The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show

10 episodes

Anyone who has seen Richie Jackson on a skateboard knows that he has his own way of doing things. Jackson performs tricks that most skaters would never even imagine and dresses in a way that defies categorization. Jackson brings that same creativity to “The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show,” from unearthing hilarious 1970s skate videos to revealing the history behind popular skate tricks.

The skateboarder fires back at a YouTube commenter and explains why varial kickflips aren't cool.
Pro skateboarder Richie Jackson gets called a lot of things, largely because he doesn't fit into any of the "normal" skateboarding cliques. For the most part, Jackson takes it all in stride. But on the latest episode of The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show, Jackson gets fired up when a YouTube commenter repeatedly calls him a hippie. Jackson fights name-calling with facts and offers up a history lesson on what skateboarding (and everything else) would be like in a fascist world without hippies. Then Jackson straps on his Sherlock Holmes hat and attempts to explain the mystery of why varial kickflips are so uncool in Skateboard Education Lesson School.

Rent-a-cops are just like frightened and agitated animals and should be treated accordingly.
In this episode of the Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboarding Show, Richie takes on the enemy of street skaters everywhere, the security guard. Countless skate tricks haven't taken place because some security guard said something along the lines of, "Get outta here. You're on private property. I'm gonna call the cops. Do you have any donuts?" Jackson's approach to this crisis involves less violence and more cunning.
In Skateboard Eduation Lesson School, William Spencer shows the proper way to do a frontside flip. It's a big departure from Spencer's usual mix of creative and acrobatic tricks, but is just what serious skateboarding needs.

Natas, Lizard King, they're all Satanists. Consider yourself warned.
On the latest episode of The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show, Jackson introduces viewers to Irving Rodderick, who is trying to let the world know that the devil is using skateboarding as a way to corrupt the planet.
Also, nobody cares about nollie backside flips.

He also really, really wants to be sponsored by Supra.
The latest episode of the Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show features the most scientific study ever done on skateboarding animals plus Jackson's plea to be sponsored by Supra. Jackson even has his Supra pro model designed and ready to go. It will come in Skytop and Thightop varieties!

Plus, handy tips for learning Cab flips.
Previously on The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show, Jackson asked viewers to rename skateboarding and send in their suggestions. The results are pretty epic ("Pusiwancing," anyone?). Jackson also digs deep to see what goes into making a skateboard. What he uncovers is shocking. And in Skateboard Education Lesson school, Jackson explains the Cab flip and why you should never, ever call it a fakie backside full Cab flip.

It's time to envision a world without kooks or cool guys, where every professional skateboarder is considered equal. Richie Jackson knows how to make that dream a reality. With an innovative new approach to the hardflip, Jackson hopes to bring together two of skateboarding's most diverse factions. And he also has a handy tip that makes learning switch hardflips a snap.