Garage Tours: Inside Ryan Tuerck's many garages, and lots of driveway drifting

We know you've all been wondering, "Hey, why hasn't Chris Forsberg's buddy Ryan Tuerck been on Garage Tours yet?" Well, you've been patient and now you get a first-hand look at the inside of Ryan Tuerck's New Hampshire home/garage on this new episode of Garage Tours.

First impressions are that equal amounts of fun and work happen here (weighing heavily on the fun side though). Evidence of Tuerck and his two brothers's ten years of drifting are everywhere including sacrificed and resurrected missile cars littering the estate. Inside garage #1, Ryan shows off the upgrades he’s making on his finely tuned 1JZ, as seen in the Tuerck’d Off Seasons episodes. Meanwhile in the “missile garage” (everyone has one of those right?) Tuerck shows off the gradual missile car builds he and his brother Evan have in progress. In yet another garage (yes, another garage), Tuerck’s homie Dave is restoring a '53 Chevy Bel Air hot rod and shows off a killer custom shaved door handle hack.

But what would a Tuerck-at-home encounter be without some serious driveway drifting? A gas grill and a headlight get Tuerck’d during some hectic driveway hoonage, which devolves into a 50cc moto session, BMXing and… wait where’d the day go?

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Towing a lifted driverless Jeep with a Honda Civic is probably a bad idea

Hopefully Cameron Byrne and his buddies have learned their lesson from May of 2013. Cameron's buddy thought his Jeep couldn't be towed by a Honda Civic. It could. Except it couldn't stop. Because no one was in the Jeep. Think that one through next time fellas. Luckily the collision was minimal.

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h/t The Hundreds

Cameron Byrne
Ken Block and Bucky Lasek had a bro-ment and rode the Slingshot together

Ken Block and Bucky Lasek are just 2 buddies having a good time down in Daytona Beach, Florida. With their new GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras they decided to have a bro-ment (bro + moment = bro-ment) on the Slingshot ride, made infamous by DMX, and film it POV style. They definitely enjoy the ride more than DMX did...

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Watch Robbie Maddison ride his bike through a luge run and off a giant ski jump

We just can't even fathom this. Robbie Maddison, you win. You're just a total beast. Who would even think of riding their bike at Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, through the luge track and hitting the ski jump?! Hitting it at 71mph and going a distance of 374feet, Maddison set a world record for the 185-foot vertical drop. And in case you were wondering, that about 18.5 stories.

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Father takes son drifting again 1 year later, kid still loves it

Last year Toxa Avdeyev took his 3-year-old son drifting and the kid couldn't stop laughing. Now his son is 4, and he still loves drifting in the front seat as much as he did last year. I mean, can you blame the kid for wanting to hoon?

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Toxa Avdeyev
Downhill Power Wheels racing is back with more insane crashes

Last December was the first time we were made aware of the awesomeness that is Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing. 2013's race was one of massive dirt-eating and epic crashes, and this year's race was certainly no different.

Held at Morris Mountain ORV in Heflin, Alabama these boys know how to have a good day with some Power Wheels. Matt Myrick ended up taking the victory, making it three in-a-row and making him the winningest Extreme Barbie Jeep racer in the history of Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing. These need to happen more often.

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Tony Hawk gets body slammed by Randy Orton

If you checked out Tony Hawk's Perched video part earlier this year, you know the 47-year-old can still rip a vert ramp unlike anybody else. What you didn't see, however, was Tony taking his fair share slams in the process, including this gnarly, off-the-top rope suplex from 12-time world wrestling champion, Randy Orton. This one is so crazy it almost looks, uhh, fake.