Did Chris Colbourn just drop the best skate part of 2015 (so far)?

We are only a month into 2015, so this might not be saying much, but Element's latest am, Chris Colbourn, may have just dropped the craziest part of the yet-young year. With crazy tech skills, unique style, and out-of-the-blue trick selection (that ender just doesn't make sense), the Vermont transplant is in for a big year, so make sure to check him out before he blows up.

The Berrics
Justin Bieber got shade thrown at him pretty hard at a skatepark recently

Bieber, Bieber, Bieber. Listen, we don't knock Justin Bieber for just trying to skateboard. And for a public figure like himself, it's gotta be pretty hard to just go and have a session because everyone is going to be all up in your stuff. But there's something about this "skateboarding" phase he's going through that reeks of a publicity stunt to make him seem cooler. Whatever though, that's all besides the point here.

While at the Venice Beach Skatepark, Bieber goes for a treflip off a ledge but doesn't quite get it. A kid behind him waiting throws some serious shade at Bieber, immediately landing a treflip off the same ledge and giving Biebs a smirk as he rolls by him. I mean, can you really blame the kid for taking advantage of that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Justin Bieber look like a fool? We'd have done the same thing, and we're sure most of you would have as well.

Ellis Edwards
NKA Project: Hard-fought battle of Game Of SKATE on a ledge

This week on NKA Project Mike Piwowar and John Hill lay down a smooth ledge session on the bench. Watch as these two pull out every trick they have for a chance at the win in this Game Of SKATE. A hard fought comeback and a heartbreaking loss make this intense edit a must see.

Network A
Skate Dreams With Theotis Beasley: Mikey Haywood puts it all down on his home-turf

We've already seen Nick Tucker's pick Paul Hart throw some hammers, and Keelan Dadd's pick Aramis Hudson perform under pressure. Now it's on to the final Am pick for the last Mountain Dew skate team spot on Skate Dreams With Theotis Beasley.

Mountain Dew team skater Boo Johnson recruits his homie Mikey Haywood. Mikey tackles rough takeoffs, crowds, and shut downs to log clips with a dedicated film crew and skate photographer Atiba Jefferson. Mikey leaves nothing on the table, but is it enough?

Watch episode 4 next Wednesday on Network A to see who gets the coveted spot on the Mountain Dew skate team. Who do you think made the biggest impression on the team—Mikey Haywood, Paul Hart or Aramis Hudson? Hit us up with comments below or at #DewSkateDreams .

Produced and directed by Jon Holland and Ted Newsome

Network A
10-year-old skater Asher Bradshaw just landed a 900 in a concrete bowl

Yes, Asher Bradshaw was the youngest to ever land a 900 last year. But that was on a halfpipe, so this year he's raised the ante by dropping one in a concrete bowl. Yes. A 10-year-old. Doing a 900. In a concrete bowl. What is the world coming to?

Murdy is the gnarliest skateboarding dog ever

Move over Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel, Murdy is here and ready to snatch the extreme animal sports crown from your rope-holding paws, ripping around The Berrics in this heaviest-ever four-legged skate part. Murdy, a Purina-backed pro who just so happens to be homies with Baker/Shake Junt filmer, Beagle, has fakie 50-50s and mean tranny skills on lock, so don't sleep on this footy, which is about to change skateboarding forever.

The Berrics
Owning a GoPro doesn't make you immune to slamming hard

Most people think that once you purchase a GoPro you'll be making sick edits like all your bros of all the gnarly shit you do. Which is the case sometimes. But as YouTube user Monkeynuts1069 found out last summer, you should probably let someone else be the hero.

Hours after buying a GoPro headstrap he was bombing a hill and dislocated/fractured his ankle. What it left him with was 1 plate and 9 screws. Hopefully he's back on his feet.

5 of Richie Jackson's weirdest skate tricks on Instagram

Richie Jackson is a true skateboard innovator, which you know from his show The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show with us. He's definitely one of those skaters who leaves you always wanting more, so we've compiled 5 of his weirdest skate tricks that he's posted on Instagram.

Watch them below and let us know which one's your favorite in the comments.

Quartersnacks remixes NYC courthouse hammers with Law & Order theme song

Quartersnacks have been an institution in NYC skateboarding for the better part of the last decade, disseminating vital commentary, encyclopedic spot knowledge, and chill (yet still pro-packed) clips with a refreshingly humble attitude. With all that said, this might be the Tompkins-based blog's finest output yet, mashing up a mountain of classic NYC Courthouse footage with the iconic Law & Order theme music. They're calling the remix "Law & Order: Skateboards Victim Unit, and with the whole of the Northeast now buried under a few feet of snow, it simply couldn't have come at a better time. Cheers, guys.

NKA Project: Sick slow-motion skating with Tommy Fynn, Oscar Meza, and more

There's nothing more fun then a sunny day session at the local park, and this week's episode of NKA Project puts that fact on full, slo-mo display. Featuring sick skating from Tommy Fynn, Richie Amador, Oscar Meza, Carlos Vega, Kevin Hoefler, and more, this one is heavy on both hammers and style so make sure to check it out.

What do you think of these slow-motion tricks? Sound off in the comments.

Network A
Tyler Imel takes 5 skin-shredding slams before he finally lands this giant ollie

Tyler "Squints" Imel is no stranger to eating pavement in the pursuit of something massive. Going for this big-time downhill straight ollie, he takes 5 skin-shredding slams before he finally lands it. He definitely loses his pants, and parts of his ass skin, and even has to walk like an old man for a bit. But good lord did he nail it.

Skate Dreams with Theotis Beasley: Nick Tucker's pick Paul Hart rips classic LA spots

The Mountain Dew skate team has an opening for a new team rider and Theotis Beasley is heading up the hunt in Skate Dreams.

Last time out we watched as Keelan Dadd's am, Aramis Hudson, meet up with Atiba Jefferson and Theotis for a sick session at NoHo park, but in episode 2 it's Nick Tucker's turn to roll out with his homey, Paul Hart. With photographer Herman Jimenez in tow, Paul hits some classic LA spots, impressing Theotis with his effortless style and gnarly tricks. At the end of the day, he has some potential enders in the bag, but are they enough to make the team?

Watch episode 3 next Wednesday on Network A to see who’s up next to roll out with the crew. What would you give for an opportunity to join the DEW squad? Hit us up with comments below or at #DewSkateDreams

Network A
Jeremy Leabres's Thrasher part gets raw remix

"The Re-Education of Jeremy Leabres" was one of the heaviest skate parts of 2014, so we couldn't have been more psyched when Thrasher dropped the un-cut, natural-audio remix last week. The results, as you'll see, were killer, with each of the newest Toy Machine pro's stylish catches and game-changing bluntslides showcased in their full, organic glory. This one is rawer than sashimi and as gnarly as ever, so make sure to check it out before your next sesh.

Daewon Song is like fine wine...

Daewon Song is an all-timer. A great. A dude who, when all the ledges are knobbed and all the urethane flatspotted, should go down alongside Hawk, Koston, Cardiel, and Mariano, as joint GOAT. He doesn't always get the recognition he deserves, but as this highlight reel of Song's 2014 (in which he turned 39) proves, hype doesn't matter, skating does. And although voting polls for The Berrics psuedo-SOTY competition–for which this video was assembled–have closed, go check it out anyway. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

The Berrics
NKA Project: Behind Nate Principato's nasty switch shifty flip

Nate Principato gives you a Behind The Clips look into his switch shifty flip for his upcoming street part. Nailing this trick is no easy task, but watch as Nate toughs it out for the golden clip. Also, check out his bonus slow motion hard flip on this episode of NKA Project.

What do you think of this switch shifty flip? Tell us in the comments.

Network A
Pyramid Country are bending the universe yet again

The Pyramid Country dudes are either one of the strangest skate crews out there or simply extra-terrestrial spies sent to earth in order to infiltrate youth culture in America. We really aren't sure which, but when you rip this hard on a skateboard, it doesn't matter. A new full-length, Exeter, is on the way, but in the meantime check out their latest edit, which, while normalized by usual PC standards, still boasts more than enough weird to go around.

Tony Hawk shreds a miniramp inside a mansion

It's no secret that Tony Hawk rolls in some pretty elite circles these days, and this mini ramp session in his friend's (identified only as "Tyler") Bay Area mansion only lends to credence to that fact. Needless to say, the usual tranny dog diet of PBR and ramen gave way to Möet and Tuna tartare for this one, but that doesn't make the skating any less impressive, with the 46-year-old vert legend tossing off some tricks you could only dream of before turning it over to Birdhouse young gun Shawn Hale for a sick ender. Let the valet park the Rolls then come inside and check it out.

This skater sticks scary slam to the bolts

Concrete to the spine, primo to the tailbone, and razor tail to the chest are just a few of this slam's terrifying potential outcomes, but thankfully Corey Glick is still on speaking terms with lady luck, sticking his carcass to the griptape after an eight-foot free fall that looked like pure disaster until the very last nano-second. This one counts as a make in our book, Corey.

Daniel Espinoza's latest Vine trick will blow your mind

Although we have to give Mark Suciu firsties on this wrong-way backside 180 nosegrind, it's really hard to argue with Daniel Espinoza's style here, as he throws it down proper at the Guy Mariano/Crailtap TF. Espinoza is always as casual as a pair of your dad's relaxed fit jeans, but to pull a trick like this only to turn around and release it on Vine is shocking even by skateboarding's increasingly ridiculous standards. Check it out and then go try it on your flatbar 500 times.

Magenta drop latest nugget of skate gold

Earlier this month we named Magenta one of the top skate brands to watch in 2015, and if this all-France street edit, La Capsule Magenta - France Jam 1, is any indication, we might just have been right. If you're interested in counting stairs or NBDs, maybe Magenta's line-oriented groove isn't for you, but if you're looking for pure, creative street skating in an awesome urban setting, then this one is a can't-miss.

PS: If you're still sleeping on Ben Gore, wake the hell up already.

Magenta Skateboards
Skate Dreams With Theotis Beasley: Keelan Dadd's Am Aramis Hudson skates under pressure

The Mountain Dew skate team has an opening for a new team rider and Theotis Beasley is heading up the hunt with the show Skate Dreams.

In the first episode, Mountain Dew team skater Keelan Dadd chooses Aramis Hudson for the opportunity. Keelan, Aramis, and Theotis head out for a full day of skating in LA rolling deep with a film crew and photographer Atiba Jefferson. Aramis feels the pressure, but shows up big time at the North Hollywood Plaza and in the streets. Is it enough to get the coveted place on the team?

Watch episode 2 next Wednesday on Network A to see who’s up next to roll out with the crew. Can you skate under pressure? Hit us up with comments below or at #DewSkateDreams.

Network A
Dose: Theotis Beasley on "Skate Dreams" and finding the next Mountain Dew rider

Pro skater Theotis Beasley is widely recognized as one of nicest dudes in the skate industry, and thus it was no surprise when he sat down to talk to Dose about his new Mountain Dew series Skate Dreams, set to launch on Network A Wednesday, January 21st. Theotis talks about the approach he and his Mountain Dew teammates Boo Johnson, Nick Tucker, and Keelan Dadd took to find the next skater to join the all-star team, proving that it's all about hard work, a good attitude, and, obviously, sick tricks.

Check out Skate Dreams on Network A

Network A
Curren Caples rips concrete and waves alike

It's no secret that Curren Caples was born to ride a skateboard. The Flip pro and X games gold medalist has been fixture on the contest circuit since the tender age of 14, and this year flexed his formidable street skills in Flip's 3, announcing himself as a four-wheel force to be reckoned with. What you might not know, however, is that Curren (named after legendary surfer Tom Curren) is equally comfortable carving breaks as he is pool coping, as evidenced in Surfer Magazine's The Now: Curren Caples. Check it out (and don't worry, it's OK to be jealous).

If you haven't heard of Bo Reid, then watch this

From Matt Mumford to Dane Burman, Aussie skaters have always been some of gnarliest on the earth. Maybe it's something in the water or perhaps it's just that crazy Kangaroo pop, but whatever it is, Bo Reid has got it. Just check out his part in Life Extention's first-ever video, Theatrix, and you'll see what we mean: This kid loves to punish his knees, taking his proper snap off, over, and down everything in site, including a couple classic Down Under spots. So check it out remember to log the name away for the future, because when this kid lands stateside, its gonna be bolts.

Richie Jackson kickflips a pitchfork in new Moon Duo music video

Death Skateboards pro and renaissance fashion man, Richie Jackson, is always popping up in weird places with weird tricks, but his role in the video for Moon Duo's newest cut, "Animal", is by far the strangest yet. With the San Fran drone pop outfit's catchy fuzz anthem providing the soundtrack, Jackson, who also directed the video, rips around SoCal on everything from a keyboard to a silver platter, even pulling a crazy kickflip on a pitchfork that defies comprehension. The concept seems abstract (still not really sure what is going on in this one), but the execution is as cool as it gets.

Dose: Meet The Hundreds' New York City photographer "The Wasted Talent"

It took years for native NYC skateboarder and surfer Peter Pabon to realize that taking photos was his calling but he's more than made up for lost time shooting under the moniker The Wasted Talent. Now Pete is a sought-after documentarian shooting legends and locals alike for The Hundreds and more. Learn how he made it happen plus hear the stories behind 5 of his favorite photos including the one Lupe Fiasco still hasn't given him credit on, only on Dose.

Network A
Poetry and skateboarding come together in this new London skate vid

We are always on the hunt for a new perspective on the routine–a fresh lens through which to view something seen so often that we almost cease to recognize it. Enter, then, Stay Wild Magazine and their latest edit, A Guide to Cracks & Curbs London, which takes skateboarding and refracts it through the prism of poetry and cinematography in order to bring the cold, wet streets of London back to life. If you're looking for hype-tech ledge dancing, you've come to the wrong place, but if you, like us, are always searching for a new way to look at something old, then make sure to check it out

Stay Wild
NKA Project: Lamont Holt and Vinnie Banh face off in game of SKATE

Forget shiny indoor TFs and perfect marble ground, Lamont Holt and Vinnie Banh take it underground in a heavy game of SKATE that unfolds in a parking garage as the homies look on. These dudes go trick for trick for awhile, but eventually a winner emerges. Tune in to the latest episode of NKA Project and find out who.

What do you think of this episode of NKA Project? Tell us in the comments.

Network A
Kevin Kowalski's new loop trick will fry your brain

Outside of the MegaRamp, there's been precious little transition innovation in skateboarding since the late 80s, but Lifeblood pro and XGames vet just debuted a new trick that has to be seen to be believed: The loop revert. Padless and on concrete. Watch it a few times, pick your jaw off the floor, and then go check out Lifeblood's full-length video, Service for the Sick, featuring Kowlaski and co. ripping crusty spots across the Pacific Northwest.

Skateboard TV
Hall Of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson is also a pretty good photographer

The Big Unit. #51. The mullet. A formidable foe to birds coming across his path. These are the things the world knows Hall Of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson for. But Johnson has another incredible talent, and one we happened to stumble upon due to his recent election into the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Photography is Johnson's art outlet, and he's pretty damn good at it—he has a bachelor's degree in Photojournalism from USC. Living in Southern California, he regularly gets the opportunity to shoot surfing, skateboarding, BMX, and all the fun things people like us love to do. He's shot the X Games, the US Open Of Surfing (including our very own Alana Blanchard), and lots more.

Check out a few photos of the Big Unit's below and head over to his website for more at And congrats to #51 on the Hall Of Fame induction!

Catching your sack on the rail and then face-planting is never fun

Callum Young found out the hard way that a double dose of slams on the same rail is never fun. Taking the sack to rail is usually awful, but then faceplanting after that? Well, hopefully Callum recovers from this one.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the comments.

Every Third Thursday: An all-in-one MegaRamp snowboard/skateboard hybrid

Ever been riding the MegaRamp and think to yourself: "Man, I wish I could use just one board for this and hitting the mountain."? Well, if you haven't had that thought that's what the guys at Signal Snowboards are here for.

Dave Lee and the crew team up with Lithe (a small skateboard operation out of California that’s using composites in skateboards in a really unique and cool way) on this insane build for this new Every Third Thursday. The goal of this build is to adapt Lithe’s unique carbon fiber building process to create a snowboard that can double as a skateboard. The board needs to be bomber enough for X Games pro skater Mitchie Brusco to skate on Woodward West’s Megaramp, but still have enough flex so it can turn on snow. We test this dual board out on Camp Woodward’s Megaramp and on the snowy park jumps at Woodward at Copper and it got two Mega thumbs up!

What do you think of this do everything board? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the Toyota 4Runner:

Network A
Legendary rocker Nick Cave gets signature skateboard for Fast Times

While rock icon Nick Cave may have never actually set foot on a skateboard, he has long championed skate culture's underground spirit, and for that Aussie outfitters Fast Times have announced a limited run of their more famous countryman's very first pro model board with this rad, Bad Seeds-scored edit. It's full of killer skating from the Fast Times crew, so those of you claiming "poseur" should just shut up and check it out. Everyone else, head over to the Fast Times site and pick up what is bound to be a perfect cruiser for the warmer months ahead.

NKA Project: Lamont Holt, Carlos Vega, and more rack in clips at Rowley Skate Park

In the latest episode of NKA Project, John Hill, Judson McCann, Angel Munoz, Carlos Vega, Lamont Holt, Caio Notaro, Kelvin Hoefler, Alber Leandro, and Zach Doelling hit Rowley Skate Park in Gardena, California for a killer skate session. The crew rattles one hammer after the next in the SoCal sunshine, putting together a rad park edit in the process. Trust us, this one is going to make you want to get out and skate.

What do you think of this episode of NKA Project? Tell us in the comments.

Network A
"Smegma" is 40-minutes of gritty New York City skate action

Dennis "Dirty Dirt Kid" Williford has quickly become one of New York City go-to filmers in the skate scene. He does stuff for us on a regular basis, and is constantly filming with some of New York City's best skaters. And he just dropped some serious footage with lots of length.

Smegma is 40-minutes of gritty New York City skate action, with some Richmond, Virginia footy spliced in (as well as some insane NYC NSFW bums and general chaos that he's caught on film). Featuring the likes of skaters Dan Corrigan, Rodney Torres, Zander Moehling, Leo Heinert, Trent Hazelwood, Clement Oladipo, Luis Tolentino, Richie Dahland, Shaun Gregorie, and many more, Smegma is definitely worth 40-minutes of your time.

dennis williford
Check out the trailer for LRG's new skate video, 1947

It's hard to believe that LRG's first skate video, Gimme My Money Chico is already a few years old, but time flies when you're having fun, and the LRG team have been doing exactly that, traveling the world and stacking clips for their just-announced follow up, 1947. From legends like Rodrigo TX and Tommy Sandoval to new jacks like Miles Silvas and Carlos Ribeiro, this one is sure to be front-to-back bangers, so check out the trailer and start getting hyped.

10 skate brands to watch out for in 2015

The world of skateboarding has always been welcoming of DIY mentalities and creative personalities. That’s why it’s no surprise that independent brands have recently been reviving the skate scene, bringing their own perspectives to an industry that seems to be feeling an increasing amount of corporate pressure. We have to give it up to each artist and innovator who has bonded his passion for skateboarding with an eye for thoughtful design. To pay tribute to this movement, we’ve compiled a list of brands whose inspiring business models and forward-thinking mindsets have caught our attention as of late. We highly recommend keeping a watchful eye on these guys as they continue to transform the skateboarding landscape in 2015.

Brad Cromer's Outliers part is street skateboarding at its purest

When it comes to pure pop and style, no one has Florida native and Krooked pro Brad Cromer beat. With one of the best nollie tres in the business and a no-bull approach to street skating, Cromer was a natural pick for Transworld's latest video, Outliers, and a deserving recipient of the video's final part, which you can check out above. It's not easy to rob the likes of Zered Bassett and Riley Hawk from last-part glory, but Cromer brings it with a unique bag of tricks (watch for the wallie nollie flip out and Bennett grind switch heelflip), earning the curtains with each and every steeze-soaked snap.

New series, "Theotis Beasley Skate Dreams", coming to Network A!

Network A and Mountain Dew present a new series hosted by Theotis Beasley, Skate Dreams. There’s one opening on the MTN DEW skate team, Theotis’ teammates Keelan Dadd, Nick Tucker, and Boo Johnson each bring three different ams to the table. The individual crews head out skating spots around LA, filming and shooting—basically living the life of a Dew team rider. The am that makes the biggest impression earns a place on the MTN DEW skate team!

Produced and directed by Ted Newsome and Jon Holland

Network A
Watch this skater take four brutal slams on a single rail

This is heavy. Shane Winebrenner takes not one, but four bone-shaking slams on this giant 50-50 attempt, only to limp away without the make. He'll be back for sure (you can tell how bad he wanted this one), but in the meantime it's gonna be all ice and aspirin for Shane. Rest up, man, you earned it.

Sean Malto reads comments, admits he was recently mistaken for a girl

Sean Malto takes a seat for Crailtap's "We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It" program where he reads comments from his [Pretty Sweet Remix by French Fred]1, his "Epicly Later'd", and his Crail Couch video. He also talks about crazy fan girls on tour and the time he was mistaken for a female on a plane.

NKA Project: A dirt-filled Behind The Clips with Jeff Dechesare

Skateboarder Jeff Dechesare believes that wearing a hat forward makes him look like a freak. What do you think? In this episode of NKA Project, Jeff gives us a Behind The Clips and shares his fashion epiphany, fears while napping in the park, and we even catch a Shaun Rodriguez freak out over some dirt.

What do you think of this episode of NKA Project? Tell us in the comments.

Network A
Watch the techest skate part of 2014 that you still haven't seen

While Manolo Robles might not have the same name recognition as reigning ledge kings like Torey Pudwill and Paul Rodriguez, his latest Darkstar part should land him firmly in the throne room. The Spanish wizard has been steadily rattling off NBD after NBD for years now, but his latest batch of footage is his best yet, and arguably the most technical of 2014. The flip-in, flip-out precision is there, but watch for the ender, which takes a staple trick to never before seen lengths (and kink counts). If you slept on this one when it dropped a few weeks ago, now's the time to wake up.

Happy New Year from Dose and some special guests

As we bid adieu to 2014, Timbo relives some of the year's best moments on Dose before getting some New Years resolutions from Ryan Tuerk, Louie Vito, Pat Moore, Gabe Brooks, and Joe Sexton. From all of us at Network A, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's go big in 2015!

Network A
Justin Bieber tried to skate for a crowd in New York City, failed miserably

I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. I mean, the footage really speaks for itself to how pathetic Justin Bieber truly is. Sure, kudos for trying but is it even genuine? Or is this whole "skateboarding" kick he's on just advice from his publicist so he can seem more edgy and cool?

If only we were all so lucky to skate a double set near Madison Square Garden in New York City for an entire crowd, with our security guards clearing the way and keeping the cops off our backs... I'm not even going to get into the actual lack of skills he has—like I said, the below footage proves that. But hey, at least we get to see him eat shit a bunch of times. Also, sweet outfit Biebs.

Tony Hawk gets body slammed by Randy Orton

If you checked out Tony Hawk's Perched video part earlier this year, you know the 47-year-old can still rip a vert ramp unlike anybody else. What you didn't see, however, was Tony taking his fair share slams in the process, including this gnarly, off-the-top rope suplex from 12-time world wrestling champion, Randy Orton. This one is so crazy it almost looks, uhh, fake.

TV On The Radio's new music video is a heavy skate session from the world's best

For TV On The Radio's newest music video, "Lazerray", off their new album Seeds they tapped skater/photographer Atiba Jefferson to direct it. And Atiba took it to a level of skate greatness.

Atiba essentially pulled the best skaters in the world and made a nearly-5-minute skate video. Featuring the likes of Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Chris Cole, Greyson Fletcher, Lance Mountain, Trevor Colden, Christian Hosoi, Curren Caples, Sean Malto, and many more, this is definitely one of the best music videos of the year.

What do you think of this music/skate video? Tell us in the Comments.

Kid bails and takes skateboard to the throat

Next time your mom is bothering you about wearing your helmet when you go skating, just show her this video. Jason Ciecwierz did all the right things–good pop, solid flick–but when things went wrong not even his protective head gear could save him. Here's hoping Jason had a new deck and wasn't riding some crusty, razor-tailed relic.

Froston the Snowman stops by to shred The Berrics

Anyone who has ever seen Eric Koston's Chomp On This part knows, despite a twenty year career of straight hammers, he isn't afraid to goof around from time to time. Don't believe it? Well, just check out "Froston" in his latest role (no, not Owen Wilson), rippingaround The Berrics in a full snowman costume while laying down some of the weirdest afterbangs ever caught on tape. If you have the winter blues, make sure to check it out.

The Berrics
NKA Project: Slow motion skate madness with Shaun Rodriguez

Shaun Rodriguez nails it in this week's episode of NKA Project . This all slow motion edit is filled with plenty of heavy flat ground tricks. You'll be sure to pick up a few tips after watching Shaun rip. Now grab your board and go skate!

Network A
This 9-minute Tristan Funkhouser/Bobby De Keyzer skate part makes Monday better

We've known Tristan Funkhouser was a man-child for quite some time, but this part is just insane. And throw in Bobby De Keyzer and you've got yourself a big pick-me-up for this Monday afternoon. Thanks DC.

What do you think of this skate part? Tell us in the Comments.

DC Shoes
Check out Dekline's first-ever full length skate video

From Matt Bennett's brain-bending NBDs to Jaws' ACL exploding ollies, Dekline's first ful-length video, True Blue, has made a late-season push for skate video of the year honors. Thrasher is currently streaming the video in full (make sure to check out Chad Tim Tim's instant classic opener and Dakota Servold's rail chomping ender), so instead of settling in for a long winter's nap, throw this one on instead.

The 10 dopest Nike SB Stefan Janoski colorways of 2014

For a long time, Dunks were Nike SB’s only child, and then in 2009, in an attempt to give a facelift to its skateboarding category, the brand recruited a highly regarded skater and creative innovator, Stefan Janoski. It’s only been a handful of years since the launch of his series, but today, Janoski is one of the most influential designers in footwear, and continues to craft cutting edge designs for his successful series of sneakers. A brand new silhouette was introduced in 2014, and throughout the year, Stefan Janoskis consistently shook the sneaker market with versatile creations. To celebrate the ongoing legacy of a signature series, we’ve selected what we believe to be the best of Nike SB’s Stefan Janoski releases this year.

The Best Supreme Collaborations of 2014

This year marks the celebration of Supreme’s 20th anniversary. The past two decades have brought the NYC label undeniable success, and it treks on as one of the most influential brands in streetwear. They also have gained notoriety for executing some of the industry’s most successful collabs, and this year was no different. In 2014, Supreme continued to make its imprint in a number of territories by joining forces with footwear brands, noteworthy artists, and established fashion labels. We’ve looked back on its 20th year of operation and plucked the most thoughtfully designed and highly coveted Supreme collaborations of 2014.

Skateboarding and Reeboks together in new Classic Stylists Moscow Project

Highsnobiety has been doing an ongoing project dubbed the Reebok Classic Stylists Project. Essentially they partner with stylist groups and have them create editorial around classic Reebok lines. Back in June they did one with Endless Summer revolving around skateboarding. And their latest installment in Moscow links up with streetwear boutique FOTT uses skateboarding once again.

We're not quite sure how we feel about this one. Unlike the Endless Summer piece, they're merely using the board as a prop in this one—pushing, mall-grabbing, standing in a nose manual, and tick-tacking don't count for skateboarding. Check the video below and let us know your feelings (or disgust).

The 10 best skate video parts of 2014

Skateboarding is a thing that cannot be quantified or scored, although people try. A standout video part may be due to the incredible tricks, but it may also be due to spot selection, cinematography, music selection or editing. They all coalesce to make a memorable video part that will inspire you to go out and skate. Raining hammers down on blown out Southern California spots with bland beats in the background is not a winning formula for making a memorable video part in this day and age. Everyone is good, so you have to present your talent in an interesting way. Here is a list of video parts that portrayed the skater as highly talented in a memorable way, making them the best video parts of the year.

Leaf blower-powered hoverboard takes over Texas skatepark

When Tony Hawk revealed that his hoverboard was a hoax, he broke our impressionable little hearts. With time and therapy, we began to regain our trust in the universe, and then along came Mr. Hoverboard, an Austin local who makes his own DIY hoverboards out of leaf blowers and some plywood. As hard as we tried not to fall head over heels again, the video below shows that his contraption, though definitely not without its limitations, is at least real. So real in fact, that the amateur inventor has published the complete build instructions online. Before you run off to build your own, however, please remember that a hoverboard is still no excuse for snaking everybody's line at the skatepark (here's looking at you Mr. Hoverboard).

Ryan Craven
NKA Project: Game Of SKATE on handrails are the best Games Of SKATE

Zach Doelling and John Oskvarek decided to get gnarly on a handrail in a Game Of SKATE on this episode of NKA Project. These two go trick for trick in a near perfect session. See who breaks the streak of perfection first, resulting in a sweeping loss.

Network A
Dose: How to find a skate spot anywhere in the world

This week on Dose Timbo sits down with Josh Poole and Alex Corporan, the founders of WeRide Skate Spots. WeRide is a new free app for the iPhone and iPad that can catalog and share any skate spot on the globe. From photos and videos of spots to tips on when to avoid cops and what pros you might find, WeRide connects the world of skateboarders like never before.

Download the We Ride Skate app on iTunes here.

Network A
Thrasher's King of the Road super edit will melt your brain

From five-kink handrails to Clint Walker dressed up as a blood-splattered Jesus, this year's King of the Road--pitting eventual winners Birdhouse against Element and Flip--was one of the craziest ever. As always, skateboarding's most hardcore contest was a perfect mix of hilarious hi-jinx and straight-up skateboarding, and this cumulative edit offers up the best of both. Lend it your eyeballs and, while you're at it, check our list of big winners below.

Raging Rooftops (Best Roof Trick): Ben Raybourn, backside invert

Best Selfie Rail Trick: Clint Walker, backside smith grind

Boss Toss (Biggest Flip Trick): Jaws, kickflip melon

Best Tranny Trick: Ben Raybourn, massive blunt stall yank in

Mystery Guest MVP: Tyrone Olson

Hall of Meat (Worst Slam): Clint Walker

Best Prank: Birdhouse, Jaws' butt-chug

Best Trick on Vert: Ben Raybourn, over-vert nosegrind tailgrab

Where The Fuck Is The Muska (Gnarliest Rail): Nyjah Huston

Nyjah's Gnar Gnar (Best Rail Trick): Nyjan Huston, frontside half cab flip switch back lip

Phelper's Choice: Alec Majerus, double kink nosegrind

MVP: Evan Smith, 2,250 points

Rik-E and The Bub$ take over Network A

From the creator of Ugly Americans comes a brand new kind of cat video... Rik-E and The Bub$, a new animated series made exclusively for Network A.

Directed by Devin Clark
Animated by Tim Beckhardt, Chris Burns, & Devin Clark
Sound Design by Great City Productions

Network A
Tony Hawk blows up a fuse box and airs a Mini Cooper in new commercial

Tony Hawk is never one to shy away from doing an ollie over a MIni Cooper. So Birdman teamed up with rally driver and professional skier Guerlain Chicherit for a new Mini commercial. If the name Guierlain Chicherit sounds familiar, it's because he was the guy who tried to break the world record for the longest car jump (but failed pretty terribly).

In said Mini commercial, Birdman skitches a Mini driven by Chicherit at night, 50-50s a fuse box (that for some reason blows up), and then airs the drifting Mini over a large quarterpipe gap. If that doesn't make you want to go buy a Mini right this second, then we don't know what will.

Check out the video and some GIFs below.

The 10 best Vans sneaker releases of 2014

2014 was a solid year for Vans. The California shoemakers put forth a slew of notable releases this year from innovative revamps to harmonious collaborations. To celebrate the iconic brand’s ongoing legacy, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest sneaker releases they’ve graced us with this year. Take a look at our picks, and let us know which ones you were able to get your hands on.

Skate filmer Russell Houghten talks about winning The Berrics REDirect contest

If you're not privy to the work of filmer Russell Houghten, you should be. He made that "Fisheye Skating" video with goldfish, and he recently just won The Berrics REDirect contest for his "Urban Isolation" video that visualized skating on Los Angeles's freeways without any cars.

DKS! went to Alabama Hills, CA. to capture some behind the scenes footage of Russell's music video in production with his brother Richard and to discuss film making, skateboarding, and his Volcom full-length film project in the works. Stay tuned for more from Russell.

Network A
Jordan Garland's "A Detroit Film" looks to change the mindset of a generation

Yesterday (December 10) the city of Detroit officially came out of bankruptcy. Ending a 17-month ordeal stint as bankrupt, Detroit's challenges are truly just beginning. As Detroit mayor Mike Duggan told the New York Times yesterday, “How do you deliver service in a city where the unemployment rate is double the state average, and we’ve got to rebuild a water system and a bus system and a computer system and a financial system?”

Detroit has serious institutional overhauls that are needed across all city service realms to be put back on a path of sustainability and prosperity for its citizens. It's not only going to take diligence on the part of city leaders, but it's going to take more commitment on the part of its citizens.

Jordan Garland is one of those citizens. He's working on a documentary about Detroit told through the eyes of skating, BMX riding, art, and music. Garland believes that Detroit's hope lies in its citizens abilities to find creative outlets and passions. After all, human beings tend to operate at their highest levels when they're passionate about something.

So we sat down with Jordan to talk about the idea, the film, what's really going on in Detroit, and how he plans to help things get to where they need to be. The project, A Detroit Film, will all come together next year. For now, check out the trailer and head to to see how you can get involved.

NKA Project: Behind The Clips of Nate Principato's smooth 360 hardflip

Nigel Alexander gives you his thoughts on this Behind The Clips with skater Nate Principato. As Nigel says, Nate's got one of his favorite 360 hardflips. Peep it on this week's new NKA Project.

What do you think of this 360 hardflip? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Here's Mark Gonzales doing a really long boardslide in NYC

Mark Gonzales has still got it. If you got any doubts of that just watch the 46-year-old tackle this long, curved rail in front of one of New York City's Bareburger restaurants.

Skateboarding inside an abandoned multi-million dollar Nova Scotia resort

This one is definitely well-wroth the 13-plus-minutes. Red Bull found an unfinished and abandoned multi-million dollar resort on the coast of Nova Scotia. So naturally, they decided to make it skateable. They tapped team riders Ryan Decenzo, TJ Rogers, Joey Brezinski, and more and created an all-inclusive skateboard paradise. And then they tapped filmer/photographer Scott Serafas to document it all. This one just topped the time Red Bull built a skatepark inside an office. Check out more about Red Bull's Last Resort: Aspotogan here.

What do you think of this skate resort? Tell us in the Comments.

Take 4-minutes to see everything Brandon Westgate ollies over in his new part

Last year, Brandon Westgate came damn close to being crowned Thrasher's Skater Of The Year. His Made: Chapter 1 part with Emerica was one of the best parts in recent memory. Alas, it was Ishod Wair and his insane-number of 4 edits to take the SOTY crown.

This year, Westgate's been dealing with a fractured vertebrae, so this "Zoo England" part was filmed pretty quickly. But you could never tell that from watching it. Westgate's infamous pop and steeze are ever-present, as he jumps over anything in his way.

What do you think of this Brandon Westgate part? Tell us in the Comments.

Daewon Song makes the most out of a rainy day

Daewon Song is and forever will be the king of brain-melting skateboarding. He hates to miss a session, even when it's raining out. So he just grabs himself an umbrella to stay dry and hits the miniramp like it's a regular sunny day outside.

Car chase suspect attempted to flee on a longboard skateboard

This criminal has some problems. And no, not because he prefers a longboard. But because he can't even ride it.

He was being chased by the cops in a BMW he was suspected to have stolen and he exited the 405 in Van Nuys, California only to run into the back of another car. So he decided to get out and flee with a longboard skateboard in hand. Was the skateboard his? Or was it already in the car?

Problem is though, he can't skate. Granted, he didn't push mongo. And he never mall-grabbed it. But dude, leave that thing on the street. You're clearly not getting away on it.

What do you think of this fail? Tell us in the Comments.

Saving Detroit through skateboarding, BMX riding, music, and art

Check out the trailer for this short film by Jordan Garland about the current state of the city of Detroit. A Detroit Film focuses on rebuilding Detroit through music, skating, BMX riding, and more. Stay tuned for A Detroit Film to release in 2015.

Jordan Garland
Even when Brandon Westgate slams he can't help but go big

Did you see Brandon Westgate's new "Zoo England" part yet? If not, go watch it now here.

OK, now see how Westgate goes big? Well, as smooth as Westgate is, there are inevitably some slams from time-to-time. And those slams usually end up being big. Like this one off this big ledge that he takes right to the shoulder.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

This 330-pound fat skater is our new favorite skater

YouTube user hebeb394 proved last year that you're never too big to skate. Watch as he drops treflips, some stair work, and even a few 50-50s at 330lbs. This guy is pretty amazing.

h/t 33 Mag

NKA Project: Lamont Holt Vs Angel Munoz in 3 rounds of Game Of S-K-A-T-E

In this episode of NKA Project, Lamont Holt and Angel Munoz accept the challenge to a best of two-out-of-three Game of S-K-A-T-E. These flat ground battles start off mellow but end in a heated duel. Watch to see who trumps their opponent for the win.

Network A
Greyson Fletcher is the only 3rd-generation pool skater in the world

Greyson Fletcher is already one of our favorite skateboarders to watch right now. As known, he's surfing royalty with his dad Christian having brought airs to surfing, his uncle Nathan revolutionizing big wave surfing, and his grandpa Herbie founding Astrodek and being one of the first to surf Backdoor Pipeline.

What we also find out in this episode of Vice's "Hi Shredability" is that Greyson may be the only 3rd-generation pool skater in the world. Grandpa Herbie was skating pools back in 1963 barefoot and with clay wheels—years before Jay Adams and the Dogtown days. And what's scary (besides that whole burning yourself with cigarettes game that Greyson likes to play) is the fact that Greyson has started surfing in the last few years. And big surprise, he's getting pretty good.

NKA Project: Jeff Dechesare drops some double frontside flips

Skateboarder Jeff Dechesare double frontside flips a 4-stair in this episode of NKA Project. This tough trick almost got the best of Jeff, but in the end he rolls off like a champ. Nice work!

Network A
24 stairs, 2 skaters, 1 tree, and a whole bunch of brutal slams

This 24-stair set definitely got the better of skaters Julian Lewis & Davin Wynkoop. Sometimes it's just not in the cards, and you end up paying for it with a ton of brutal skate slams.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

We can't stop watching Grant Taylor's new Nike SB part

When Grant Taylor drops a new skate edit we typically drop everything we're doing and watch it on repeat for days and days. And this new one from Nike SB is no different. Raw, fast, high-flying, and everything else you come to expect from one of the best transition skaters out there.

What do you think of this Grant Taylor skate part? Tell us in the Comments.

We've never seen anything like this bilateral amputee learning to skateboard again

Ian Parkinson is a huge inspiration. He's a bilateral amputee and he's determined to learn to skateboard again. In this video he goes from hard falls to hitting quarterpipes again in a mere 15 days. We can't wait to see what else he can reteach himself to do.

h/t 33 Mag

Sergeant Stubs
Manny Santiago's "Pound For Pound" skate part is a good thing to watch today

It's about time we were graced with another part from Mr. Manny Santiago. This one was definitely worth the wait—especially that brain-melting ender. Keep it coming Manny!

What do you think of this skate edit? Tell us in the Comments.

Don't ride a skateboard down a pool slide into the deep end of a pool

Shorty just never had a chance here. The slick slide and the little lip at the end were just too much to handle a drop straight to the deep end of this empty pool. This is definitely one of the worst skate slams we've seen in a while.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

The Poler x Nike SB collab got celebrated with a skate trip to Croatia

We gotta hand it to Nike SB for being a part of one of the best skate collabs of 2014. Granted, any collab that Poler Stuff is involved in is usually dynamite—which is who we're dubbing the most credit for in this one.

To celebrate the recent collection release skaters Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo, and Wieger Van Wageningen traveled to Croatia for some camp vibes, skating, and swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Peep the video and some highlights from the collection below.

Clearly these old guys should not be skating on a miniramp

We're all for skating until you no longer can. Old guys skating are inspirational and give us hope for when we get old. But you've also got to know your limits. We have a feeling that these two older gentleman trying to tackle this miniramp haven't skated on a miniramp in quite a few years. There certainly going to be feeling this one for a week or two...

How awesome is this natural "skatepark" deep in the Sierras?

Brandon Rein and buddies found this natural rock formation deep in the Sierras near Lake Tahoe that is like a mini skatepark. The rocks are smooth and skateable, and the one even has a little transition to it. Ultimate skate camping trip.

What do you think of this natural "skatepark"? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Mpora

brandon rein
NKA Project: Skateboarder Carlos Vega nollie over crook

Skateboarder Carlos Vega nollies over this crook proper at South Park in Gardena, CA on this episode of NKA Project. This sexy clip shows his fluid steez in multiple angles, including slow motion. Peep this if you want some action.

What do you think of this trick? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Rap beat made from skate sounds with Black Dave and Waka Flocka

On episode 4 of Noisey's "Live From The Streets", Mr. Green is joined by Black Dave and Waka Flocka Flame. The two rappers collaborate on a song, using skate sounds that Mr. Green recorded of Black Dave as the beat. Might be the only rap song ever with skate sounds as the beat.

What do you think of using skate sounds as a beat? Tell us in the Comments.

Abandoned psychiatric wards also make for interesting skateparks

Jenkem Magazine and filmer Sean Colello completed the daring task of exploring some of New York state's abandoned psychiatric wards looking to skate them. It was an arduous, dirty project, and probably full of eerie feelings—and a little similar to skating abandoned hospitals in Croatia. Watch as skater Rob Miceli treats these abandoned psych wards like any other skatepark. And check out the full write-up on Jenkem here.

What do you think of skating abandoned psych wards? Tell us in the Comments.

Here's full video of Tony Hawk crushing our dreams and riding the Hendo hoverboard

Last week we posted an Instagram video of dreamcrusher Tony Hawk riding that Hendo hoverboard. Well, the full video has been released and Birdman does a bunch of crazy spins on it on the miniramp. We're not going to jump to the conclusion and automatically say that hoverboards are now going to actually happen, because, well we've been here before. But maybe, just maybe, the future looks a little brighter for a hoverboard becoming a real thing. Probably not though.

What do you think of Tony Hawk riding the Hendo hoverboard? Tell us in the Comments.

10 hours of silent walking in Toronto as a skateboarder getting "harassed"

Jenkem did a funny spoof of that 10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman video that came out in October. In that video the woman is being harassed non-stop with cat calls and interested men. And in Jenkem's spoof, it's about a skateboarder walking in Toronto holding his skateboard. He's safe from the Tony Hawk and do a kickflip calls.

What do you think of this spoof video? Tell us in the Comments.

Tony Hawk rode that "real" Hendo hoverboard and is still crushing our dreams

Uggghhhh. Why can't you just leave our fragile dreams alone Birdman? Why must you continue to crush them repeatedly?

We were fooled once by Mr. Tony Hawk when he pranked the world and put out that whole "Hoverboards are real" video. We have not been the same since. We've even doubted that these potentially real hoverboards, Hendos, are actually real. What's the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again." Or something like that...

Anyways, Tony Hawk rode the Hendo hoverboard and now we have to pretend to be all excited and just forget that he did in fact trick all of us and crush our dreams about this same exact thing less than a year ago. So yeah, video below. Your sick "Perched" video part is no longer saving you from our scorn over these hoverboards. Excuse me while I go scream into a pillow now.

Skater named Worm takes a rail to the sack and then goes full scorpion

Who knew there was a skater named Worm? Well, he and his friends probably knew. Anyways, this rail got the best of Worm unfortunately. After a little sack tap it sent him flying straight into a vicious scorpion. You'll get 'em next time Worm.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

Skate Dreams

Mountain Dew skateboarder Theotis Beasley lives the life, as do his Dew teammates Keelan Dadd, Nick Tucker, and Boo Johnson. Skating different spots with your buddies all day filming and getting paid for it is what every aspiring skateboarder dreams of. With an open spot on the Dew skate team, Theotis and crew bring three amateurs to the table to see if they have what it takes to be a part of the Dew team. Hitting legendary Los Angeles spots with top-notch filmers like Atiba Jefferson, which am will have what it takes?

Richie Jackson's got a new free iPhone app that invents new skate tricks

Richie Jackson (professional skateboarder, cross-dressing pirate, and all-around genius) has got a new skateboard app that is the future of skateboarding. It's called NBD Tricks and looks pretty awesome.

Essentially, it's a random trick generator that puts combinations that not even the most creative of us could ever come up with on our own. Tricks like a caveman late shuv, a wallride nollie one-foot, a halfcab powerslide firecracker, a kickflip hippie jump, a hippie jump kickflip, a nollie hippie jump, a switch no comply flip, and on and on. As Richie says, it will preserve the creativity of skateboarding and keep us all going after NBDs.

Download NBD Tricks for FREE at the iTunes App Store here.

Network A
NKA Project: 20 skateboarding tricks for $20 with Robert Reyes

Skateboarder Robert Reyes copped that $20 like it was nothing. Watch as he flows through the park like a boss on this episode of NKA Project.

What do you think of this 20 tricks for $20? Tell us in the Comments.

Network A
Skate legend Rune Glifberg designed a stunning skatepark with a dome

It's not everyday that skateboard legend Rune Glifberg designs a skatepark. And it's also not everyday that there's a skatepark with a dome that you can skate inside of.

Well, Glifberg designed the recently-opened Street Dome in Denmark and invited Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Arto Saari, Sam Beckett, and Alex Sorgente to be the first ones to skate it. This park looks awesome, and might even be better than Caples and Saari skating an airport.

What do you think of this skatepark? Tell us in the Comments.

This guy's Marty McFly hoverboard Halloween costume is amazing

YouTuber RyanLeerReeL won Halloween this year. How can someone "win" Halloween you ask? By making the most epic Marty McFly riding a hoverboard costume of course. And no, hoverboards aren't real yet, and that makes us sad (and angry at Tony Hawk).

What do you think of this hoverboard costume? Tell us in the Comments.

Arbor just dropped an incredible trailer for their downhill longboard skate movie

Back in September, Arbor Skateboards rider James Kelly dropped the most cinematic downhill longboard skate video ever. Now Arbor just released the trailer for their upcoming movie Grade. And it's just as amazing as Kelly's video earlier this fall. The full-length drops later this month, so stay tuned for its release.

What do you think of this longboard skateboard trailer? Tell us in the Comments.

Arbor Collective
Crooked grind to back lip to touchdown is the best skate combo

Eddie Gonzalez is basically the Jerry Rice of skateboarding. He's been featured in football skateboarding videos before, and now he shows off a sick crooked grind to back lip to over the shoulder touchdown catch. Keep it up Gonzalez.

What do you think of this skateboarding x football hybrid? Tell us in the Comments.

Skater Jason Park took his shirt off in the middle of a nose manual

When Jason Park and his skateboarding are on camera, good things usually happen. Weird things usually happen, too. Here, Andy Schrock asks Park to use his body to do a manual on a stage at the Santa Monica Courthouse. Park takes it one step further though and takes his shirt off mid-manual. For what reason we don't know why. But it doesn't make it any less awesome.

Is this the weirdest manual ever? Tell us in the Comments.