Nate Principato

NKA Project: Behind Nate Principato's nasty switch shifty flip

Nate Principato gives you a Behind The Clips look into his switch shifty flip for his upcoming street part. Nailing this trick is no easy task, but watch as Nate toughs it out for the golden clip. Also, check out his bonus slow motion hard flip on this episode of NKA Project.

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NKA Project: Behind The Clips of Nate Principato's smooth 360 hardflip

Nigel Alexander gives you his thoughts on this Behind The Clips with skater Nate Principato. As Nigel says, Nate's got one of his favorite 360 hardflips. Peep it on this week's new NKA Project.

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NKA Project: Richie Amador, Nate Principato play SKATE at the Nike park

Nike's Sixth & Mill Skatepark in Los Angeles is a pretty impressive skatepark. It was designed to serve the needs of Nike skaters like Paul Rodriguez and Eric Koston. But it's not strictly for the team and amateur skaters like Richie Amador and Nate Principato are able to get in and handle their business regularly. Amador and Principato played a game of SKATE at Sixth & Mill for this week's episode of NKA Project. This wasn't a flatground-only game of SKATE (a la Battle of the Berrics). Amador and Principato stepped it up and played on the park's five-stair set.


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NKA Project: Nate Principato vs. Lamont Holt in a game of SKATE

Lamont Holt and Nate Principato are both street tech wizards. They both ride for Primitive Apparel. So why not put them up against each other in a game of SKATE? That's exactly what happens on this week's episode of the NKA Project. Sit back and watch this one go down to the wire. Then grab a beans and cheese burrito and get your own game of SKATE going.

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