favorite shred day of the year.. POND SKIM!!


Best Water Day Ever 805

two days in a row up on the mountain, that's best day ever stuff right there. Today is a special event, at the end of the season at a lot of ski resorts, where you Snowboard and Ski into FREEZING pond!!. Basically a pool of water that you ski or snowboard down to and try and make it across. Do you think we could take that snow deck across?

I ski down with some buddies to fing the pond and when we do it looks amazing. Tons of people, dressed in ridiculous costumes, trying not to get dunked in freezing cold water. Some of the skiers go into the water like they are scuba diving in pond for treasure.

I then meet up with Adley and Jenny for a movie night with the family.

i have some experience with cold water --
WE FELL IN!! ice cold river --

UNDER THE ICE!! i survived Roman Atwoods house --

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My first time testing my custom Snow BMX bike in mtb downhill terrain! Super fun, but super hard!

Valentin Delluc's last sunny session of speedriding at Le Brevent in the French Alps, near Chamonix, was absolutely breathtaking. Would you ride this?


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Finding a graceful passage down a mountain like this is no small feat, but when Travis Rice steps up to the plate, we've come to learn that its best to put on some headphones, go full-screen, and enjoy the show.

Shot while at Galena Lodge filming Depth Perception, Travis' new film project presented by Quiksilver and CMH Heli, and Directed by Chip Taylor of Rubble and Chris Murphy of Helio and Company.

Catch the full length film and all the goods from Depth Perception, featuring Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Robin Van Gyn and Austin Sweetin, by visiting

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