Car Crash

Want to watch a Shelby Mustang GT500 lose control while exiting a car show and slam into a parked Dodge Ram? Probably not, but something tells me the curiosity (and the natural human urge to call this guy an idiot) will have you pressing play in no time.

Something tells us you've never seen this before and will, in all likelihood, never see it again. If you're a fan of crazy car fails and general WTF internet moments, then put this one on loop.

High fashion promos and ads are always breaking barriers. But in Rag & Bone's instance here they're USING barriers (see what we did there?).

So prepare yourselves for seeing more vintage Porsche 911's crushed under the mercy of the fashion gods.

h/t Jalopnik

h/t Jalopnik

Walter Thomas, 91, of Woodstock, Illionois just wants to "live life to the extreme." The young-at-heart Thomas has always wanted to back through a garage door, and that lifelong dream was finally accomplished. We don't know about you, but this is a damn fine life goal.

Toronto can be a place where epic things can happen—like all places really. And this scene is something straight out of an action movie.

A man lost control of his car and went flying into a lot below the lot he was in. He had so much speed thought that he went straight into the wall, and it was all caught on the security cameras.

Thankfully the man was alright.

h/t Jalopnik

Down in the Dominican Republic, they're still in awe of the "city safety" mode on Volvos. City safety mode being the auto brake technology that helps reduce accidents with laser sensors ("laser beams") to help prevent accidents. So they set up a demonstration to test it out and show it off. Except they don't quite know the exceptions to it.

Granted, the city safety mode is always on upon start-up of the vehicle, but when the driver aggressively accelerates or brakes it will override the system. And what does the driver do only 20-feet out from the pedestrian? Well he aggressively accelerates, thus overriding the system and crashing right into the unlucky guy.

Both gentlemen are only dealing with bruises, but this could've been so much worse. See what happens when we trust cars themselves to do our driving (and braking) for us?

This stage of the Roger Sauvelon Historic Rally Festival in Belgium is a hairy one for all the classic cars involved. Most of them just suffer the typical slip outs and wash out into the grass, ultimately recovering pretty quick. But the poor ol' Opel driver at the 3:40 mark (see the GIF below) straight up Austin Powers himself in a narrow tunnel. Poor guy.

Paul Yearley is a very lucky man. Driving his Mustang on the highway, he randomly passed out due to a medical condition he didn't know he had. The car ran off the road, towards a telephone pole, through a wire fence, and started heading back towards the road. Somehow the car was kept from going back on the road, and Yearley came to when he crashed through the fence again. Sure, his Mustang seems pretty thrashed, but it clearly could've been a lot worse.