Skate Video

Featuring Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, and Cory Kennedy, Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3—the final installment in Nike's Chronicles series—is poised to be the heaviest skate video of 2015 and this new trailer shows why. Now let's all cross our fingers, hold our breath, and pray for a full Koston part. He has to have one left in the tank...right?

And puts Moroccan skateboarding on the map in the process.
Youness Amrani's parents were born in Morocco but moved to Belgium before Amrani was born. Amrani visited his parents' home country often growing up but hadn't been back to Morocco in more than a decade before he filmed his "Marrakesh Express" video part. Upon returning to Morocco, Amrani found a tight-knit skate scene where all the skaters relied on each other. He also found plenty of roughed-up but skatable spots on his travels between Casablanca and Marrakesh, with stops in Rabat, Kenitra, and Agadir.

Life gets real in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward. Paul Rodriguez heads out for Lil' Wayne's Trukstop skatepark opening, along the way he gets a lesson on Hurricane Katrina from the locals who lived through it, and sees firsthand how the New Orleans skate scene has boomed during the recovery. New episode dropping every Tuesday.