Eric Koston

Following Geoff Rowley's departure from Flip and Nyjah Huston's disappearance from the web portals of both Asphalt Yacht Club and DC Shoes last week, we got to thinking: What are the most jaw-dropping, mind-blowing sponsor switches in skateboarding history? After much diligence and deliberation, we came up with the 5 earth shakers found below, all of which—in their own way—changed skateboarding forever. Needless to say, General Hospital has nothing on this drama.

Featuring Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, and Cory Kennedy, Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3—the final installment in Nike's Chronicles series—is poised to be the heaviest skate video of 2015 and this new trailer shows why. Now let's all cross our fingers, hold our breath, and pray for a full Koston part. He has to have one left in the tank...right?

If you skate, winter sucks, but don't worry, Eric Koston is here to cheer you up