Richie Jackson's got a new free iPhone app that invents new skate tricks

Heelflip hurricane?!

Richie Jackson (professional skateboarder, cross-dressing pirate, and all-around genius) has got a new skateboard app that is the future of skateboarding. It's called NBD Tricks and looks pretty awesome.

Essentially, it's a random trick generator that puts combinations that not even the most creative of us could ever come up with on our own. Tricks like a caveman late shuv, a wallride nollie one-foot, a halfcab powerslide firecracker, a kickflip hippie jump, a hippie jump kickflip, a nollie hippie jump, a switch no comply flip, and on and on. As Richie says, it will preserve the creativity of skateboarding and keep us all going after NBDs.

Download NBD Tricks for FREE at the iTunes App Store here.

Discovered From: Network A