Car Racing

Baku City Circuit. Felipe Massa. Team Williams. 1.92 seconds. Yep, even that basic information probably takes you longer to process than it took for this to happen. Don't blink.

For auto fans, there is one great by-product of E3: A first look at all the new racing games that will be devouring hours of your precious seat time in just a few months time. Leading the way this year is Gran Turismo Sport, the latest (and sport-car-centric) installment of the lauded racing rim, which premiered with brand new gameplay footage at the video game world's largest convention this weekend. Get ready to kiss that social life goodbye, people.

Haas Racing—America's first F1​ program in 30 years—is blowing minds all around the world with their early season performances. Here's how they've done it.

We can't all drive supercars. Thankfully there's the 24 Hours of LeMons​, a DIY racing series for the rest of us. Here's what you need to know about the coolest (and crappiest) auto league in America.

Whether you're a stock-car die hard or a total noob, we guarantee you've never seen NASCAR quite like this before. So join Jamie McMurray as he lights up the trippiest burnout ever for a FLIR thermal camera and then get hyped for Chase season.

The latest installment of the Need For Speed franchise drops this fall, but up until this point we knew very little about the gameplay. Would it be a new Underground? A chase-based Hot Pursuit edition? A straight-up arcade racer? Well, today EA has answered questions with an amazing new trailer that breaks down Need For Speed's 5 new game modes. From speed to style, muscle cars to tuners, this one seems to have a little bit of everything, so check it out and start counting down the days until November 3rd.