Nyjah Huston

It's time to envision a world without kooks or cool guys, where every professional skateboarder is considered equal. Richie Jackson knows how to make that dream a reality. With an innovative new approach to the hardflip, Jackson hopes to bring together two of skateboarding's most diverse factions. And he also has a handy tip that makes learning switch hardflips a snap.

Street League commissioner Rob Dyrdek (whose nickname really should be "Commish") sat down for an interview in advance of X Games Munich to talk about Street League. With Nyjah Huston having won the first three Street League events, Dyrdek offers his thoughts on whether Huston can go undefeated and shares his prediction for who the dark horse performer will be at X Games Munich.

Highlights from the Pro and Masters divisions of the annual Vans Pool Party skate contest held in the legendary Combi Bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. Skaters include Bucky Lasek (1st), Pedro Barros (2nd), Rune Glifberg (3rd), and legends and young bucks like Christian Hosoi, Tom Schaar, Steve Caballero and Jeff Grosso.


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