Staples Center

Dan Paley drops one of the year's biggest BMX hammers in this new part

Earlier this summer Dan Paley posted up in LA to stack some clips with his homies at On Some Shit and Dub. It's a story you've heard before to be sure, but the footage Paley came through with is anything but ordinary, especially the Staples Center ender that has to be seen to believed. Check it out and, while you're at it, make sure to pick up some swag from OSS x Dub's limited edition collab collection.

The Come Up BMX
Skate And The City: Terry Kennedy and Cyril Jackson drop hammers in downtown LA

Terry Kennedy and Cyril Jackson kick things off on this new episode of Skate And The City with a session at the downtown LA office parks. After a run-in with a city bus, TK gets a fresh setup at America’s Best Choice skate warehouse. Skateline host Gary Rogers talks about his “shop talk” style of delivering skate news and rumors on his LA-based show and skater Felix Arguelles meets up with Terry at the Staples Center and talks about how skateboarders are part of the culture of LA. And then TK and Cyril shut down the Staples Center.

Thanks to: Felix "Fuzzy" Babauta, Brian Alexander, Adrian Smith, Fly Society, Kid Ink, Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Staples Center, Baker Skateboards, City of Los Angeles, Ride Channel

Network A
The X Games is moving to Austin, Texas

Later, L.A.
ESPN just announced that Austin, Texas, will be the new North American home for the X Games starting in 2014. Austin's four-year deal will kick off next May at the Circuit of the Americas complex in the southeast part of the city. Austin edged out Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte, North Carolina, for the chance to host the X Games in North America. The move marks a departure from Los Angeles, where the X Games have been held for the past 11 years. Prior to L.A., the X Games had been held in Providence, Rhode Island, San Diego, San Francisco and Philadelphia.