Alana Blanchard cruising Australia's idyllic Gold Coast on the cusp of summer? This is what every breezy surf clip wants to be when it grows up. Give it a watch, duck work early, and get to the nearest beach ASAP.

We all loved Hot Wheels growing up, right? Well, as it turns out, so did the maladjusted maniacs in Nitro Circus, who trekked all the way to Australia to play with some seriously nasty four-wheeled toys. If you've ever wanted to watch Travis Pastrana send a Hot Wheel-themed TORC truck into the stratosphere, this one is for you.

Element has always been a great scouter of overseas skate talent and from the looks of things, New Zealand ripper, Christian Low, is the next dude up to the plate. Check out his brand new part—which calls to mind former and current E-brand rippers like Madars Apse, Nassim Guammaz, and Karsten Kleppan—then call out of work and go skate.

I guess even eagles are sick of hearing about drones now, given this video of a wedge-tailed raptor flicking one right out of its hunting grounds like an ornery fly and all. Trust us, you aren't going to see this happen very often so make sure to give it a look.

We've seen a lot of crazy mini-ramp edits over the years, but this one—featuring Australian skaters Boyd Young and Bibi Bradbury shredding a homemade ramp in the middle of a hemp field—is definitely one of the wildest. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, none of these dudes are sponsored by Organika.

Mick Fanning is not one to let a "little" encounter with a great white shark keep him from being one of the fiercest competitive surfers in the world.

Mick appeared on 60 Minutes Australia and let the cameras follow him for his first surf back in the water since the July 19 attack. And wouldn't you know it, Mick saw another shark in his return to the ocean.

Sometimes that's just how it goes, and Mick knows that sharks exist and they're out there. And he also donated his entire 60 Minutes fee to Matthew Lee, a surfer who was attacked in Ballina, Australia earlier in July and lost both his legs.

Well, our favorite slab mutant wave, The Right, once again lit up. Just kick back and witness this 3-plus-minutes of carnage and shelving right-handers.

It's a well-known fact that dolphins are the best surfers on the planet—they're also not fans of SUPs. But in case you needed some more evidence of dolphins's uncanny ability on a wave, here's a bunch of them dominating tiny surf at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia. Notice how they're catching everything and all the humans are struggling to even get a wave.