Last year renowned photographer Jim Mangan took Ken Block out to an "eerie 75-mile stretch of desert between Capital Reef and Goblin Valley, Utah" for some old fashioned hoonage. The results were seen in the artful photo book by Mangan called Blast.

Well, the short film has finally dropped and it's just as jaw-dropping as a Gymkhana video—albeit for reasons like stunning slow-motion imagery of dirt being thrown't all over the desert. This one is definitely an incredible project.

On November 15, 2015, Frenchman Théo Sanson walked a slackline stretching from Utah's Rectory rock tower to its Castleton counterpart...over 1,600 feet away. And although no world records have been confirmed (yet), all it takes is one woozy, vertigo-inducing viewing to realize this one of the craziest tightrope stunts ever. If you're afraid of heights, now is your last chance to look away...

Filmed over the span of three weeks on a 3,000-mile road trip through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, this stunning 4K time-lapse tour of the American Southwest certainly didn't come without a cost (snowstorms, flat tires, scorpion stings, and plenty of sleepless nights). The results, as you'll see, however, are more than worth it. If you didn't get to take a vacation this year, this is the next best thing.

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" and Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday team up this month to merge the world's number-one first person shooter game with snowboarding action and custom tactical equipment. Check out the full action play cut now featuring authentic "Black Ops 2" graphics provided by Treyarch studios and Signal Snowboards custom bulletproof snowboard shield.

Watch the full episode of Every Third Thursday to see how it was made.

Signal Snowboards' Every Third Thursday gets caught up in the excitement of the new "Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2" game release by building a bona-fide bulletproof Snowboard! The build starts with an inspiration trip to Treyarch Studio to get an early Black Ops 2 game play in. The challenging board build is executed using a tactical jacket provided by Point Blank Body Armor. But can it take a bullet? Pull the trigger and watch this—it will blow you away!

The 450 class points leader can clinch the series title this weekend.
Ryan Villopoto holds a 44-point lead in the 450 class of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships and can secure the title with a victory at the series' second-to-last event this weekend. The race will take place at the brand new motocross track at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. It will be the first time a pro motocross race has taken place in the state since 1973. Villopoto took a lap on the new course and filmed it with his GoPro. From the looks of thing, Villopoto has the new Utah track dialed.

Let Andy Parry show you how it's done.
It can be tough to find new tricks to perform on rails. It seems like everything has been done before. Not for Andy Parry who just released this clip of a move that he's called the Man Bear Pig. It basically involves walking up onto the rail in skis and then sliding down. You don't really even need any snow, so there's no excuse to not start practicing your Man Bear Pigs right away.

Freeskier goes big, corky, and jibby in that order.
Line Skis just released this clip of team rider Tyler Barnes doing three tricks in 10 seconds. Even though the video is short, it highlights the versatility of Barnes's skiiing, and his ability to dominate on all terrain.