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Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck puts his new FRS to the test on a Vermont mountain road

What's the best way to put a brand new street Scion FRS to the test? A windy, steep mountain road on a new episode of Tuerck'd of course.

Ryan Tuerck takes the new Scion FRS to a remote Vermont mountain road and sees just what the 600HP can do on 2,000 vertical feet. Fellow Formula Drift driver and BC Racing teammate Pat Goodin joins in for some sketchy tandem action in Tuerck’s black 1JZ S13 that’ll blow your mind. Remind you of the Oregon Trail drift at all?

Got questions or comments about drifting Burke Mountain or what’s under the hood of Tuerck’s new FRS? You can hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!

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Tuerck'd: Ultimate drifting challenges at first-ever Ryan Tuerck Texas Shootout

Ryan Tuerck goes head-to-head against Formula Drift drivers Matt Field and Pat Goodin in a series of four challenges in the first-ever Tuerck Texas Shootout. Announcer Jarod DeAnda takes us through the events and the unconventional judging as Tuerck tries to win his own event—which he always has a problem with. Will he take it all or will he get Tuerck’d?

Got questions about these challenges, Tuerck’s performance, the judging—hit Ryan with your questions and comments below and he just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

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Here's how drifter Pat Mordaunt earned the nickname "Awesome Possum"

It could be worse, he could be Pat "The King of Spring Break" Goodin. As the voice of Formula Drift, Jarod DeAnda has a unique opportunity to not only anoint pro drift drivers with new nicknames, he also has the power to make them stick. Over the years, DeAnda has given many a drift driver their nom de guerre. Some drivers love it, some hate it, and some just have too many spring break appointments to care.

Listen to Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck remember their favorite drifting moments

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Formula Drift drivers know that they get to live out their dreams. For drivers like Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg, the fact that they now get to compete, travel, and film shows about drifting for a living is pretty awesome. Drift Chronicles already asked Formula D stars about their worst driving moments last month, so they decided to make this month's video a little more happy, by asking top drifters to talk about their favorite drifting memories.

Which of these is your favorite story? Tell us in the Comments.

Tuerck'd: Kickball with drift cars, a 12 car drift train, and lots of hoonage

Season 3 of Tuerck'd is finally here! Yes, we're as excited as you are. Which is why this episode is nearly 16-minutes long. There's just too much hooning this season that we wanted to give you a giant dose of it right off the bat.

Ryan Tuerck kicks it off with a driving trifecta: rallying, Formula Drift racing, and his own Tuerck’d Bash drifting event. Tuerck gets dirty at Dirt Fish Rally School in the Pacific Northwest, one of the top-rated rally car racing schools in the U.S. Tuerck fights his inner urge to get sideways while learning the secrets to rallying in a Subaru STI.

Next, we get behind the scenes at Formula Drift Seattle to get a look into Tuerck’s “day job” competing in FD, hanging with fans, and some partying with fellow drifters.

Following FD, Tuerck throws a major drift happening at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex, where Tuerck challenges his friends to drifting contests (drift kickball!?) in front of a hyped crowd and then leads the 12 car drift mob. Not every car comes out unscathed, but you’ve gotta expect to get tuerck'd in Tuerck'd.

Season 3 of Tuerck’d drops alternating Tuesdays, make sure to subscribe! Hit up Tuerck in the comments below and he might just respond to you in next Tuesday’s Burnout Response video!

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Here's the inside story of how Darren McNamara ripped Chris Forsberg's door off

"If you're going to lose, rip someone's door off."
One of the highlights from last week's Formula Drift stop at Wall Speedway in New Jersey was the third place battle between Chris Forsberg and Darren McNamara. The two drifters collided on a right-hand turn and Forsberg's passenger side door was ripped off his car. Off Track's Jarrod DeAnda asked both drivers about the crash after the event. Forsberg actually didn't even realize he'd lost his door until he came into the next turn and saw all this light streaming into his car.

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