Watch the teaser for "Simon Dumont: A Decade of Freeskiing Progression"

Simon Dumont goes big. Always has and always will. For over 10 years, Dumont has been at the forefront of freeskiing's progression, and he is a big reason why the Olympics included halfpipe skiing for the 2014 Games. The guy has amassed countless banger video clips. And now he's putting out an epic movie, Simon Dumont: A Decade of Freeskiing Progression, exclusively on Network A. Watch the teaser and get hyped. Then be sure to check back to watch the full movie on September 30.

Network A
Skating the FDR halfpipe while lit on fire is pure insanity

When we post something from the Nub TV crew, you know it's going to include some element of danger. They usually do things with fire, and this time it's Tucker F Upper being lit on fire and then skating the infamous FDR halfpipe. Don't try this one at home folks.

Nub TV
11-year-old skater does 12 540's in-a-row, becomes dizziest kid ever

Skater Evan Doherty is only 11-years-old, but he's already earned the nickname "Big E." At the El Gato Classic in Palm Springs, California Big E dropped 12 540's in-a-row on the halfpipe. In the process he stole the title of dizziest kid ever away from Asher Bradshaw (the 10-year-old who dropped that nasty 900).

5 things we learned from the Dew Tour's opening stop this weekend

The Dew Tour's 2014/2015 campaign kicked off this weekend in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado, and although it was all over before you could say switch backside double cork, the level of insanity on display taught us a lot about the season ahead. So eyes front and notebooks open, its time to get schooled.

47-year-old man Tony Hawk just dropped a ridiculous video part

"I can honestly say that I haven’t worked on a skate video this hard since The End. I never want to do some of these tricks again"—Tony Hawk

Well, well, well. It seems that the Birdman continues to defy age. Yes, Tony Hawk was once a dreamcrushing liar, but this ridiculous video part helps alleviate some of our heartbreak over that. At 47 years old, Tony Hawk is definitely in the olds category. But like his surfing counterpart Kelly Slater, he is still at the top of his game. Keep flying Birdman. And thanks for the trip down memory lane with some classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater songs for the soundtrack...

What do you think of Tony Hawk's new video part? Tell us in the Comments.

First Person | Shaun White x GoPro

Ever wonder what it feels like to be Shaun White? GoPo gives you a look through his eyes on a pipe run at the Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado.

Aspen Park & Pipe Session With Simon Dumont & Torin Yater-Wallace: Drop In Ep 4

Professional freeskier Simon Dumont scores Spring park conditions at Aspen Snowmass—55 degrees and bluebird! Simon, Torin Yater-Wallace, and Peter Olenick session the park working on new tricks with a focus on fun. Simon's hyped to take a break from the competition circuit leading to the 2014 Winter Olympics—a fun day riding park and pipe with friends provides the perfect balance.

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Network A
Freeskier Simon Dumont puts the road to the Olympics in perspective

Simon Dumont’s influence and impact on the sport of freeskiing over the course of his 13-year career is undeniable. Dumont led the sport from its infancy to the doorstep of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Having played such an important role in bringing freeskiing to the Olympics, Dumont was clearly disappointed when he didn't make the U.S. team after tearing his ACL during a qualifying run in Park City. But don't think you've seen the last of Dumont. Even after tearing his ACL, he still took another halfpipe run 24 hours later just to soak in the contest atmosphere. And he expects to be back on skis full time in the fall, focusing more on filming than contests, and continuing to push freeskiing forward.

What do you think of Simon Dumont's career? Tell us in the Comments below.

Photo courtesy Steven Earl/2014 Visa Freeskiing Grand Prix

Network A
Getting invited to Pat Casey's house is a big deal if you ride BMX

BMX pro Pat Casey has an incredible BMX playground in his Southern California backyard. The best part is that he isn't greedy with it. Casey just invited some of his fellow Haro Bikes riders over, including Ryan Nyquist, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson, and Colin Mackay. It was a heavy session. Hopefully the riders sent Casey a nice present for his hospitality.

What do you think of this backyard session? Tell us in the Comments.

Tony Hawk does 15 inverts for Google's 15th birthday

Ahh, 15 years old. The year right before you start driving. So much innocence, so much promise. O.K., well Google isn't going to be driving anytime soon (unless of course you count those driverless cars they're working on). Anyways, Google is celebrating its 15th anniversary and Tony Hawk wanted to get the company a little something. It isn't easy finding a gift for the tech company that has everything (and can make everything that they don't have). So Hawk decided he'd give them 15 different versions of handplants on his personal halfpipe. Let's just hope this isn't an elaborate plot to boost the Ride Channel's Google ranking.

Kelly Clark previews the halfpipe at the Burton High Fives snowboard contest

The Burton High Fives snowboard contest is going on right now halfway around the world (well, I guess that depends on where you live) at Cardrona Alpine Resort in Wanaka, New Zealand. Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark is down in New Zealand for the event and gave a quick preview of the halfpipe for the High Fives contest and then provided a helpful tutorial on all the different grabs you can do on a straight air.

BMX rider Simon Tabron makes the most of an invite to Tony Hawk's halfpipe

Simon Tabron is one of BMX's most legendary veterans who still remains at the top of his game. After so many years in the game, Tabron has made a couple of friends, including one Tony Hawk. So when Tabron had a chance to ride his bike at Hawk's halfpipe, he seized the opportunity and put out a banger of an edit.

Even in slow motion Tony Hawk has still got it

Since Tony Hawk started the Ride Channel, do you think he gets hit up all the time whenever they need some footage? Like "Hey, we don't have any one for 'Skateboarding in Slow Motion' this week. Tony, can you do a shuv-it front crooks real quick?" And then Hawk begrudingly agrees with a "O.K. just one more time." In any event, Hawk has still got the goods.

Jason Jessee avoids building halfpipe, is first to skate it when it's finished

You have to hand it to Jason Jessee. Dude knows how to exert the least amount of effort and get the most back in return. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Converse partnered with the brand to create a CONS CTS pack of sneakers in both the Mid and Ox versions. Not only did Jessee get free shoes, he also got the two companies to build a vert ramp for him near his home. And he managed to avoid putting in even the least bit of work building the ramp. Well played, Jason.

Snowboarders got the hang of the first-ever double pipe pretty quickly

Do you think this video is FTW? Rank it above.

What's better than one superpipe? Two superpipes side-by-side, obvi. Red Bull built the first-ever Double Pipe for a contest at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado, and it's as crazy looking as it sounds. Consisting of two halfpipes connected by a 4' spine, the Double Pipe is 180' wide and 550' long. Snowboarders Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, and Scotty Lago were among the first to ride this thing. The setup took a little getting used to, but the riders adapted quickly and were blasting transfers between halfpipes in no time, although Bretz did eat it pretty bad on his first attempt.

The Red Bull Double Pipe contest takes place March 22-23 and will air on NBC on April 12 at 2:00 pm ET.

What do you think of the Red Bull Double Pipe? Tell us in the Comments.

Taylor Gold's winning run at Red Bull Double Pipe is as crazy as you'd think

Do you think this video is Nice? Rank it.

20-year-old snowboarder Taylor Gold is on a roll right now. After winning the U.S. Open earlier this month, Gold went to the Red Bull Double Pipe event and totally dominated. He struggled at first adjusting to the side-by-side superpipes (who didn't really?), but once he got a handle on it Gold took it to another level. Dropping a double Michalchuk, a switch Michalchuk, and a couple harrowing transfers, Gold's winning run was awarded a 95.6. Chase Josey and Arthur Longo came in second and third, respectively, but came nowhere close to matching Gold's incredible run.

A recap of the Red Bull Double Pipe will air on NBC on April 12 at 2:00 pm ET..

What do you of Taylor Gold's winning run? Tell us in the Comments.

Snowboarder Magazine
Omar Salazar found an abandoned backyard halfpipe

Is this video Nice? Rank it.

Being from Sacramento, California professional skateboarder Omar Salazar knows how to find hidden gems in the skate scene there. He trekked out to the backwoods of Pleasant Valley and stumbled upon a totally abandoned backyard halfpipe. Never one to miss an opportunity, Salazar skated the hell out of the hidden treasure before meeting up with Grant Taylor for a proper pool session.

What do you think of this backyard halfpipe? Tell us in the Comments.