Trick Shots

The How Ridiculous YouTube crew is all about making ridiculous dreams come true. They had dreamed of making a basketball trick shot off of Tasmania's 415-foot Gordon Dam since 2010—and the other day they finally made it happen.

Setting a new world record (the previous one was 298.5-feet, also accomplished by them), How Ridiculous shows that if you put in the effort and work (we're guessing lots of math and physics went into this one), good things can happen.

Some people just have a knack for weird trick shots. Skater Billy Marks is one of those, what with his "Billy's Balls" clips of him knocking down pins with a bowling ball in unbelievable fashion and making basketball trick shots at The Berrics.

Well the golfing brotherly duo of George and Wesley Bryan are of the same mold. Except they do tandem trick shots, and they're just as incredible considering how small golf balls are—leaving much less room for error.

We're by no means archery experts, but hot damn can Lars Anderson sling arrows. Widely regarded as one of the best (and fastest) archers in the world, Anderson redefines the meaning of trick shots by shooting upside, on rollerblades, on a motorcycle, and more insane archery stunts.

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It must be the ear warmers. From dunking on a basketball hoop to flipping from one bike to another, Tim Knoll is winning the Internet with this BMX trick shot video.

Just make sure that the party is held some place with a bunch of semi trailers.
Tim Knoll is BMX's answer to all those trick-shot videos. In his latest, Knoll shows how he learned to do the limbo on his bike under a series of trailers for 18-wheelers. Just remember, don't lift your head. Ever.