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Follow surf photographer Morgan Maassen around the globe with the world's best pro surfers as he relays this study in motion in relation to surf travel.

When you think of surfing destinations Norway is probably not on the top of your list. But Swedish pro surfer Timothy Latte and Italian pro surfer Alessandro Piu know that if they endure a little bit of cold water, there's some goods on offer in Norway.

"Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit."—Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard was quickly becoming one of the go-to surf photographers years ago. But it was becoming monotonous to him, despite traveling to these exotic locations with their fancy hotels and WiFi. Then a surf trip to Iceland of all places changed his perspective on it, as well as the places he would continue to travel to.

Now, he only finds himself at home when in sub-zero temperatures with harsh conditions. And he's also transcended beyond surf photographer into the realm of one of the world's foremost adventure photographers. Hear his TED Talk about finding joy in cold water surfing.

If you're not familiar with the surfer-owned Komune Beach Resort in Bali, then let this be the introduction to your next vacation destination. Sitting right in front of the world-class beachbreak of Keramas, it sports an idyllic pool/bar that you (or scantily clad women in bikinis) can sit and watch the surf (if surfing ain't your thing).

And they just recently hosted the QS1000 Komune Bali Pro in pumping Bali surf, which was won by pro surfer Taj Burrow. The Mad Hueys captured some incredible drone footage of the entire event, and wrapped it into this nice little package for everyone. Thanks guys, now when can we book our trip there?!

The short surf movie Invasion pretends that surfers with LED lights on their surfboards and heads are humanoid entities in Morocco. The movie released in June, but it's still worth a watch to check out some of the raddest LED surfing to date.

Follow surf photographer Stu Gibson's drone around the world as he captures footage of some of the best surfing spots with some of the best surfers. Big waves, perfect waves, and everything in between, Stu is getting some incredible imagery.