with dose host Michaela Eichenbaum about the process that went into the mural. Rather than just plastering Fred Water's logo everywhere, Broggi decided to paint a nature scene. Don't worry, it's not like a Bob Ross painting, filled with happy little clouds. Broggi's mural features intense creatures like eagles, bears and scorpions. The exact kind of spirit animals that skaters will want to channel when they're tearing around the park.

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Manny Santiago helped turn a mini golf course into a skatepark

If you're a skateboarder, you know the feeling. You walk around and everything you see you think of in terms of its skatability. And few locales have the skate potential as miniature golf courses. The only problem is all the damn astroturf. But a group of skaters in the Bay Area of California found an abandoned putt-putt golf course and turned it into an awesome skatepark. It wasn't easy for Manny Santiago, Jack Curtin, Jimmy Lannon, and crew to rip up the "grass," but once they did it was nothing but holes in one. How much freaking fun does this place look?

What do you think of skating on a mini golf course? Tell us in the Comments below.

If you've never heard of skater Cameron Revier, you're missing out

The Venice Beach skatepark was built in 2009 and is one of the most user-friendly, photogenic skateparks ever created. The potential for insane speed and unique lines presents itself at every feature. Especially if you're Cameron Revier. The native New Yorker who now lives in Venice knows how to fully exploit the skatepark for optimum speed and height. In this new clip from Arbor Skateboards, Revier owns everything he hits, and shows an incredibly diverse skill set on a skateboard. Revier wasn't on our radar before this, but he sure as hell is now.

What do you think of this video of Cameron Reiver? Tell us in the Comments.

Seeing a kickflip backside lipslide from under a skateboard will make you dizzy

Just as drones are flooding surf lineups and spewing out video edits, GoPro cameras mounted underneath skateboards are starting to catch on. Filmer Doug Des Autels of AmSkater seems to enjoy utilizing this angle of edit the most. He recently got skater Dean-Paul Denniston to do some runs around the park, culminating in a sweet kickflip backside lipslide. It's a unique angle for watching skateboarding, even if it does make you dizzy.

What do you think of the underneath the board angle? Tell us in the Comments.

Arnette Skate Team Shreds NYC

During this rare visit, dose caught up with the Arnette skate team while they stopped in NYC to film parts for their new web edit, "Multiple Personality Disorder." Catch exclusive behind the scenes shots from Danny Supa, Sierra Fellers, Ryan & Scott Decenzo, Pat Duffy, Luis Tolentino and others while they shred Tribeca skate park and surrounding areas.

Additional footage shot by DJ Williford -

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This darkslide down a triple kink rail is the craziest skate trick you'll see today

Some names are so unique that you can't forget them. Branson Chubbuck, for instance. Chubbuck is a skater and a pretty good one at that. For whatever reason, Daewon Song, who has a unique name (and a unique approach to skating) himself, told Chubbuck to go to the Pasa Robles Skatepark and land a darkslide on the triple kink rail. We aren't sure what prompted Daewon to do this, but Chubbuck accepted the challenge and nailed the skate trick on his second try.

What do you think of this darkslide down a triple kink? Tell us in the Comments.

[h/t AWSM]

Scooter kids and BMX riders can't stop crashing into each other

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Skatepark feuds used to center around rollerbladers vs. skateboarders. But with rollerblading largely fading into obscurity, those tensions have died down. Now it seems that scooter riders and BMX riders have beef. Or not. But that doesn't make this mashup of scooter kids crashing into their bike-riding counterparts any less enjoyable.

Which one of these is the best crash? Tell us in the Comments.

Scotch Egg
Aaron "Jaws" Homoki doesn't need Tony Hawk to make a doubles skate video

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Aaron "Jaws" Homoki technically was in Tony Hawk's incredible doubles skate video. But Jaws only had two clips, wedged into the middle. For a guy that who was basically forced by the Birdman to do the full loop (which he nailed), Jaws deserved more. That's alright though. Jaws has his own crew in Phoenix that are always down to skate doubles with him, as long as they don't have to jump down jaw-dropping gaps. The Couples Therapy crew of Robbie Brockel, Marshall Winter, Justin Modica, and more joined Homoki for this skatepark doubles edit, and it's legit. It even features "Unknown backflip hero" who stomps a backflip out of nowhere. Your move, Tony Hawk.

Was Jaws's doubles skate video better than Tony Hawk's? Tell us in the Comments.

Dose: Ryan Sheckler's Skate For A Cause raises $93,000 in one day

Is this video Nice? Rank it.

Over 2,000 fans and 50 pro and amatuer skateboarders converged on the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California for the 5th annual "Skate For A Cause" contest and fundraiser on May 3, 2014. Hosted by The Sheckler Foundation to promote their "Be The Change" campaign, the event is part skate contest, part fundraiser for injured action sports athletes and kids in need. We got the low-down on the event straight from Ryan Sheckler himself on this episode of Dose.

Top skateboarding pros like Chris Cole, Sean Malto, and Jamie Thomas were all on hand to help support the cause and rip the skatepark. As always, this year's event did not disappoint—over $93k was donated during the course of the one-day event.

For more information on The Sheckler Foundation and to get involved head here.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Take a POV tour of Ryan Sheckler's personal skatepark

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If you've been missing Ryan Sheckler in your life lately then you're in luck. The new season of Sheckler Sessions has arrived. On the first episode of the new season, Sheckler stops by Volcom to grab some new winter clothing. Then he gives us a POV run through of his personal skatepark in San Clemente, California. After that it's off to Estonia with skaters Ryan Decenzo and Tony Panici for the start of the Simple Sessions contest.

What do you think of Ryan Sheckler's personal skatepark? Tell us in the Comments.

Who says dirt jumps are just for BMX riders?

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Skateboarders aren't known to attack dirt jumps the way BMX riders do. There's that whole ruining of the bearings thing. Skater David Gravette has been known to shred dirt like it's asphalt, but not many folks followed suit. Now California skaters Chris Gregson, Willis Kimbel, and Mason Merlino have focused their attention on the multitude of dirt jumps around East County San Diego and said, "Fuck the bearings, let's ride."

Figuring out the jumps isn't easy. Horrendous slams involving facefuls of dirt were frequent. But eventually the guys got the hang of it. We aren't sure how the BMX riders felt about the skaters "ruining" their jumps. Perhaps it's revenge for BMXers "ruining" ledges.

What do you think of these skaters riding dirt jumps? Tell us in the Comments.

Truck-driving dad ends police chase through skatepark in craziest way possible

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It's not everyday that a police chase goes through a skatepark. That's exactly what happened on Sunday, June 1, in Syracuse, Utah. An unidentified 14-year-old boy stole a handgun and a vehicle from his grandparents and then went on a joyride. A high-speed police chase ensued that went through Founders Park, where the teen drove the stolen car not once but twice through the Syracuse skatepark. That's when rad dad Bryson Rowley took matters into his own hands.

As Rowley told the Deseret News,

"You could hear the turbo of the car getting closer. You could hear
him coming back that way. So I was going to block the road that was
the only entrance back into the park. By the time I got my truck
there, he was making the corner to come in. So we impacted. I stopped

Rowley ended up smashing right into the stolen vehicle and helped prevent any injuries to the people in the park.

What do you think of this crazy police chase? Tell us in the Comments.

Thumbnail via Standard Examiner

See an entire BMX park get built in less than 3 minutes

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The team at GAS Ramps are responsible for building some incredible skateparks. And they've got it down to a science. This timelapse video shows compresses more than 6 hours of work into the span of just 2.5 minutes.

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t 33 Mag

Liam Eyles
Now we know what a Range Rover looks like driving in a skatepark

If you thought scooter kids were tough to maneuver around at the skatepark, imagine having to deal with a Range Rover Evoque dropping in on you. The Land Rover Experience team in China took one of the SUVs through a concrete park to show off its agility on varied terrain. The Evoque spent plenty of time on three wheels contorted in weird positions, but it did negotiate the weird fullpipe/tunnel/sewer thing successfully. So if having a car that can drive around a skatepark is important to you, the Range Rover Evoque may be for you.

What else would you want to see a Range Rover ride? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Awsm

Land Rover
Even from a drone you can tell Ryan Sheckler goes big

Ryan Sheckler and Greyson Fletcher are both famous for hitting heights most other skaters only dream of. Their transition skating is without compare. They decided to show off their skills for the eye in the skye at a recent session at San Clemente Skatepark. While a drone filmed overhead, Sheckler and Fletcher did their thing. Drones have a way of making everything look smaller, but even with the angle, it's easy to tell that Sheckler and Fletcher were boosting.

What do you think of this Ryan Sheckler and Greyson Fletcher drone session? Tell us in the Comments.

EP5 Productions
Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin Calls The Shots: Crooked World BMX

Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin serves a dose of his diabolical skills at the MLK park in Long Beach, California! With a little help from Catfish, Tony Neyer and Gabe Brooks, Big Daddy proves that clothing is overrated in BMX. Pat's rail tricks are scary good until Gabe Brooks has to clean up the program when Big Daddy comes up short in the peanut game! Filmed by Chris Long.

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Luan Oliveira's Winning Run: Tampa Pro 2013

Here's Luan Oliveira's winning run at the Tampa Pro 2013.