For a professional Formula Drift driver like Ryan Tuerck, "street-legal" is a pretty loose term and nothing embodies that philosophy quite like his 500-horsepower Scion FR-S (which you might remember from Season 3 of Tuerck'd). With no back seat, minimal ground clearance, and more than enough ponies to get you in trouble in an empty parking lot, this drift-ready Frankenstein is definitely not your average grocery mule, but Tuerck decided to give it a block-to-block test in NYC nonetheless. Tune in and watch what happens when you give a mad scientist his missile car in the middle of Times Square.

With the long days and late nights starting to pile up, Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck bear down on their builds in the latest episode of Drift Garage. Forsberg gets to work installing a radiator, plumbing, and a new exhaust on his 370Z street machine while Tuerck continues to upgrade his beat-up S13 missile car with a new front suspension and adjustable rear arms. After logging some solid wrench time, the guys take a break to check out Tuerck’s 2JZ-powered Scion FR-S “street car” (which you might remember from last season of Tuerck'd) and then it's time for Forsberg's real test—firing up the modified 370Z for the first time. Tune it to see how it goes!

Check back in next Tuesday for responses to all your questions in the comments below (hint, hint), and the following Tuesday for episode 4 of Drift Garage.

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