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If you’ve always wanted to master those gap-to-rail setups at parks, then you’ll appreciate why Brian Kachinsky chose this one as his favorite feature at Camp Woodward. Tune in as Kachinsky breaks down why this particular obstacle is perfect for gradually learning progressive tricks, imparting some of his BMX zen-master wisdom along the way.

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Watch more from Camp Woodward at WoodwardTV.com

BMX Pro Brian Kachinsky has experienced Camp Woodward from three different angles. Beginning as a camper, returning as a counselor, and later visiting as a pro instilled a lifelong dedication to Camp Woodward in Kachinsky. Here he discusses how winning a Woodward amateur contest served as a pivotal moment in his BMX career.

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This is how skiers get that pop. On the day before the grand opening of Woodward Tahoe last June, a select group of athletes were invited for a private session. Freeskiers Tanner Hall, Sammy Carlson and Henrik Harlaut took advantage of the opportunity and got some serious air on Woodward Tahoe's super trampoline.

Professional skier, base jumper, and couch surfer Erik Roner takes us along on a trip to Snowbird, Utah—the mountain Erik got his start at as a pro skier. We learn the dos & don'ts of couch surfing, 2-year old Oskar Roner stomps his first ski base jump, and Erik gets down to work at Backcountry.com.

Erik Roner is back at it in the most over-the-top episode ever! Guest appearance by Nitro Circus's Travis Pastrana, insane base jumping, extreme Double Big Gulping, an ode to classic ski films (you know the one), and little Oskar Roner gets major trampoline airtime at Woodward at Tahoe! Oskar!


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