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Dose: Catching up with NYC's best am skater Leo Heinert

Considered by many to be NYC's best homegrown skateboarder, Leo Heinert had a break out year in 2014 releasing a banging edit for TORRO! skateboards followed by a crazy Video Check Out for Transworld before finishing out with a strong showing at the Tampa Am. Peep it as Leo destroys his home skatepark 50-50 in Staten Island and gives Timbo the exclusive on his plans to go pro, only on Dose.

"Smegma" is 40-minutes of gritty New York City skate action

Dennis "Dirty Dirt Kid" Williford has quickly become one of New York City go-to filmers in the skate scene. He does stuff for us on a regular basis, and is constantly filming with some of New York City's best skaters. And he just dropped some serious footage with lots of length.

Smegma is 40-minutes of gritty New York City skate action, with some Richmond, Virginia footy spliced in (as well as some insane NYC NSFW bums and general chaos that he's caught on film). Featuring the likes of skaters Dan Corrigan, Rodney Torres, Zander Moehling, Leo Heinert, Trent Hazelwood, Clement Oladipo, Luis Tolentino, Richie Dahland, Shaun Gregorie, and many more, Smegma is definitely worth 40-minutes of your time.

dennis williford
Here's Mark Gonzales doing a really long boardslide in NYC

Mark Gonzales has still got it. If you got any doubts of that just watch the 46-year-old tackle this long, curved rail in front of one of New York City's Bareburger restaurants.

Alex Olson skated in a suit in New York City for a French newspaper

Alex Olson has never been one to shy away from blending different worlds with his skateboarding. Recently, he suited up in a suit and skated around New York City being photographed by photographer Glen Luchford for M Le Monde. Say what you will about Olson, but we're certain no one can skate in a suit like he can.

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Stefan Janoski skates New York City and philosophizes on life, skating, and art

Stefan Janoski has gone through a renaissance. He has a beard now. He wears full-brimmed hats. He does art. After creating the greatest-selling skate shoe of this century, Janoski is enjoying the fulfillment of his goals.

Skating around the streets of New York City, Janoski drops some knowledge on us about life, skating, and art. He gives us these wonderful nuggets:

"Everyone has to handle freedom in their owns ways. And sometimes freedom is dangerous."

"I can't explain why. Or where. Sometimes it's like, you know, a joke or a funny thing or a weird thing I want to see. Actually sometimes it just makes itself."

"It's fun to have crazy ideas. And what's really fun is to have that idea in your hand."

Thanks Janoski. Keep your hipness coming.

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Watch the new "Manhattan Days" DIY skate film by Pontus Alv

Following up last fall's dope Trocadero Days skate film, Pontus Alv and Converse have dropped another banger on all of us. Manhattan Days is in the same DIY vein, and features Polar Skateboards riders Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodriguez, Jerome Campbell, and skating around Manhattan with two DIY kicker ramps, a shopping cart, and their imaginations. New York City is their playground and they have themselves a lot of fun skating as a group.

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