Drift Tricycle

Leave it to the Devin Super Tramp to come up with—and, more importantly, execute—an idea as crazy as taking a bunch of drift trikes to a ski mountain. If you're bored of winter already, perhaps this will provide the inspiration to get out there and try something crazy.

If you've never heard of Colin Furze, here's your crash course. A crazy Brit with a penchant for building wild machines out of mundane, everyday objects. Furze is one of the internet's foremost DIY personalities and for good reason. Just check out his latest invention—a 125cc drift trike capable of hitting 50 mph—and you're bound to see what we mean.

The Nub TV guys are all about expanding the places of where drift trikes can be taken. They've done it in Atlantic City's abandoned casino parking garages. So the next likely place they decided to trike drift was FDR Skatepark in Philly. Watch as Hob gets super vertical on a drift trike.

Atlantic City is a city in complete shambles. I can rightfully say that because I grew up not far from there. With 4 major casinos having shut down at the end of the summer, A.C. is at a decisive point in it's storied (and odd) history. But leave it to the crew at Nub TV to make lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Parking garages are always those unridden landscapes for skaters, drifters, and more that are difficult to shred. Security is usually tight, there's cameras everywhere, and it's easy to get trapped in there. But abandoned casinos also have abandoned parking garages. We introduce to you abandoned casino parking garage trike drifting.