New Jersey

For East Coast surfers, fall is what we put up with the week, and even month-long, flat spells of summer for. The thrill of seeing storm systems spin off the West Coast of Africa and trying to make predictions of where it will go and where the spot will be. Plus, the water is still balmy before the freeze of the Atlantic winter sets in.

We've had a good run on the East Coast already, and we hope everyone has been getting some of their own. Check out some highlights below, and send in your photos and videos of how you scored this fall on the East Coast to Network A Submit.

Thumbnail photo: Tad Mask / @TadMask

Ron Deily has long been one of the most underrated skaters on the industry radar, but something tells us he prefers it that way. Just check out Deily's latest part, Under The Hudson, and you'll see what we mean. Showcasing the Jersey OG's daily NYC skate missions, Under The Hudson, has everything an East Coast skate part should—crusty spots, sick style, and classic tricks—so grab your board and give it a watch.

Action Park is the stuff legends are made of. And they've added a nearly 2,000-foot long slip-and-slide to their plethora of ridiculous water park options. Just listen to the wind whipping as Action Park employee Jason Mulder flies down this epic ride!

Atlantic City is a city in complete shambles. I can rightfully say that because I grew up not far from there. With 4 major casinos having shut down at the end of the summer, A.C. is at a decisive point in it's storied (and odd) history. But leave it to the crew at Nub TV to make lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Parking garages are always those unridden landscapes for skaters, drifters, and more that are difficult to shred. Security is usually tight, there's cameras everywhere, and it's easy to get trapped in there. But abandoned casinos also have abandoned parking garages. We introduce to you abandoned casino parking garage trike drifting.