It isn't easy to concentrate when Tuerck's fellow Formula Drift driver is behind the wheel, and Jarod DeAnda is in the backseat.
In the latest GoPro Burnout Response, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck recruits fellow drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. to do burnouts (do NOT call them "spinnies"). As Gittin smokes the tires, Tuerck answers questions from your comments on the Tuerck'd Opposite Controls video. Tuerck talks about the engine in his Nissan 240 and his desire to visit a track in Estonia with a jump-to-wallride setup.

It seems like female stunt drifting videos are en vogue at the moment. Last week, Ford dropped that prank speed dating video of stunt driver Prestin Persson hooning a Ford Mustang with her dates in the passenger seat. This week Famous Footwear tapped stunt driver Shauna Duggins to be a mom and drift a 550-HP minivan (with kids in tote) within suburban neighborhoods. Man that minivan looks vicious.

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