Downhill Skateboarding

It's tough when you surf and there's no waves. So Carver and their C7 skateboard trucks are there to help. Attach them (with wheels) to a wooden surfboard, squeeze into your wetsuit, tie a rope around your leg, and find your nearest hill. Don't forget to wear your sneakers though, and let the concrete waves fill that void in your life.

Female downhill longboard skater Ishtar Backlund is not one who likes to follow rules that others set for her in life. She wants to explore the world and form her own ideas. She recently took an epic trip through the mountains of Norway by skating and camping along the way. Follow her journey with fellow skaters Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg, and Sander Hasselberg as they explore everything the world has to offer. Now get out their on your own epic journey!

We don't have much information about this one other than the fact that it's one of the sketchiest downhill bombs we've ever seen. Sure, Arbor has been doing some very cinematic stuff lately and pushing the envelope, but those are all on nicely paved roads—or at least roads without chunks of asphalt missing!

Whoever this downhill demon is in this video, before we even get to the pants-shitting terror at the 2:40-mark, he's already risking his life at those speeds with gravel all over the road and a very uneven pave job. Then, at that said 2:40-mark, a bus is coming around a corner right at him blindly. Somehow he's able to roll off into the grass and not underneath some tires.

h/t The Hundreds

Downhill longboard slams are some of the worst and most painful around. Some people get lucky though and have their friends save their lives. Or in this guy's case, his helmet. Which spurs his love for helmets even further. Prescott Majette really really loves helmets. Makes sense.

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