Snowball fights are an eternal rite of passage for kids above the Mason Dixon line, but this dude just went ahead and shattered that age-old paradigm, retro-fitting a leaf blower in order to create an honest-to-goodness snowball machine gun. There goes the neighborhood, indeed.

Want to see something totally frivolous and privileged? Perfect, here's a video of some guy (presumably with an English accent) blasting sporting clays from a Ferrari convertible with a $20,000 (again, presumably) shotgun. Needless to say, don't try this at home.

I'll do my best to spare you the whole "in my day" speech, but seriously, come on. A Nerf gun that shoots 100 feet-per-second, has a load-in clip, safety switch, and dimpled ammo for better accuracy is just insane...right? Growing up, we were lucky if the Nerf "guns" on the market shot 70 feet, let alone 70 mph, but as this behind-the-scenes look at Nerf's new Rival series makes abundantly clear, those days might as well be ancient history.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" and Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday team up this month to merge the world's number-one first person shooter game with snowboarding action and custom tactical equipment. Check out the full action play cut now featuring authentic "Black Ops 2" graphics provided by Treyarch studios and Signal Snowboards custom bulletproof snowboard shield.

Watch the full episode of Every Third Thursday to see how it was made.

The U.S. Navy recently deployed their first laser cannon, called the LaWS Laser Weapon System, for operational testing on board the USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15 recently. Sure, they tell us it's their first operational laser cannon, but do we actually believe that? I mean, laser pointers have been around for years and years, and you're telling me that the Navy wasn't already blowing shit up with lasers? Something doesn't add up here, but we'll still watch it blow practice targets (including using drones as skeets) up by what essentially looks like playing a video game.

h/t Jalopnik