Skateboard Tricks

With cash one the line skateboarders Rafael Perez and Fabian Herrera face off against Lamont Holt and Kevin Scott in a team game of S.K.A.T.E! The rules are the same as any game of S.K.A.T.E except each team has the opportunity to choose which member will attempt the trick when facing a letter. The guys session an 8-stair spot racking up plenty of Ollie variations and flip tricks!

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You've never seen a 360 flip like this before. Network A's new show Skate Sketch just debuted and the first episode features an entirely unique take on traditional skate tricks. Artist Andy Davis, who has collaborated with brands like Billabong and Vans, lends his illustrations; Randall Christopher handles the animations, and skater Sway gets busy on the tricks. Keep an eye out for new episodes of Skate Sketch every Friday all summer long.

Don't make groundhogs have to tell you, "Push with the other foot, kook!"
The newest episode of Skate Sketch focuses on the first thing that all skaters learn to do: Roll around. Artist Andy Davis and animator Randall Christopher show skaters why it's so important to NEVER push with your front foot and then move on to other tricks such as manuals and hippy jumps.