Dennis Enarson talks about one of the heaviest BMX enders ever

In 2011, Dennis Enarson dropped an insane BMX section in the Demolition Parts video, which closed in dramatic fashion with this ultra-heavy barspin manual tailwhip roof drop. Lest we forget just how heavy this one was, DIG just caught up with Dennis for the second episode of their Ender Ender series to chronicle exactly how it all went down. If you like hammers, then this one is for you.

DIG BMX Official
Combining BMX flatland and parkour with LED lights looks sorta like "Tron"

Snowboarding's gotten a lot of LED treatment over the years, and so has surfing even. But it's finally about time that somebody started doing some BMX edits with LED lightsuits. But just doing some flatland BMX in an LED lightsuit would be a bit boring. So the Woozy crew upped the ante and added parkour, because you know you always wanted to see those two combined.

Chris Van Dine throws crazy mountain bike backflip on Mexico street

With a heavy slam already in the books and one last run down the Taxco Downhill course in front of him, Chris Van Dine stepped up and stuck this massive backflip, much to pleasure of the stoked crowd cheering him on. Travis Pastrana aside, this one (thanks in part to the "warm up" wallride Van Dine puts down perfectly in both runs) is just about as gnarly as you can get on two wheels.

Tim Knoll sets record for longest bike limbo on crazy Chinese game show

China certainly knows how to throw a party. Just ask BMXer Tim Knoll who, after setting the world record for the world's longest bike limbo (a strange enough feat in its own right), was treated to a laser-light splashed parade replete with Shetland pony-drawn wagons, operatic classical music, and a variety of other assorted insanity. We really can't put this one into words, so you'll just have to check it out for yourself.

Tim Knoll
Bobsled tracks make for perfect winter mountain biking runs

Sure, German downhill mountain biking pros Andreas Sieber and Julian Gerhardt may have tackled this bobsled track last year, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. The Winterberg bobsled track provides an incredible landscape for Sieber and Gerhardt to test out their spiked-tire skills. And what better way to celebrate afterwards than with a German Bitburger beer?

h/t Mpora

Radon Bikes
Check out insane mountain bike footage from the 2014 Lyttelton Urban Downhill

New Zealand's Lyttelton Urban Downhill is one of the gnarliest mountain bike races on earth, winding it's way through the coastal Kiwi town with a crazy mix of dirt single-track, high-speed pavement sections, and massive jumps. The event always produces some great slams and sketchy makes, and this edit, which captures Isaac Luoni's run via both epic drone shots and full-bore POV footage, has a little bit of everything. Spoiler alert: Luoni gets a full pull on this one, but it's still a must watch for all you backseat adrenaline junkies out there.

Is this the best BMX wallride ever?

If you haven't seen Luc Legrand and Erik Elstran's doubles curved wallride that went down on filming trip to Belgrade last summer, then sit down, shut up, and watch. There have been plenty of gnarly BMX wallrides over the years, but this rollercoaster doozy, which they both conquer solo and then hop on simultaneously, is easily one of (if not the) best we've ever seen. Check it out and let us know what you think.

DIG BMX Official
BMX goes organic in new video filmed entirely on a farm

Outside of woodland dirt courses, rural BMX spots are few and far between. You have to see things creatively if you want to ride in the countryside, and nothing encapsulates that better than Bad 4 Life's Bush League 2–Barking Up the Wrong Tree, which finds the Saskatchewan-based bike crew combining old plywood and natural farm obstacles to create one of the most unique BMX edits we've seen in quite awhile. Artfully shot and full of solid riding from Brodie Gwilliam, this one will make you think twice the next time you complain about your over-waxed ledge spot or janky local skatepark.

Bad 4 Life
Crooked World BMX: What if magical grass patches ruined every trick you did?

If you do a BMX trick into grass it doesn't count. Period. End of story. So on this week's Crooked World BMX we imagine a patch of grass that magically follows you everywhere and made every trick not count. For some riders that would be a nightmare; welcome to the curse of the grass.

Do tricks into grass count? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Drew Bezanson unleashes gnarly BMX session in South Wales forest

Morgan Wade and Drew Bezanson are two of the raddest riders on earth, able to crush pristine contest courses and rough street terrain alike. What happens when you take these two off the beaten path though? Well, Red Bull's Dark Woods, which finds the duo ripping a killer ramp tucked in a South Wales woodland, has all the answers. (Spoiler Alert: They still kill it.)

When riding your bike, don't forget to watch out for crazy deer

Silas Patlove was just out for a leisurely ride on his Specialized Tarmac SL3 Pro cycle heading down Alexander Avenue towards Sausalito, CA. He was just minding his own business when a deer came completely out of nowhere and essentially tackled Patlove. Just wait for it, this may be one of the biggest surprise videos of 2014. Thankfully Patlove had minor injuries. The deer though, he cannot speak for.

What do you think of this bike crash? Tell us in the Comments.

Silas Patlove
Dan Paley drops one of the year's biggest BMX hammers in this new part

Earlier this summer Dan Paley posted up in LA to stack some clips with his homies at On Some Shit and Dub. It's a story you've heard before to be sure, but the footage Paley came through with is anything but ordinary, especially the Staples Center ender that has to be seen to believed. Check it out and, while you're at it, make sure to pick up some swag from OSS x Dub's limited edition collab collection.

The Come Up BMX
Crooked World BMX: Glenn Salyers busts out some weird tricks at The Kitchen

In the latest installment of Crooked World BMX, bike wizard Glenn Salyers gets a solo session at The Kitchen and cooks up some crazy moves for another killer episode of Calling The Shots. Sit back and watch as bars get spun, feet get planted, and things get weird.

Network A
Kyle Jameson's freeride mountainbike edit in Iceland is epic

Iceland is hot right now. Well, not that kind of hot, but you know what I mean. In search of some of the most unspoiled terrain on earth, Red Bull and freeride legend Kyle Jameson headed to the raddest (and most remote) island in the North Atlantic for several days of epic downhill ripping. Even if you're not throwing tweaked turndowns and dropping in on volcanoes, this one, much like Jameson's recent trip to Africa, is going to make you want to get off the beaten path and ride.

BMXer slams on massive drop, makes men everywhere flinch

For years, this rollerblader has owned the internet's crotch shot claim to fame thanks to one of the most hilarious (and painful) fails ever. And while that one may never be topped, Cody Anderson is ready to give him a run for his money with this brutal, second-story BMX slam. As Cody makes impact, keep your eyes trained on his seat, which, in this case, does more harm than good. Wooffff.

Crooked World BMX: Gary Young accidentally put his peg through a BMW hood

Before Gary Young became the legendary park shredder that we know today, he may have slammed his steel peg on the hood of a convertible BMW in a Burger King parking lot. You won't believe what Mr. Nice Guy did next as he tells his story on this episode of Crooked World BMX. Certainly the guiltiest conscience we've ever had on camera...

What do you think of this Worst Day Ever? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Jordan Garland's "A Detroit Film" looks to change the mindset of a generation

Yesterday (December 10) the city of Detroit officially came out of bankruptcy. Ending a 17-month ordeal stint as bankrupt, Detroit's challenges are truly just beginning. As Detroit mayor Mike Duggan told the New York Times yesterday, “How do you deliver service in a city where the unemployment rate is double the state average, and we’ve got to rebuild a water system and a bus system and a computer system and a financial system?”

Detroit has serious institutional overhauls that are needed across all city service realms to be put back on a path of sustainability and prosperity for its citizens. It's not only going to take diligence on the part of city leaders, but it's going to take more commitment on the part of its citizens.

Jordan Garland is one of those citizens. He's working on a documentary about Detroit told through the eyes of skating, BMX riding, art, and music. Garland believes that Detroit's hope lies in its citizens abilities to find creative outlets and passions. After all, human beings tend to operate at their highest levels when they're passionate about something.

So we sat down with Jordan to talk about the idea, the film, what's really going on in Detroit, and how he plans to help things get to where they need to be. The project, A Detroit Film, will all come together next year. For now, check out the trailer and head to to see how you can get involved.

Here's a bunch of BMX riders on pizza ramps

Pizza, everyone's favorite food group. And pizza with pepperoni? Get the f—k outta here. It's been a long time coming, but BMX riders have finally figured out the technology to make ramps out of pizza. The greatest part about this? After your session you've got a snack ready for ya.

h/t 33 Mag

What do you think of BMX pizza ramps? Tell us in the Comments.

BMX rider Nigel Sylvester hangs out with rapper Kendrick Lamar in Puerto Rico

BMX rider Nigel Sylvester and rapper Kendrick Lamar appear on Noisey's "Back & Forth" show down in Puerto Rico, where they go back and forth getting to know each other (see what we did there?). Nigel should bunnyhop more Playboy bunnies sometime soon—just sayin'.

Crooked World BMX: Sam Bussell's "Hunt BMX" part is a good one

Sam Bussell debuts his Hunt BMX video part on Crooked World BMX with insane rail slaying all over Colorado and Nebraska that would make even Brian Kachinsky's knees quiver. Watch Sam snap his frame backflipping on street, and free coasting before it was trendy. If Sam Bussell were a Viking his weapon of choice would be a gigantic battle ax but he'd also be able to field dress a squirrel with a pocket knife on Sunday.

What do you think of this BMX part? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Watch BMX rider Nic Hilton tackle Woodward West's Megaramp on a pink bike

Nic Hilton is a man of danger. Tackling Woodward West's Megaramp for the first time, he handles it pretty well. And he's so confident in his abilities that he even rode it on a pink bike.

What do you think of this Megaramp riding? Tell us in the Comments.

Sebastian Smith
This intense POV downhill mountain bike run might make you lose your lunch

Downhill mountain bike POV runs are almost always intense. This one from Dan Atherton at the Red Bull Hardline certainly fits that bill. Bumpy, rocky, steep, and teetering on out of control, this run will definitely get your stomach churning.

What do you think of this MTB run? Tell us in the Comments.

The 2014 Black Friday stampede supercut is as disturbing as you can imagine

Is it just us or has this whole Black Friday thing gotten wayyyy outta hand? I mean have we become so consumed with consuming material things in America that we'll straight-up fight our fellow man or woman just for the best "deals" of the year during a time of year that is supposed to be all about others? Well, either way, this mashup of this year's Black Friday stampeding, fighting, and general mayhem will have you a little sick to your stomach realizing that there are people out there who go out and do this kind of idiotic stuff. I guess some people just can't turn down a "deal."

Crooked World BMX: Calvin Kosovich used someone else's toothbrush to clean a wound

BMX street rider Calvin Kosovich takes you through a memorable meltdown that left him bruised and bleeding in the streets of SoCal. So he did what every sane person does: he went to town on his meaty paw with a tooth brush that probably wasn't even his. Definitely qualifies as one of the worst Worst Day Evers on Crooked World BMX.

What do you think of this BMX slam? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Combining mountain biking and BASE jumping makes complete sense

It was only a matter of time before someone rode their mountain bike off a massive cliff and then pulled a parachute. And combining those two is like a merging of epic proportions that hasn't been seen since peanut butter and jelly got together back in ancient times. The possibilities with BASE jump mountain biking are endless.

What should this new sport be called? Tell us your ideas in the Comments.

Danny MacAskill did a full loop that was floating on the Thames River

Danny MacAskill does a lot of crazy things on his trials bike. Like riding in the mountains on the Isle of Skye or bunny-hopping Playboy Bunnies. So, for him, doing a full loop that's floating in the middle of the Thames River doesn't seem that implausible. Except that it's f—king ridiculous, and an even more ridiculous concept to even come up with. Was he just sitting there one day and thought, "You know what I should do? I should build a floating ramp with a full pipe on it in the middle of the Thames River and then ride it. I bet that hasn't been done before."

You win again MacAskill.

What do you think of this trials riding stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

Crooked World BMX: Peep Game in the streets with Gabe Brooks and Garrett Reynolds

Peep Game hits you with a SoCal exclusive mix tape from a star-studded cast in this all-street episode of Crooked World BMX. When is the last time that Drew York, Big Daddy, and Garrett Reynolds were all in a video together? In order of appearence you have Aaron Brenner, Drew York, Andrew Castaneda, Tony Neyer, Marlon Europe, Sean Ricany, Ghuilermo Tonello, Augie Simoncini, Gabe Brooks, Steve Croteau, Brandon Kinston, Christian Martinez, Pat "BigDaddy" Laughlin, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Smith, Joe Riley, Ty Morrow, and Garrett Reynolds with two wild clips at the end.

Network A
If Daft Punk were to make a BMX edit it would probably look a lot like this

We've seen LED snowboarding and some LED surfing, now BMX is the latest sport to get the LED treatment. BMX pro Adam Kun teamed up with BMX artist Rob Alton and they put together this awesome BMX edit with an LED lightsuit and even some for his bike. Now we know what a Daft Punk BMX edit would be like.

What do you think of this LED BMX riding? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Mpora

Tuerck'd Bonus: Ryan Tuerck BMX dirt jumping and jet pack riding

Ryan Tuerck wanted to make sure you saw every second of footage from his Texas Shootout episode of Tuerck'd. Watch as he and his crew tear it up at Pump Track in Walnut Creek before heading to a local lake to test out a water jet pack.

What do you think of this bonus footage? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
A designer made a glow-in-the-dark bike path

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has created a bike path with 50,000 luminescent chips that essentially glow in the dark. The chips are coated in a smart coating connected to a nearby solar panel, and the energy collected during the day lights the path up at night. Not only that, but they're also in a design based off of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night painting, which makes sense because the path is located just a few miles from where van Gogh lived. This definitely makes for some cool night riding possibilities.

What do you think of this glow-in-the-dark bike path? Tell us in the Comments.

Heijmans NV
This rocket bike goes 207mph and made a Ferrari F430 Scuderia its bitch

François Gissy is a hero. We'd call him an American hero, but he's French. He rode a rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher at a speed of 207mph while leaving a Ferrari F430 Scuderia in his dust. And he hit that top speed in 4.8-seconds. We're amazed he could even hold on.

What do you think of this rocket bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Crooked World BMX: Helpful Australian travel tips with BMX pro Dave Dillewaard

When the weather turns crappy here in the USA, summer is just getting started in Australia as BMX riders all over the world flock to the Gold Coast in search of the endless summer. Pro BMX Rider and lifetime Australian Dave Dillewaard gives you some tips on what you need to know before you set foot down under on this episode of Crooked World BMX. Beer is crazy expensive and they eat gigantic rats on the regular. for starters.

What do you think of these travel tips? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Downhill mountain biking in the wilds of Africa is pretty gnarly

Goanikontes in the Naukluft desert in Namibia, Africa has drawn comparisons to the infamous Utah desert for mountain bike riding. So rider Kyle Jameson and Moment Pictures decided to explore the terrain. At times it looks like they're on a moon planet, and at others it looks like they're speeding down a Utah mountain. Hard to believe they're in Africa.

What do you think of this downhill mountain biking? Tell us in the Comments.

The trailer for the BMX movie "Above Below" is filled with some brutal slams

Monster Energy has teamed up with Dig BMX for a forthcoming street movie entitled Above Below. The trailer here looks incredibly cinematic. Filled with some brutal BMX slams, Above Below stars the likes of Ben Lewis, Dakota Roche, Fernando Laczko, Ed Zunda, Nathan Williams, and Dan Lacey as they travel the world. Look for Above Below to drop on iTunes in December.

What do you think of this BMX trailer? Tell us in the Comments.

Those BMX twins are now 5, but still just as gnarly and adorable

The BMX twins Jake and Theo Riddle are back at it, this time with a fun (and gnarly) game of follow the leader at their local BMX park in New Zealand. Now 5, can you imagine what these guys are going to be doing when they're like 8?

What do you think of these BMX twins? Tell us in the Comments.

Crooked World BMX: Bad jokes and bizarre riding with Kyle Hart & Albert Mercado

San Diego pro BMX riders Kyle Hart and Albert Mercado take you on a journey of bizarre tricks and a never been done move in the land of milk and honey on this week's new episode of Crooked World BMX. Enjoy the Beagle Manglers and Panda Planting and take note of Kyle Hart's 180 crooked grind to fakie no hander—pretty sure that is a NBD.

What do you think of these crazy BMX tricks? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
If you're going to ride a bike off a loading dock make sure you pull up

Pretty cut and dry with this one: if you are going to ride off a loading dock you better pull up a bit. Unfortunately, BMX rider Elajwon Esperances found this lesson out the hard way.

What do you think of this BMX slam? Tell us in the Comments.

BMX rider Harry Main did 10 flairs in a row without clothes on

Harry Main is an animal on a BMX bike. The guy can seriously land anything (for evidence, check out his Harrymainia 2 part from this summer). He creates further evidence of that here with his version of fans calling the shots. You challenge him to do 10 flairs in a row without clothes and Main just says, "How high?"

What do you think of Harry Main's BMX riding? Tell us in the Comments.

Riding a bike with tires made of ice is pretty challenging

Last winter we got to witness the awesomeness of ice truck. What's ice truck you ask? Well, it was a truck made of 11,000 pounds of ice that drives. With winter now approaching, the ever-ingenious Colin Furze contemplated what a bike with tires for ice would be like. And as he is the ultimate DIY guy, he built one. It doesn't go all that great on pavement, but it kinda rules it on a glacier.

What do you think of ice bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Tuerck'd: Ultimate drifting challenges at first-ever Ryan Tuerck Texas Shootout

Ryan Tuerck goes head-to-head against Formula Drift drivers Matt Field and Pat Goodin in a series of four challenges in the first-ever Tuerck Texas Shootout. Announcer Jarod DeAnda takes us through the events and the unconventional judging as Tuerck tries to win his own event—which he always has a problem with. Will he take it all or will he get Tuerck’d?

Got questions about these challenges, Tuerck’s performance, the judging—hit Ryan with your questions and comments below and he just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Network A
Crooked World BMX: Getting dirty with brothers Matt and Joey Cordova

BMX brothers Matt Cordova and Joey Cordova are quickly redefining the style of riding in BMX dirt contests. From Dreamline to Texas Toast, these two brothers from Colorado combine classic motocross style with huge BMX tricks. We met up with the brothers for a scary good session at the FOD Trails set to some creepy Halloween music on this new episode of Crooked World BMX.

What do you think of this BMX dirt jumping? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
An exclusive behind-the-scenes of Ryan Tuerck's Camp Woodward drifting

If you haven't seen this week's new episode of Tuerck'd where Ryan Tuerck drifts through Camp Woodward, watch that here.

Now that you know what we're talking about, let Tuerck'd director Andy Laputka take you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Camp Woodward as Tuerck slays some tires through camp with BMX pro Jeremiah Smith for the day.

Woodward Camp
Dose: An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Texas Toast with Greg Illingworth

In this new episode, the Dose crew goes to Austin, Texas with Mongoose BMX Pro Greg lllingworth for one of the raddest BMX events of the year: Texas Toast. This unique competition features a street, dirt, and even an obstacle course. Watch as Greg and other pros get their shred on on these strange courses.

What do you think of this year's Texas Toast? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Crooked World BMX: Sebastian Keep has just always wanted to do flips

BMX high air legend Sebastian Keep talks about the ripple effect of jumping a ramp for the first time in this Rare Air interview on Crooked World BMX. He remembers how it changed his life into one of world travel and adventure beyond his suburban neighborhood.

What do you think of this Seb Keep interview? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
LIVE: Watch the 2015 Nitro Circus US Tour dates announcement with Travis Pastrana

If you've never seen Nitro Circus in person you need to. It's some of the craziest, highest-flying stuff you'll ever witness. Travis Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, and Erik Roner announce the 2015 tour dates and cities LIVE at 10:30pm EST on October 22, watch below to see if your city makes the cut! And then head over to to get your hands on some tickets!

Tuerck'd: No one does summer and the East Coast Bash quite like Ryan Tuerck

Ever wonder what professional driver Ryan Tuerck does when he’s not competing on the Formula Drift circuit? Well, he kinda just messes around all summer and has a lot of fun hooning everything in sight. Sometimes that hooning includes a motocross bike and a BMX bike.

In this week's new episode of Tuerck'd, Ryan heads to friend Steve Angerman's house in New Jersey and utilizes his private motocross track—which naturally leads to a BMX backflip session into the lake. Then Chris Forsberg and Tuerck get into a missile drift session in his driveway prepping for the 2014 East Coast Bash. The road show ends with drifting and high fives at the legendary East Coast Bash where Tuerck, Forsberg, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. take it to the track in their missiles.

Got questions about Tuerck’s chill lifestyle…or his drift cars? Hit us with questions and comments below and Tuerck just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Network A
The crash from the biggest attempted front flip in mountain biking was vicious

Downhill mountain biker Tom Van Steenbergen witnessed Jeffer Herbertson land that insane 73-foot canyon gap backflip at this year's Red Bull Rampage. Van Steenbergen wanted to one up it by the biggest front flip in mountain biking history. He did everything right, but the shocks just couldn't handle it, and they bucked him over the handle bars. It ended in a brutal crash for Van Steenbergen, but he got up under his own power—and don't be surprised if he keeps trying to land this one.

What do you think of this front flip attempt? Tell us in the Comments.

Watch as this kid takes the best bike slam ever

Everybody loves a good slam, even if it involves (and it usually does) a kid getting wrecked. We've all been there. We can all appreciate the pain. But that's not going to stop us watching from watching and laughing, not as long as little rippers like this dude keep launching themselves into the air in the name of two-wheeled glory. Shout out to the homey who filmed this, slow mo'ed it, and threw it on the internet. You, my friend, are what makes the world go round.

The world's tallest bicycle is over 20-feet tall and looks insane

Richie Trimble is a dreamer, an innovator, a man who has visions. He built the world's tallest bicycle, and then rode it. The Stoopidtaller, as Trimble has coined it, is 20-feet 2.5-inches, weighs over 200-pounds, has 8 bicycle chains, 2 bottom brackets, 3 chainrings, and 36" tires. Simply put: it's really f—king tall. Watch as Trimble takes over 100-hours to build Stoopidtaller, and then break the Guinness World Record riding it. Keep doing your thing Trimble.

What do you think of the world's tallest bicycle? Tell us in the Comments.

Crooked World BMX: Getting weird in the streets of Austin, Texas

In honor of keeping Austin weird, we bring you the weirdest BMX video that we could find from the Lone Star State for this new Crooked World BMX. We've certainly never seen a bunch of these tricks before—from candy bar hand rails, pegs in tight spaces, real life magic from Rob DiQuattro, and Magwheel Guy might as well be re-named Foot Loose with the dance move he drops on his bike.

Featuring riders Erik Elstran, Rob DiQuattro, Jake Seeley, Charlie Crumlish, Brett Silva, Kareem Williams, Brandon Begin, Jared Swafford, Matt Nordstrom, Jack Elkins, Dan Conway, Brandon Dosch, Ted Van Orman, Andi Jackson, Devon Lampman, Shoot2Kill Chris, Trent Barker, Jordan Krupa, Bobby Blaine, Colby Moody, Frank DiMone, and Clint "Magwheel Guy" Zabodyn.

Filmed by Charlie Crumlish with original music from DJ Smokey.

Network A
This is the best Lego mountain biking video you'll watch today

Yes, some Playmobil figures took to the dirts and streets last week on bikes. But this Lego character, Dave, really upped the ante in this one. It's got the feel of an actual edit, and set to Portugal. The Man even. Well done Dave, well done.

What do you think of this Lego mountain bike video? Tell us in the Comments.

When hitting an insane gap on a BMX bike goes wrong

Freddie Cupacabra, god bless his heart, attempted a rather large gap. Albuquerque, New Mexico was ready for it, but Cupacabra was not. Thankfully he's alright after this rough BMX slam.

What do you think of this BMX slam? Tell us in the Comments.

BMX rider takes a 10-stair barspin to the face, gets up and stomps it next try

BMX rider Dorian Coleman went for a barspin on a 10-stair. His hat foiled him though and caused him to slam right on his face. But that didn't deter Coleman. He got right back up and went for the barspin again. This time, with his hat cooperating, he nails it. Way to shake it off Coleman.

What do you think of this BMX slam? Tell us in the Comments.

10-year-old mountain biker Jackson Goldstone rips trails harder than you do

Kids are always trying to take over the world. Just last week we had the ridiculous introduction to that 2-year-old baby skater Baby Mitch. And though 10 seems like a more reasonable age for someone to be able to shred, don't let Jackson Goldstone fool you. He's been riding a bike since he was 2 and has begun to completely decimate any trail he hits with his mountain bike—his dad has trouble keeping up. We're certain we'll be hearing a lot more from Jackson soon.

What do you think of Jackson Goldstone's riding? Tell us in the Comments.

Crooked World BMX: Tammy McCarley drops another banger street edit

BMX rider Tammy McCarley can't stop putting out awesome street edits. McCarley spent his summer in the streets of the Mile High City with Denver local Dustin Arp and Shane Vanveld, with a random trip to Minneapolis, MN, for some heavy clips on this new episode of Crooked World BMX. Some of these street spots are literally skatepark perfect.

What do you think of this BMX street edit? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
These toys tackle dirt and the streets on bikes, and rule both

It never gets old watching Playmobil toys tackling all sorts of adventures in stop-motion animation. We've seen them surf Teahupoo and hit the slopes on skis and snowboards. Now it's time for them to hit trails and the streets on mountain and BMX bikes.

What do you think of this stop-motion animation video? Tell us in the Comments.

XTreme Video
A 73-foot canyon gap backflip on a mountain bike is downright absurd

Downhill mountain bike rider Jeff Herbertson may have only finished in 7th place at this year's Red Bull Rampage, but he did land one of the biggest backflips of the event. Here's the POV footage of him backflipping a 73-foot canyon gap. It's absurd.

What do you think of this crazy backflip? Tell us in the Comments.

Danny MacAskill rides down mountains on the Isle of Skye in his new video

At this point in Danny MacAskill's life, we know that he's straight-up f—king nuts. But his newest video, "The Ridge", is a whole other level of insanity.

In it, MacAskill heads to his home of the Isle of Skye in Scotland and essentially rows a boat, climbs up rocky mountains with his bike, and then proceeds to ride down them like a madman. You've done it again MacAskill.

Check out the full video below, along with some of the most insane GIFs we made from the video.

Crooked World BMX: A stacked Peep Game edit from the streets

The Peep Game crew has kept it raw in the streets for us with this all-street episode of Crooked World BMX. From day-to-night and night-to-day Steve-O and his VX1000 show how it is in the streets. Featuring hot clips from Marlon Europe, Rick Scott, Jake Seeley, Auge Simoncini, Gabe Brooks, Tony Neyer, Matt Barchus, Steve Croteau, Aaron Brenner, Alan Negron, Kareem Williams, Brandon Begin, Andrew Castaneda, Garrett Reynolds, Demarcus Paul, Christian Rigal, Sean Ricany, Shelby Miller, Shawn McIntosh, Anthony BOY Flores, Ghuilermo Tonello, and Brendn Reith. That man sized 180 rail hop at the end is one-hell of a set-up.

What do you think of this BMX street edit? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Dose: Check out NYC's best custom bike shop Mott Street Cycles

Check out one of New York City's top custom bike shops with founder Cory Ng at Mott Street Cycles. Run by a crew of childhood friends with the simple philosophy that no two people should have the exact same bike, Mott Street Cycles builds custom bikes out of their full service facility at 158 Mott Street in Chinatown. From offering nearly limitless options on custom builds to an expanding line of functional bike lifestyle street wear, MSC is a local brand innovation at its finest. Learn how they did it and get a first look at their all new complete track bike, the Rain, only on Dose.

Check Mott Street Cycles out on the web at

What do you think of the Rain track bike? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
This is what a winning mountain bike run at the Red Bull Rampage looks like

The annual insanity that is the Red Bull Rampage once again took place in Utah. Assembling the craziest mountain bike riders in the world, it was another weekend of high-flying backflips, steep lines, and bone-crushing slams. Spain's Andreu Lacondeguy took top honors this year with this incredible run. For more results head to the Red Bull Rampage website.

Mike "Hucker" Clark hucked the biggest air on the biggest dirt quarterpipe

Mike "Hucker" Clark is a total madman when you give him a BMX bike and some dirt. So really it's no surprise that he took top honors at this this year's Red Bull Quarter Masters held by Sebastian Keep. The Quarter Masters is essentially an event that builds the largest dirt quarterpipe and then riders attack it. And Hucker hucked the biggest air of them all, soaring over 20-feet. Head over to Red Bull for full results.

What do you think of this BMX dirt quarterpipe? Tell us in the Comments.

Getting Awesome

Ryan Nyquist is a legend in the world of BMX. He’s got the hardware, with numerous X Games medals in both park and dirt. But Nyquist is also a creative and fun-loving guy and “Getting Awesome” showcases that side of him. Whether he’s hatching some out-there invention, offering helpful trick tips or hanging out with his young sons, the pedals are always turning inside Nyquist’s head.

Crooked World BMX

From backyard ramps to raw street riding, Crooked World delivers progressive BMX action from the top pros and the latest up-and-comers. Crooked World features riders like Zak Earley, DeMarcus Paul and Chris Doyle showing off their latest and most innovative footage. This is real BMX.

Red Bull Dreamline moved 20,000 tons of dirt to create ultimate BMX contest

The top BMX riders will test their dirt jumping and trail riding skills at the Red Bull Dreamline contest in Wabasha, Minnesota. The event, which is part of the Red Bull Signature Series will air on Saturday, October 19th at 5pm ET on NBC.

The Sky Ring is the craziest BMX feature made out of scrap wood ever

The Zeal Ghetto Jam held in the United Kingdom is exactly what it sounds like: a thrown together BMX event of gritty riding on homemade features. And it's awesome. This year they decided to build a Sky Ring out of all the scrap wood for the BMX riders to hit. The Sky Ring is kind of like a toilet that you ride up and then flush yourself down. If you do it well, you swirl your way out. If you don't, well, it's bad. Chris Jenner does it well and shows the Sky Ring whose boss.


Crooked World BMX: Ryan Jordan first took the drop in 1985

Growing up in the 1980s in Massachusetts, BMX rider Ryan Jordan used to watch older kids hit dirt jumps in the woods near his house. As he tells it in this Rare Air interview for Crooked World BMX, one day after the older kids left Jordan and his friends decided they were finally going to do it. Jordan shut his eyes and just went for it. He says it was the first time he did something that scared him on a bike, and he really hasn't looked back since.


Network A
BMX rider Stevie Churchill keeps it fast and loose

The Federal Bikes rider spins to win.
Steve Churchill is a 19-year-old BMX rider for Federal Bikes, who recently hit up Rockwell Skatepark in Bristol, Connecticut. The park doesn't have massive features, but that doesn't stop Churchill from spinning 720s and 540s off of ledges. When you ride as fast as Churchill does, there isn't much that you can't spin off of.

Network A
Mountain bike rider Cam Zink did the biggest backflip ever

Mountain bike rider Cam Zink finished in third place at the Red Bull Rampage this past weekend. But no one was really talking about his result because they were too busy buzzing about the massive backflip that he threw down at the mountain bike contest in Virgin, Utah. There's not much else that can be said about Zink's backflip other than that you have to watch it RIGHT NOW.

What do you think of Zink's backflip? Tell us in the Comments below.

Dose: Mountain bike pioneer Jeff Lenosky hits the trails in New Jersey

Even though he is now a legendary mountain bike rider who is known around the world, Jeff Lenosky started out as a skateboarder and a BMX rider. But eventually those pursuits weren't cutting it anymore for him.Growing up in New York City, he somehow found the young sport of mountain bike trials style street riding. On this week's episode of Dose, host Tim Brodhagen meets up with Lenosky at New Jersey's Mountain Creek to learn about the beginnings of the sport, his progression from trials style to downhill enduro, and how Giant Bicycle's new 27.5 inch tire is revolutionizing the sport.

Network A
Behind The Scenes BMX Action for The Deadline: Crooked World

After four years in the making, "The Deadline" finally dropped in the Fall of 2012 . If you're still thirsty for some more action check out these behind the scenes clips from heavy hitters Sean Ricany, Miles Rogoish, Steve Coreau, Dan Lacey, JJ Pamere, Aaron Brenner, Kevin Kiraly, Garrett Reynolds, Tyler Morrow, Shelby Miller and Bruce Hoffman shot by Crooked World. Its sure to hold you over until their next edit.

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Crooked World BMX: Tom Dugan walked to the sun and discovered BMX

Tom Dugan tells us the strange story of his first encounter with BMX. Dugan thought he could walk to the sun. After seeing it set behind a hill, Dugan ventured after it and discovered that his neighbors had some BMX jumps in his yard. The rest is a weird, weird history.

Network A
BMX brothers travel through Poland

Dawid and Szymon Godziek are two of the top freestyle BMX riders in Poland and wanted to show how good some of the spots are in their country. Check out this clip to see the Godziek brothers cruise around Warsaw.

Throwback Thursday: Garrett Reeves's part from OSS's "Football"

Rewatch the part that helped put the Maryland BMX rider on the map.
Garrett Reeves rides so fast that when you watch clips of him, it looks like they've been sped up. Reeves rolls pegless, brakeless, and reckless. And it makes him one of the most thrilling BMX riders to watch. He got the last part in the first OSS video "Football" and for good reason. Check out the video to see Reeves when he was just a wee lad in a Washington Redskins jersey.

The Come Up BMX
BMX rider Christian Rigal doesn't look like he just broke his leg

Pro BMX rider Christian Rigal was off the saddle for a minute after breaking his leg. But his new edit for United BMX shows that he has made a full recovery and then some. Perhaps doctors added some special bionic man-type parts while they were repairing his leg, because some of these tricks don't exactly look like they could be performed by a human.

The Come Up BMX
OG NYC BMX rider Edwin DeLaRosa has seen a lot of spots come and go

BMX rider Edwin DeLaRosa has been running (and riding) the streets of New York City for a minute. He has seen lots of spots come and go, but his love for the city and his bike hasn't diminished one bit.

Finally, a BMX contest with more cowbell

The Texas Toast BMX contest does things a little differently than your average BMX comp. That's a good thing because it means we get events like the Bell Challenge, which was sponsored by Creedence Bikes. A twist on the typical highest air contest, the Bell Challenge saw riders soar off a dirt jump and attempt to tap a cowbell that was attached to a pole. Most riders opted to throw in a whip to ring the bell but got a little more creative.


BMX rider from CitiBike video drops in on massive wall, flattens tires

Tyrone Williams has been a fixture in New York City's BMX world for nearly two decades. But the rest of the world didn't hear about him until the video of him ripping around Brooklyn on a CitiBike went viral last week. Well, Williams is back to show that he is still holding it down on the BMX bike. He dropped in on a massive wall and stomped the landing so hard that he flattened both of his tires. Let's see him do that on a CitiBike.

The Come Up BMX
Ryan Fudger might have the most unfortunate name in BMX

But he's not going to let it stop him from nailing an icepick on a big fence. Ryan Fudger was part of a BMX crew that got down at some schools in Los Angeles recently. In addition to Fudger's icepick, Jackson Ratima also put down a nice line.

The Come Up BMX
Zack Warden wins BMX Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013

Check out Zack Warden landing his new backflip combination in the GoPro BMX Big Air at X Games Barcelona 2013.

BMX rider Daniel Wedemeijer loses his Megaramp virginity

Dutch BMX rider Daniel Wedemeijer will join the Nitro Circus show for two events in Holland this year. To get ready, Wedemeijer went to Los Angeles to train with some of the other athletes in Nitro Circus. That meant hitting the Nitro Circus Megaramp for the first time. Megaramps are one of those things whose size doesn't really hit you until you see it in person (like a whale, or Kim Kardashian's butt). Undeterred, Wedemeijer sends it down the ramp and does a backflip first try. And THAT'S how you impress the Nitro Circus talent scouts.


Red Bull Simple Session- BMX Park- Estonia 2013

The final day of this year's Simple Session included the finals, best trick contest, and much more. Check out everything that went down when BMX took over Estonia.

Here's the POV of mountain biker Kelly McGarry's huge 72-foot backflip

Sure, Cam Zink's backflip at this year's Red Bull Rampage got all the play and was awarded the Best Trick award. But Kelly McGarry's backflip at the mountain bike contest cannot be overlooked. It was a 72-foot backflip across a canyon in the Utah location. McGarry won the silver medal at Red Bull Rampage (one-upping Zink, who took home bronze). Warning: Do not watch this video if you are prone to carsickness or get dizzy easily. Actually, do. We want to see what happens.

Scotty Cranmer chops the handlebars on his BMX bike

When you look good, you perform good. That applies to BMX bikes, too. Scotty Cranmer has his pro model Hyper bike dialed in from the grips to the tires. Part of getting his bike set up just the way he wants it involves a few custom modifications such as cutting down his handlebars to keep things lean and mean.

Mark Mulville and Matt Coplon should name all BMX tricks going forward

It's time to start working on your "Pancake" and "Wood chipper." Profile BMX teammates Mark Mulville and Matt Coplon take turns calling the shots for each other in the latest episode of Crooked World BMX. Riding on a truly bizarre backyard ramp setup, Mulville and Coplon set about inventing tricks that are equally unique.

Network A
Steve Woodward Rips Dennis Enarson's Backyard BMX Ramps: Crooked World BMX

Bmx rider Steve Woodward heads down to San Diego and rips Dennis Enarson's backyard ramps a new one! Steve is one of the few guys still throwing down scary peg less-over-icepicks like the ones in this clip. Heavy!

Watch More Crooked World!

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Asphalt NYC: BMX rider Desmond Rhodes isn't afraid to ride on a police car

Being a street BMX rider takes creativity and ingenuity. Most of the time, spots are not laid out for you on a platter for you to choose from. You have to come up with your own lines and make your own tricks. On the second episode of Asphalt NYC director René Sascha Johannsen links up with New York City BMX rider Desmond Rhodes to find out what it takes to make it as a BMX pro in NYC. (Hint: You can't be afraid to ride on a NYPD police cruiser.)

Network A
Kunstform's mixtape doesn't have many songs, but it has tons of flatland BMX tricks

The folks at the German BMX shop Kunstform just put out a mixtape featuring riders Jonas Bader, Sebastian Pospischi and Sebastian Nietsche. It's dope to see the members of the crew each put their individual stamp on just a handful of spots.

#ThrowbackThursday: BMXer Stevie Churchill 360s El Toro

Stevie Churchill doesn't ride for Demolition BMX or wear super tight T-shirts anymore. But back when he did, he pulled a 360 at the famous 20-stair El Toro gap. Churchill had been going for a truckdriver at the spot, but he had to settle for the 360. Not that anyone in the right mind would ever consider landing a 360 at El Toro "settling."

The Come Up BMX
Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck drifts in front of the Empire State Building

If you thought Formula Drift star Ryan Tuerck was just a guy who drifts cars, this week's episode of Tuerck'd will enlighten you. Tuerck has the ultimate visit to New York City, showing off his BMX skills, shotgunning beers, and getting a tattoo. But don't worry, he also found time for plenty of drifting, including some burnouts in front of the Empire State Building.

What do you think of Tuerck's NYC adventures? Tell us in the Comments below.

Network A
Canadian BMX rider Jared Chilko isn't polite to these to these spots

Canadian BMX rider Jared Chilko joins the United Bike team by dropping this hefty edit from the streets of his homeland.


TJ Ellis Super Session: Crooked World BMX

Free Agent BMX and Rockstar pro rider TJ Ellis lets loose at the Stay Strong Compound with an action packed Super Session before heading to the Masters of Dirt in Austria! TJ dumps it all out for Stephen Murray in the Inland Empire with a variety of tricks and plenty of style. If you can understand a word TJ is saying, you must have super powers!

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Crooked World Presents: Park Life with Kevin Kiraly & Justin Burns

Kevin Kiraly takes you on a trip through a grip of banging plaza's in NorCal! Follow Kevin for the week while partner in crime, Justin Burns, takes on both sides of the lens and comes in hot with switch moves all over these rail set-ups!

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Meet Toronto Up And Comer Brandon Webster On Crooked World BMX

Brandon Webster is the newest 16-year-old phenom to be making waves in Canada from BMX incubator Joyride 150. Growing up with Mike Gray and Drew Bezanson, Brandon was at an obvious advantage and now repping Hoffman Bikes, Ryder Distribution/Odyssey and Pocket Change Apparel. Watch Brandon destroy Joyride's indoor park as he nose wheelie 360's and 540 barspin to fakie's through the harsh white winter! Powered by poutine and Justin Browne behind the lens!

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Josh Irvine BMX Super Session In Brisbane, Australia: Crooked World BMX

Josh Irvine puts in work at the Ride On skatepark down in Brisbane, Australia for this week's Crooked World Super Session courtesy of the homies Tim and Chris Storey! Josh makes this park look amazing for it's small size with no shortage of technical lines and turning nearly every fakie trick into a whip or barspin!

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Ryan Nyquist's BMX Magic Remote: Getting Awesome Ep. 14

Professional BMX rider and Rad Dad Ryan Nyquist opens the door to his world and that shows balancing daily life with two young boys is no easy task. With too much energy and plenty of toys, it looks like a tornado ran through the house! Just when Ryan gives up hope on getting a BMX session in for the day he finds a magic remote! With slow motion and fast forward in full effect Ryan finds the time to clean the house, speed over to Scotts Valley trails, and throw down some mean tricks in slow mo.

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Crooked World BMX: Justin Coble doesn't understand what garages are for

They're for storing your bike, not launching your bike.
Crooked World BMX just released this edit of Justin Coble from a recent trip to San Diego (which as Ron Burgandy knows, means "whale's vagina" in German). Coble seemed to adjust to the San Diego lifestyle quite nicely. He hit the streets and got in a park session before launching himself off a garage or two.

Network A
Crooked World BMX: Dan Setmeyer jumps off roofs and flies over fences

Dan Setmeyer hails from Chicago and rides his BMX bike in ways that most people only imagine. He likes to jump off roofs and fly over fences, as you can see in his full part here on this week's Crooked World BMX. And we're fairly certain that his awesome abilities on a BMX bike come from that wicked handlebar mustache he sports.


Network A
Crooked World BMX: Josh Irvine and Tim Storey call the shots Down Under

We head there on this week's Crooked World BMX is worldwide. This week the crew went to Australia to film with BMX riders Josh Irvine and Tim Storey who hail from the land down under. Many things in Australia are different than they are in the United States, the direction toilets flush for example. Thankfully "Calling the Shots" is played the same. Irvine and Storey threw some insanely technical BMX tricks at each other and nailed them flawlessly at Thornlands Skatepark in Brisbane.


Network A
Grant Castelluzzo has crazy combos in new Profile BMX edit

If you are familiar with Grant Castelluzzo's riding than you know what you're going to get. If you're not, well what you get is incredibly technical street variations and combos that are mind-blowingly difficult.

The Come Up BMX