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NKA Project: Behind Nate Principato's nasty switch shifty flip

Nate Principato gives you a Behind The Clips look into his switch shifty flip for his upcoming street part. Nailing this trick is no easy task, but watch as Nate toughs it out for the golden clip. Also, check out his bonus slow motion hard flip on this episode of NKA Project.

What do you think of this switch shifty flip? Tell us in the comments.

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NKA Project: A dirt-filled Behind The Clips with Jeff Dechesare

Skateboarder Jeff Dechesare believes that wearing a hat forward makes him look like a freak. What do you think? In this episode of NKA Project, Jeff gives us a Behind The Clips and shares his fashion epiphany, fears while napping in the park, and we even catch a Shaun Rodriguez freak out over some dirt.

What do you think of this episode of NKA Project? Tell us in the comments.

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NKA Project: Behind The Clips of Nate Principato's smooth 360 hardflip

Nigel Alexander gives you his thoughts on this Behind The Clips with skater Nate Principato. As Nigel says, Nate's got one of his favorite 360 hardflips. Peep it on this week's new NKA Project.

What do you think of this 360 hardflip? Tell us in the Comments.

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Behind The Clip With Skateboarder Carlos Vega: The Cliff Gap

Nigel Alexander narrates a section of Behind The Clips on this week's NKA Project! Carlos Vega, Rafael Perez and Richie Amador on the scene refer to this spot as the "The Cliff" gap because you can't see anything but the edge from the run in. Rafael Perez opens with a clean ollie first try and Richie Amador backs him up with a few tries himself. The standout of the day Carlos Vega locks down a huge switch ollie and feeling confident goes for a few switch heel flips!

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NKA Project: Go behind the clips with skater Jon Depoian

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Laying down top-shelf rail tricks is not an easy task, but that didn't stop Jon Depoian from nailing two heavy clips on this new episode of NKA Project. Depoian brings us Behind the Clips and shows how hard he worked to land these two bangers, a heavy nollie crooked grind and a hardflip backside lipslide.

What do you think of these two tricks? Tell us in the Comments.

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