Theotis Beasley

Mountain Dew pros Nick Tucker, Keelan Dadd, and Theotis Beasley session with new Mountain Dew team rider Paul Hart in a private LA skatepark to welcome Paul to the team via his Skate Dreams selection.

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Produced and directed by Jon Holland and Ted Newsome

Pro skater Paul Rodriguez continues his tour of New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward seven years after Katrina hit, led by Mac McClendon, Executive Director for the Village, a community center and gathering place for returning residents. P-Rod, Theotis Beasley, and Lil' Wayne break in the brand new Trukstop Skatepark. New episodes dropping every Tuesday.

Life gets real in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward. Paul Rodriguez heads out for Lil' Wayne's Trukstop skatepark opening, along the way he gets a lesson on Hurricane Katrina from the locals who lived through it, and sees firsthand how the New Orleans skate scene has boomed during the recovery. New episode dropping every Tuesday.