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Dose: Meet The Hundreds' New York City photographer "The Wasted Talent"

It took years for native NYC skateboarder and surfer Peter Pabon to realize that taking photos was his calling but he's more than made up for lost time shooting under the moniker The Wasted Talent. Now Pete is a sought-after documentarian shooting legends and locals alike for The Hundreds and more. Learn how he made it happen plus hear the stories behind 5 of his favorite photos including the one Lupe Fiasco still hasn't given him credit on, only on Dose.

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The Hundreds x Shadow Conspiracy bike makes the NYC commute a little easier

Years ago Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds and Shadow Conspiracy's Ronnie Bonner used to ride bikes and hang out amongst LA’s OG bike crew, Casual Suspects. So now that both of them run highly successful crossover businesses, it only makes sense that they finally got together on a collaboration. And don't think that its just for cruising either, they made the limited edition bike up to the standards of pro BMX bikes.

The Shadow Conspiracy
Bobby Hundreds photographed the 2012 Playmate of the Year in a tub

If you didn't already know, Bobby Hundreds (co-founder of The Hundreds) is the man. Furthering his "the man" status, he recently photographed 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg in a bathtub for The Hundreds x All Gone collab. There isn't too much else that needs to be said here. But if you want to get high-minded about it, then you can talk about the fact that Bobby Hundreds was trying to recapture some Tupac-inspired imagery.

The New York City launch event and book signing for The Hundreds x All Gone took place on Wednesday night at The Hundreds store in Manhattan.
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8 sneakerheads who actually wore their Supreme x Nike Air Foamposites

The Supreme x Nike SB Air Foamposite shoe was one of the most highly anticipated sneaker releases in recent memory. The release of the Foamposites created so much chaos that the Supreme flagship location in New York City was forced by the always-pleasant NYPD to not sell the shoes in the store. The release was slightly less crazy in Los Angeles (as you can see in the above video from The Hundreds), but that's partly because there were riot police and helicopters watching over everything.

When a shoe attracts this much hype, it's inevitable that most people who actually get their hands on a pair only want to resell them. The retail price on the Supreme Foams was $200, but there is a pair on eBay right now for $35 grand. But we were able to find 8 true sneakerheads who actually put their Supreme Foamposites on their feet and (gasp!) wore them. Check them out:

Rapper Wale wasn't afraid to step out in his Foams.

Rapper Wale

This kid REALLY loves his Foamposites

This kid loves his Foamposites

Los Angeles Lakers swingman Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, wore his Supreme Foamposites in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young

Rapper Cam'ron was able to score the red Foams to go with his red jumpsuit.

Rapper Cam'ron

Instagram user Joe Kellaway debated whether to keep or sell his. Then posted this pic. Guess he made up his mind.

Instagram user Joe Kellaway

Instagram user kid594 wore his Supreme Foamposites all the way to Oahu, Hawaii. Aloha.

Instagram user kid594

Skater Tino Razo modeled the Foams for Supreme's lookbook so he had to wear them.

Skater Tino Razo

This crew lucked out. Hopefully one of them will wear theirs.

Supreme LA crew

Everyone should hear Lil Jon's life lessons and watch him ollie

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Rapper Lil Jon has been in the rap game for a minute. He (along with Dave Chappelle) is the reason everybody said "Yeeeahhh!!" and "Whut?!?!" a few years back. And now he's got everyone screaming "Turn down for what" With such a distinguished resumé, it stands to reason that Lil Jon would have some valuable life lessons. He shared his Top 5 (plus a bonus) with The Hundreds and it's filled with helpful tips, like "Wipe your ass good," and "Don't say 'selfie' if you're a dude." Lil Jon also drops a couple of ollies on The Hundreds miniramp so you can add him to the list of rappers who skate.

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Watch someone chug an entire bottle of The Hundreds x Tapatio hot sauce

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People do stupid things—like driving like a jerk while listening to Nelly. But the voluntary consumption of large amounts spicy condiments is about as ratchet as it gets. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, The Hundreds released a collaboration bottle of Tapatio hot sauce. The collab gave Ben Hundreds the brilliant idea to see if he could find someone in The Hundreds office to drink an entire bottle of it for $100. Not surprisingly, most folks at HQ declined for reasons varying from "I'm not a two-buck hooker," to "That would hurt my anal." But one intrepid employee, videographer Johnny Chang jumped at the challenge. He chugged the entire bottle of Tapatio like it was a cold beer on a hot day, and then instantly regretted it. The Hundreds is huge.

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