The skateboarder found it isn't easy to get big air when a helicopter is pushing you down.
Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" part had a laundry list of "never been done" tricks on his backyard MegaRamp. But all anyone could talk about was the helicopter craziness. Burnquist first got the idea of involving a helicopter after seeing Danny Way drop out of one in 1997. After doing his own version of a helicopter drop-in, Burnquist realized the possibilities were endless. That doesn't mean it was easy. Burnquist had to deal with all kinds of challenges to dial the helicopter tricks for "Dreamland."

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham traveled to the Dreamland compound for a chance at glory.
Most people get scared just looking at a MegaRamp. Well, imagine dropping in on one without the use of your legs. That's what extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham did when he visited Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp. Wheelz just might have the biggest balls of any action sports athlete ever. He goes for a front flip first try. He underrotates and lands flat on his back on the knuckle before bouncing down to the flats. Undeterred, Wheelz makes two more attempts. He knocks his teeth out on one of them, forcing Burnquist to use his helicopter to fly him to a nearby dentist.

Burnquist's chopper isn't just for railslides on MegaRamps.
Bob Burnquist is back in a big way. He dropped a full length video part last week that was packed with "never been done" tricks, including many that featured a helicopter (yes, a helicopter). Now the latest episode of his Dreamland series shows Burnquist using the same helicopter to scout for backyard pools to skate. Burnquist takes legend Lance Mountain along for the ride as they go up in the whirlybird to find skateable pools from the sky. Then they take the GPS coordinates to go back and locate the pools on the ground.