Diesel don't give a f—k, Diesel just wants to jet ski all day long.

Losing a pet is never an easy thing. And losing one that was essentially your best friend, went everywhere with you, and helped you beat cancer is nearly impossible.

So Ben Moon made this incredible tribute video to his recently deceased dog, Denali. From surfing up and down the California coast to rock climbing to camping being in the hospital, Denali was there by Ben's side for every adventure.

We get the dog's take on his aquatic galavant

All types of animals are out there on boards in the lineup these days. From the surf goat to the surfing pig to dogs of all shapes and sizes, just about everything in the animal kingdom is getting in on surfing. But are they really that into or are their owners just being over-bearing surf parents and pushing their "kids" towards something they might not actually want (or even enjoy)?

The Inertia and Adam Feuerman investigated and gave a look at what some of these animals might be thinking while being thrown into the water and told to do something they've never done before.

You've never seen The Berrics crushed like this before