New York City

The blizzard of 2016 hit New York City pretty hard. But a few people still made the most of it. One of those people was YouTube star Casey Neistat who set a tow up behind a Jeep and hit the snow-covered streets during the blizzard on a snowboard. They even go through Times Square and have a brief encounter with the NYPD.

My name is Victor G Thomas and I'm a 24-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer who's been engaging in urban exploring (Urb-Ex) for two years and have been shooting photos since high school with my first Olympus Handy Cam, then on to a Fuji Film and eventually the Nikon D3200 that I'm using now.

Check out more of Vic's work on his website ( and give him a follow on his Instagram (@Vic.Invades) to stay up-to-date with his urban adventures.

Big mountain snowboard legend Jeremy Jones was in New York City last week with book releases, watch releases, and to answer your fan questions! Check out to see if he answered your questions and hear him chat about his long-life pursuit of big mountain snowboarding.

And congrats to YouTube user Exuberator for being randomly selected to receive Jeremy's new book No Words For The Way Down!

Buy No Words For The Way Down here.

If you thought Jetman's epic flights were with the world's first jetpack, then you're probably with us in the collective "Huh?" when seeing this video of JetPack Aviation's first flight claiming it as the "world's first true jetpack." We're guessing because the Jetman contraption has wings, that the JetPack Aviation people are claiming that's some sort of motorized glider instead of a true jetpack. It's a bit splitting hairs, but hey, whatever.

Anyways, check out JetPack Aviation's first flight in New York City and around the Statue of Liberty—what better place to exhibit your invention's awesomeness?!

Black and white. Crusty NYC spots. Straight-up hip hop. Yep, the trailer for 5Boro's latest video, 5BNY, is as East Coast as it gets. Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the full length, which is set to premier next month.

Nigel Sylvester just gave us an up-close-and personal look at what being one of the most talented dudes in BMX is really like with the premiere of his new series, GO!. Give it a watch and then get out there and ride.

For a professional Formula Drift driver like Ryan Tuerck, "street-legal" is a pretty loose term and nothing embodies that philosophy quite like his 500-horsepower Scion FR-S (which you might remember from Season 3 of Tuerck'd). With no back seat, minimal ground clearance, and more than enough ponies to get you in trouble in an empty parking lot, this drift-ready Frankenstein is definitely not your average grocery mule, but Tuerck decided to give it a block-to-block test in NYC nonetheless. Tune in and watch what happens when you give a mad scientist his missile car in the middle of Times Square.

Ron Deily has long been one of the most underrated skaters on the industry radar, but something tells us he prefers it that way. Just check out Deily's latest part, Under The Hudson, and you'll see what we mean. Showcasing the Jersey OG's daily NYC skate missions, Under The Hudson, has everything an East Coast skate part should—crusty spots, sick style, and classic tricks—so grab your board and give it a watch.

Looking for something to satisfy your jib hunger until the snow season kicks off in November? Great, grab a seat and get ready to devour Jye Kearney's new part, which finds the Burton ripper tackling a variety of crazy terrain throughout Montreal, Boston, and New York City. Filmed over the course of 2014/2015, this one is just now thawing out, so make sure to lend it three minutes of your time.