Mt. Hood

Every Third Thursday: Burying a snowboard made from a tree to hot-press it

Every Third Thursday has finally returned! And what better way to kick off season 5 than with a camping trip to Mt. Hood. But you know Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew wouldn't do it in normal fashion. They actually post up at a backwoods snowboarder’s camp with the goal of building a snowboard using foraged materials and a hand dug dirt press. This snowboard is the definition of local with the crew gathering materials from the surrounding forest to build the core of the snowboard. The real challenge comes when it’s time to press all these materials together to seal the layers. Will they be able to cure the board using hot coals and a shallow dirt mold? We’ll find out as the board is put to the test high above on the glaciated snowfield at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Resort.

Check out the Toyota 4Runner:

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Snowboard counsellors at Windells have more fun than the kids

Rome riders are looking after the youth and living in an abandoned motel.
It seems like every snowboard team puts out an edit of footage each summer of its riders working at one of the camps on Mt. Hood. Rome went the extra mile for its "12 Months" project. Rome's riders including Riley Nickerson, Ozzy Henning, Derrek Lever, Ian Boll, and Jeff Hopkins revealed a side of Windells Camp that most people don't see. The Ark is the nickname for the staff housing at Windells, and it's a mix of playground, campground, and flophouse. (It's probably a good thing that the campers' parents don't get to see the Ark on their visits.) The reward for the crappy living conditions is the chance to shred all summer.

Fly Fishing with Snowboard Rod & Reel: Every Third Thursday Reel Shredding

Season 3 of Signal Snowboards ETT is here! It's time to hook into some delicious innovation and discovery by mixing fun and manufacturing. This episode without a doubt will lure you in and make you smile as we tackle our first build of the season combining Abel fly reels and Signal snowboards for the ultimate catch and release adventure on the Mt. Hood glacier with pro snowboarder Kazu Kokubo and Yusaku Horii! So come on, take the bait and hit play!

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Sammy Carlson is just fine landing on the knuckles of ski jumps

We thought the time for Mt. Hood videos had passed. Now that it's actually starting to snow and resorts are open, summer-time skiing on slushy rails and jumps seemed like a distant memory. But then we came across this video of Sammy Carlson and his friends Tommy Ellingson and Alex Schlopy. After all the campers had departed from Mt. Hood, Carlson's and his crew stuck around and probably put out the best compilation of knuckle tricks we've ever seen. Instead of soaring over the jumps, the skiers glided just over the tops of them, dragging their hands, skis, poles, whatever along the knuckle of the jump's landing. We've seen some of these tricks thrown in once or twice, but these skiers take it to the next level.


Drew Lederer
Snowboarders Marko Grilc and Danny Davis go to summer camp

Having travelled to the Middle East for this season's premiere episode of Grilosodes, pro snowboarder Mako Grilc returns to the good ol' U.S. of A in the second episode. Grilc heads out to Mt. Hood to get ready for the winter. Joined by fellow snowboarder Danny Davis, Grilc gets in some sessions (both skate and snow) with the Windells and High Cascade summer camp crews.

Skier Jeff Curry had a bummer summer at Mt. Hood

Skier Jeff Curry had been stacking quite the catalog of clips this year. When he wasn't doing that he was coaching other skiers at Windells Academy at Mt. Hood. But three days into this summer, and only shortly after Curry had accepted the job as head ski coach, Curry broke his femur. The good news though is he will be back on the slopes by this December, hopefully putting out some more edits like this one.

Watch BMX rider Ben Hucke try to snowboard for the first time

Is this video Nice? Rank it.

For some reason seeing someone who is really good at one thing struggle at another thing is kinda comforting. It assures us that people who do otherworldly things are in fact human. Pro BMX rider Ben Hucke is famous for killing it on his bike across the Pacific Northwest. But even though he lives only an hour from Mt. Hood, Oregon, Hucke had never tried snowboarding until a writer from YoBeat brought him to the slopes.

Before even heading up the mountain, Hucke admits to being completely terrified. At first, it seems like the little girl in the pink snowsuit is totally going to make Hucke look like a fool on the T-bar line. But Hucke manages to conquer the bunny hill and makes his way to the top of the mountain. He does alright for a first-timer and even manages to hit a proper jump at the end. Action sports has its newest two-sport star.

How did Ben Hucke do for his first time snowboarding? Tell us in the Comments.

[h/t Yo Beat]

Brooke Geery
Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens make for great summer camp counselors

They may not know how to tie complicated knots, but they certainly can teach you about one-foot airs. ThirtyTwo snowboarders Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens are up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Timberline Resort in Mt. Hood, Oregon, and are ready to show the kids a few things.

Line Skis "Traveling Circus" returns. This time with more intern egging

Summer is nearing its end and that means it is time for skiing's craziest show, "Traveling Circus" to start back up. In this first episode we catch up on some summer skiing with Jeff Curry, Will Wesson, and Rob Heule, who shows off the van that he calls home for 100 days a year. (Oh, you thought the life of a pro skier was all about popping bottles with models on the Gulfstream?) Alas, there is no Andy Parry, who spent his summer waiting tables. (Again, no private jet.) But it wasn't all slushy rails for the Line Skis team this summer, there was also time for throwing eggs at intern Michael Hibbs.